How To Fix Windows Errors

Size of stock Sempron fan

Quick question:

Does anyone know the size of the stock heatsink fan on Socket AM2 Semprons? I'm looking at a 3000+ (if by chance they vary.)


Just buy a cheap new HSF off newegg for ~20$

HDD issues, trying to recover

At post it goes to scanning for ide... do you have a off the shelf box or a white box

how old is system
have you checked bios to see if the settings changed?? I have the hdd jumper set to primary master, and once in a while it will bring windows up, but the video is not set and the usb mouse is off, but it is very rare for it to actually start windows so is there other ways for me to access this drive to try to recover some data.

no array is defined

and will attempt to start windows, as soon as the windos logo comes up, restarts again back at post. not sure if it is a data issue or the hdd is bad or plugged in inproperly.

try running from the other ide channel and see what happens
are you try to boot xp ,98 or??

Windows has stopped recognizing USB drives

I restored Windows using the CD some time ago. Someone please help me!

Ever since then, I have not been able to get any kind of removable media to work with it.

Whenever I try to do it in Disk Management, it won't show up in My Computer. I have both a USB flash drive and a SD card reader, which are both recognised by Device Manager and Disk Management, but haven't been assigned a drive letter.

Antec Performance One P180

Or i may be slightly wrong.. said:

>>Maximum expandability with 11 Drive Bays
- External 4 x 5.25"; 1 x 3.5"
- Internal 6 x 3.5" for HDDClick to expand... Thats a lot of HDDs

Can this case hold at least 4 harddrives? if the bottom slide out frame thing is 4 x 3.5" bays (sideways?) + 3 x 3.5" in the middle box + 2 (possibly 3) x 5.25" bays = 9??

The upper box in this photo looks like it can only hold 2, 3 most. The lower one appears to be designed differently - so I'm not sure if it would work.

looks like it may hold even more than 4...

Help!!!!!!!!! Vid Card!?!?!?!?!

Hey guys I just got an Ge-Force 6800 PCI-express card, and I have a Dell Dimension 2300 w/ PCI sots, but the fricken thing won't fit! the info at this page:

shows your system has ONLY PCI type slots, so check this post :

PCI-E is not the same formfactor as PCI, meaning as you have already found out the hard way they are completely incompatible (simple english version: the slots are physically different) Your only option is to return the card to your retailer and trade it in for a PCI card, as the info below on ur rig shows you ONLY have PCI connectors available. Is there anything i can do to get it to fit or am i gonna have to sell it!?!?

Sorry to say bro but that aint ever gonna work.

Know your hardware before purchasing upgrades.

Determining Video Card Hardware Type

Is this where my video card is located? Try downloading the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack Full from here. Just take some time to scroll down and check every box u can find (except the Morgan mixer or whatever it's called). I've used the device manager, but it doesn't say video card specifically.

Use any of the first three link on that page to download the installer and when u install it, it will bring u to a page with all these check boxes and stuff. Then try running ur DVD.

I can't seem to figure this out. BTW, I think u must need codecs right?

Just audio, video, game controllers. First i thought i needed a new decoder which i downloaded and now the error message and resulting "support" is saying I have compatibility issues between the decoder and my video card. Any thoughts?

It's under the display adapters tab in Device Manager.

Where is my video card? I'm just trying to play a DVD on my computer. I'm not all that computer literate so any help you can offer would be much appreciated.

Need help with DST Bootable Disc

I've burnt the CD as a bootable one, using an image from the files i downloaded. Could anyone give me a quick and easy lesson on how i'm supposed to create this CD, as all that was in the ZIP folder was a guide on how to boot from a floppy. So, i've downloaded and extracted the files, and i've read the ReadMe and the text files that came with it to try and give myself understanding of what to do.

Great, i have never created a bootable disc before and i'm quite a rookie when it comes to knowing what to do.

So i got an answer on how to find my BIOS master password on my Dell Latitude D610 by using DST Software and making it into a bootable disc. I then proceeded to restart my laptop to see if it would boot from the CD, no such luck, i then used the F12 function, which came up with the list;

Internal HDD

BIOS Setup
Seeing as i can't make the CD Drive into a bootable option (Due to the locked BIOS), i'm out of ideas, or probably just knowledge to know how to boot the disc. Or if i've done what i'm supposed to up until now, how to boot this CD, as the only option i have to boot from is my hard-drive.

Unfortunately, all that i got was information on how to boot from a Floppy, and not how to boot from a CD. Please can i get a quick answer on this before you move it to the BIOS thread, as no-one can really help there seeing as its locked.

witch one it berr Treo 700wx or treo 700p

ty all who help me out

I heard from a sells person that mobile windows sucks and it always freezes up. Even the Tero 750 isn't all what it is craked up to be.

i am looking in to byeing one but iv here that they have bad bug's on them and iv hard that the treo 700wx has tv on it is that ture and does the treo 700p have more power to talk and witch one get the berr signal.

TI Travel Mate 5300

This allows me to get a good amount of memory but stuck with an age old LCD and processor, basically. With Win95 that's taking up virtually all the space avail! In fact this very laptop came to me with MS' Office 97 Pro Suite! Anyway, the memory for the IBM was identical to that of an early Desktop HP Pavilion with a Socket 7 CPU!

That cost's plenty in and of itself! I got both of these from the local Goodwill, a charity thrift store. I came upon a Travel Mate 5000 series with Pentium 133 and 1.2 GB HDD, I assumed it might out perform my Toshiba 410 Series I got earlier in the year. With the Toshiba's I was able to boost output to 600x800 with 8 bit color.

The online manual provided currently from Acer's site mentions a disclaimer against 3rd party memory.

After some research based upon a common name, I found Acer Computers bought out Texas Instruments, which had earlier marketed under Tandy brand at Radio Shack. I have no idea what type this is or how high it was ever offered.

With a 133MHz Pentium, I think a memory boost will help for sure, I could be wrong. With the TM5300, the memory has a slot to mate to the board, just below the floppy drive, it resembles the plastic strip on a HDD connector, seperated in the middle. That quaint IBM from 1993 has a 25MHz 486 processor with 256 color spec. Bill

Any advice on what to look for is the basis for this post. This is a bit of a hobb...

Gateway Notebook Speaker Issues

So I've checked every audio property I can think of and everything seems to be in order. Now I know the speakers are in working condition, they worked perfectly a couple hours before the installation of XP Pro. Windows automatically assigned the audio with an "ALi Audio Accelerator WDM" driver, the video was unresolved.

I find it next to impossible that fully functional speakers would simply die within a two hour stretch while doing a clean install of an operating system, that is too big of a coincidence. I've called Gateway to see if this was a known issue or common problem, the only answer they were able to give was the speakers must be shot...which I refuse to believe. After installing Windows obviously the first thing I began to do was download and install current drivers for the notebook. My biggest problem currently though is still with the audio however, I'm not getting sound through the speakers.

I am however getting sound through the headphone jack, this lead me to believe that the driver installed was functioning properly, the problem lay in the speakers themselves. Using the Gateway Update utility from Gateway's website, it showed that the driver for the notebook should be a "AC97 WDM SigmaTel Audio" driver. My initial reaction was they must be muted somewhere. So, I figured I'd deal with this later and move on to the...

A Lag Outbreak

Tutorial: How to speed up your pc for free

Even opening taskbar menu, or my computer. Specs
pg5d2 motherboard
windows xp
3.2 intel p4
sound blaster audigy 2
x850xt videocard
200 gig maxtor

Have a read..

The startup takes 20 min to load, and the usual loading sounds aren't there anymore.

I've been experiencing lots of lag in my computer. Once I do get into the computer, wenever I run a program or file, there is a lot of lag. For example, when I click save as or print on microsoft word, there is a 4 second lag My comp is usually faster than this.

Directx help req (with pics)

Do I need to enable directdraw in Bios or something? Games appear to play ok but video is dark and slow usless unless I turn down the hardware acceleration (which solves it)

I have included below screengrabs from directx that I hope someone can see whats wrong. Should I try an older directx?

I look forward to (any) advice


PS - have tried reinstaliing directx and rebooting 3x!


Have you installed the motherboard's chipset drivers?

Have downloaded the up to date Nvidia Geforce drivers (9.147) and Directx 9.0c

Realise a solution is to leave hardware acceleration turned down but surely this is not the best solution?

Built a new pc - all is fine apart from a directx issue.

foxxconn TW-01 case


In the hardware package you should have received with your case, there are a number of sturdy mounting screws with cylindrical heads (instead of the normal oval ones). To fasten your storage devices, you attach four of these screws per unit, with two on each side; note that there are fine-threaded ones for optical and floppy drives, and coarse-threaded ones for hard drives. Once the screws are attached, remove the front case bezel to expose the fronts of the drive bays, guide the screws into the slots of the appropriate bay, and push the device in until you feel the back-left screw-head engage the plastic locking mechanism at the back of the drive cage. To remove a drive: with the front case bezel removed, lift the plastic drive-locking mechanism on the side of the drive cage and slide out the drive.

I just got a foxconn tw-01 case. I looks like something is missing because the drives cannot be mounted in this case just how it is as there is no way to secure them at all and it did not come with any instructions. It has some kind of quick locking mechanism for the 5.25 and 3.5 drives.

Does anyone know what kind of drive rails it may need to be mounted in this case.

Partition Magic 8

If anyone has had this happen please tell me how to solve it

You restore from the backups you made just like Partition Magic told you to

You can try running chkdsk or maybe some file recovery utility on that D drive, but most likely the filesystem is FUBAR and you will most certianly lose at least some of the files. Luckily C drive was completed and it was doing D drive so my system boots but I cannot complete the batch jobs. SInce you already have PM, make a copy of the broken partition, so any "fixes" you make, can be undone.

Ok I was resizing my partitions when I got hit by a power blackout.

Recommendation for Mobo

Could someone please recommend a decent combo or at least what brands or ...specifications (64, 64x2, etc) to look in to? I'm running windows xp pro and will be using it for gaming. This is the mobo I have now:

I've looked on new egg, but would like to get the opinions of the masses.

I'd like to buy a new AMD mobo and processor(2.2..2.4 gig) w/an agp 4x/8x slot that supports DDR400 Ram for under or around $250.

ati3duag.dll bsod i need help please

the error says stop : 0x00050 etc...

I have these stop blue screen errors everytime i play act of war high treason, or counter strike source. for some reason i never get this problem when i play other games.

ATI3duag.dll can someone please help me i talk to tech support but the guy really didnt sound like he knew what he was doing so i need some feed back in here.

Best Athlon 64 CPU cooler

Yeah, stock cooling is keeping it nice, but I'd like lower temperatures. What do you recommend for my relatively hot-running CPU? I'm searching for a new CPU cooler, for my overclocked Athlon 64. I don't want to watercool (yet ), and I'm looking to spend not more than $40.
Very good CPU cooler.

system32\drivers\pci.sys error

I also added a new hardrive. Sometimes it lets you chose last known good configuration but most times it doesnt. And then it comes up with this error. though, now i dont know what to do for extra ram.

I dont want to buy a new graphics card if its a problem with the motherboard.

oh, i worked it out, it was the ram. I dont know what to do! I recently installed 128 mb of ram to my existing 256 ram but i think this is not the problem.

Which is very annoying because i kept dying. To turn it on now i had to disable the video card and set the computer to onboard video mode in bios and video memory or something which was 32 to 8, because everytime i turned the computer on it came up with an error starting windows, system32/drivers/pci.sys. Anyone know what the problem could be? if it was a video card problem i would of thought by disabling it would fix it, but it still crashes.

Everytime i try to play World of Warcraft the computer would reboot. i have a geforce2. It also takes forever to load if it does run. i thought the ram wasnt a pci device so had ignored it, but when i removed it all problems were solved!

my computers been having problems for a while, but now its gotten to the point where its impossible to use.

DVD Drive does not recognize media

I know the cds work because i use them in my pc all the time. It tells me that they are un formatted and they must be formatted. Any ideas?

I just bought a laptop off of ebay and the dvd drive does not regognize cds in it. I already re installed the drivers.

it plays dvds just doesnt accept cds

ATITool can't recognize my X1800GTO

Yet, all of my games work fine (CS:Source, DOD:Source). P.S. Since this all happened after you renewed your drivers, I'm willing to bet that is your problem.

What I'm asking is:

Is my X1800GTO broken?

And many, many more questions. Is it something to do with the chipset drivers? Then I tried Ati Tray Tools overclocking, which didn't work and also the Overclocker overclocker (if that isn't too confusing) to no avail. or simply install an older version.

Have I used bad drivers? I have an:
Intel Skt 478 P4V800D-X Asus AGP/PCI-E hybrid motherboard
Intel 2.2Ghz CPU
550w 24 Pin PSU
512mb DDR 400Mhz Mem
Crappy 5400rpm IDE 40Gb HDD

I suggest roll-back your drivers.... But, with my old AGP 9600PRO 256mb I got atleast 25fps on medium settings on DOD:Source and obviously more with my X1800GTO, but now since the reformat, I am lucky to get 20fps on the lowest settings you can have.

Overclocking Settings

Now, my grandmother's computer has a NVidia Geforce FX5200 AGP Graphics card. I clicked "Detect Optimal Frequenices" and the OC results came out to this: Core - 264mHZ Memory - 430mHZ. Is this a safe OC, or should I return everything to normal and use the tried-and-true method of OCing? The rest is in my profile under System #2.

that graphics card is not worth overclocking, leave it be haha

The original settings were: Core - 250mHZ Memory - 400mHZ. So far, no problems have occured. For a little extra info, this Comp comes with an Antec Smartpower 500W PSU.

Two internet connections in 1 PC

your implementation *may* not be possible, binding one application to a specific NIC. how do i do this??

using multiple NICs is possible, but usually done on servers to do load balancing. this article describe multihoming implementation on XP.

use your browser FIND to locate the occurance of multihome

IF the application can be configured to use a proxy connection, *maybe* that
might work, but frankly I doubt that approach.

I want to assign DSL for one specific application. I want to assign cable for the rest.

My situation is:

1 DSL & 1 Cable internet connection each in an ethernet card plugged in my PC.

Intel 845 Modding

Is this ever possible?

Why hasn't anyone hacked the Intel 845/865/915/945 video bios and modified it to do things like overclocking, hardware T&L, etc. I am 14!)

When you get the documentation from Intel, let me know

I wanna be a programmer, and I'm thinking about doing this (F.Y.I.

Making bigger attachments

Um, guys, how can I attach a file larger than 100KB?

to Techspot forums? Why would you want to do that?

ECS P4VMM2 Mobo Question

If it is 8x this would make finding a graphics card MUCH easier , thx in advance


What version number is your moboand have you looked in the manual??

I just wanted to confirm with others from this board that it is one or the other....

Hey guys,

I have an ECS P4VMM2 motherboard, I'm not 100% sure what my AGP slot is rated for? 4x or 8x....

I keep getting shocked

Thank YOU!


I think its either your power cable/plug (use another one) or your motherboard is touching the sides. Would these busted USB ports be my power issue? I built my system as a present to myself this past Christmas. After finding the circuit breaker box and switching the power back on, I realized that my video card was fried.

I sent the video card back to Visiontek and they replaced the card. The barebones is a Gigabyte Pro SLI mobo, AMD X2 3800+, 2 sticks of Kingston Value Ram (512) and a Visiontek X850XT PCI-E Video Card. I really want to be able to hook my computer up to my TV and watch movies on my TV. When I turned the TV and computer power back on, it blew a circuit in my apartment.

Some of the movies that I burned on crap DVD DL discs will not play in my stand alone DVD player, but they will play perfectly on my Pioneer DVD burner. Check both of these and post back


Any help would be appreciated! Or could it be an issue of the motherboard not being grounded or what??

It shocked me when touching it the other day. UPDATE: I now realize that the pair of USB ports on the outside of my computer case were destroyed somehow.

Ok, I am new here and hope someone can walk me thru this problem. When I connected the cable to the adaptor I got shocked pretty badly, so I then turned off the power on the computer and the TV and connected the two again.


graphics cards overheating

possibly psu ?? I am totally out of ideas.. Now on to my problem,
just with my pc running idle the card to the touch will burn my hand but not crash but if ya look closely ya can see the screen flickering and sometimes color bleeding on webpages but as soon as i put it under a bit of load for example trying to play guildwars i can get ingame and play for anywhere from 5-10 mins before pc crashes and tries to reboot with the hdd light stuck on and i have to shut off power and reset it after a few moments to get pc to boot up again...At this time the card here was a 8x 128mb fx 5200 and i had guessed it was a problem with the card so i purchased a new 8x ati 256mb x1300 thinking it would solve my problem and surprisingly i noticed it overheated idle and after loading game it seemed to crash the pc more quickly then the FX card did...So basically i spent $$ on a new card just to have the same overheating/crashing problem. So i then guessed maybe it was my ram so i took out my memory and replaced it with some other strips of ram i had in a spare pc that i knew where in good working order and no change accured..I then tested the memory using memtest86 for it to report my memory passed all tests with no errors...So now i am at a loss and was considering replacing the motherboard because i can put both gfx cards i mentioned in my spare pc that runs a abit kv7 motherboard and they both run smooth on games and are maybe warm to the touch but not hot so either it is my board causi...

Graphics card...Giving me lots of problems

I'm posting on this forum, as I'm needing help as its also affecting some of my games (Also making it going to standby, for example. Till, I restart the computer of course. Its a Radeon 9550, and its giving me a hell of a hard time. I'm getting this problem that randomly occurs after a hour or two after power-on.

They also don't work. Making the drivers of the card uninstalled. I've also tried the most recent drivers. The mouse disappears, the screen freezes, only to have a small 2x2 CM square full of random pixels on the top left of my screen.

Seconds later, the system goes into an unrecoverable standby. Which gets very annoying. One putting the air in on one end, the other pushing it out.

System Specs:
AMD 64 3000+
512MB DDR 400 RAM
230V/500Watt PSU
CPU COOLER (Keeps it around 30 Degrees Celius)
3 SYSTEM FANS (Unknown System Temperature, although the room itself it pretty cool)

If theres anything missed out, let me know. I am requesting a little help here. It might be an unreliable brand and could be providing inadequate amounts of power to the system.

Nothing extra.

I'm not too sure if this is the result of overheating, as I've got over 3 fans installed in the system. So I'm stuck with the ATI Display Driver itself. Another reason why I think this is because since day 1, when I attempted to install the ATI Catalyst Contr...

ati radeon 9800 pro artifacts

When they arrived i got the feeling i should have just spent 30 on one known working card! So i took it out and inspected it to notice a single missing smd cap which i then replaced taking one from the battered card. The card physically looks fine with no damage and works only slightly better with the missing cap resoldered. I tried looking at OC forums to find commen probs with hard modding but ???

A few stripes to start with and after installing latest drivers things just got worse! PLEASE someone tell me that this is fixable, somehow, someway, there must be a someone or a link to some site somewhere that may help. The battered one, no chance, didnt even try, but the seemingly fine one booted up with lots of lines down the screen, worse in windows. but the other looks perfect and otherwise seemed fine.

Plugged back in and all seemed fine until windows desktop loaded. My thoughts are that someone has tried to OC these and failed? I read somewhere that it may be an se card flashed to a pro but with defective pipelines and flashing it back may fix the problem????

Any way of removing ati radeon 9800 pro artifacts? I dont understand it much but am very good w./soldering iron, have spares and can follow instructinos!

After lots of fiddling the best i can get is a light snowy layer over an other wise fine picture. Are there any ways of removing artifacts from an Ati radeon 9800 pro?

One was physi...

Wierd clicking coming form Video card

I try running with the case off and inspect the fan to see if it's a simple case of the fan chassis being a tad warped.

Hey guys, I was wondering if the clicking I sometimes hear from my Radeon X1900XT was normal. I'd never heard it on my 9000Pro, even when it had alot of demand on it. The X1900 will ramp up the fan as needed so when things get heavy, it'll more than double the fan RPM's.

When the fan kicks up to 100%, it might just be having some clearance problems with the fan housing as the plastic fan will warp a little further at 100% (flexing from the RPMS).

I only hear it when it's doing higher end rendering like fire and that sort of thing. I've never heard of this from anyone else either, so I am somewhat concerned. Any suggestions?

It could be something to do with the cooler.

X800GTO artifacting :(

I then touched the card, and it was damn hot. I wouldn't immediately suggest its the temp, although it is highly likely. The games had missing textures, the sky had big gray blocks on it.

I seem to be fine with the 6100 IGP card :haha:

I'll post some pictures of my card, and the stock HSF, if that helps. I have good case airflow (1 front intake, 1 back exhaust). But if you can afford the new cooler, install it and see if it helps.

So I think it is overheating.

I will not use the card until I get the new cooler. It didn't lock up, because I turned off the PC when I started to see that. Use a program to determine the "exact" temp (its not exact, but it'll give us an idea). Your hand burns at about 80 degrees, but 60 degrees will feel hot nonetheless.

I just have to wait until my camera's batteries recharge to post the pics. The card will feel hot, X800s run at above 60 degrees on stock (I think mine ran at 69 or 79 on stock HSF). Everest (by Lavalys) seems like a good one, its a free download, just google it. I'm looking for this cooler for it:

Is this a good cooler?

Today I was playing Fifa 06 World Cup, and Re-Volt (very old game), and then my Powercolor X800GTO started to do some weird things. The card is using the stock cooler (I'll post some pics later).

How do you tell which ram to get?

Like for videocards there is PCI-E, PCI and AGP.. Never mix brands/sizes/speed of ram as this can cause problems. Regards Howard

Is there a special kind of ram for each kind of computer? I want to upgrade ram to 1gig from 512mb and want to get the right kind and not blow up my computer =P

The best way is to look in your mobo manual or on your mobo manufacturers website for supported brands/types/speeds of ram. See HERE for further info.

Emachine screen keeps going blank.

Emachine W2646. I cant afford to purchase him another system, but would love to know if it is fixable.

My nephews Emachine keeps shutting off on its own. Any idea as to what is going on??

All we get is sound. Its an older PC. I switched monitors on it to make sure it was a pc problem and not the monitor. Still keeps shutting off.

Upon further inspection, I found out that the actual machine isnt cutting off ...the picture is.

cell phone unlock

hum; google for unlock cell phone and there are a few for $5usd --
that's cheap enought?

anyone know were i can get cellphone unlock codes for free

Im tryin to unlock my blackberry pearl, so help would be great.

caution: see this link


File Transfer from 98 to XP

It won't recognize a jumpdrive, and it doesn't have a cd burner.

You could just take the hard drive out of the 98 pc and get a cheap usb hard drive adapter and plug it into that!!!!

The problem is, I don't know much about networking, and I'm told that the two OS's don't go together very well. Does anyone know of an alternate way? Almost.

I almost fiddled with setting up a file sharing network between the two.

I am trying to transfer files from a PC running Windows 98 to a notebook running Windows XP.

Wierd Cpacity Issue

I have a Bufalo 250GB external usb hd. The shows me a lower capacity than the HD actually has and consequently I cannot load large files to it. I use it to backup two computers. Not sure if it is relevant, but I have been trying to uninstall Norton SYstemworks...but to no avail.

I am running XP on both computers. Is it via RAID?

One computer it works great.

I'm not as tech savvy as any of you so bare with me. It says the HD is only 76GB, when it is 250GB. any ideas.

the final straw

i have replaced the graphics card once and the same problem occurs, i have the latest drivers that iv installed and uninstalled many times. i have only one suspission, and thats my psu... mike

First off have a look at the fan on your graphics card to see if it is spinning freely.

my comp is a 2 gig athlron with 1.25 gigs of ram, and an ati 9550 256 meg card. im quite sure that iv uninstalled the onboard graphics drivers, and if there are bits lurking, surley the game wouldnt work from the start. this problem has also happened with my girlfriends computer, brand new comp of semperon 1.9 gig, 750 meg ram and same graphics card. is this viable?

Also get rid of any dust. What driver version are you using?

its just baffeling, please can someone help me here. mayby i could e mail it to someone?)

at this point, i can sometimes click off this message and go back to thegame, still working fine, but its only a matter of time untill it resets my computer, or the messsage appears again, but this time dissables my graphics card, which only a reboot remedies!

ok, so i open up battlefield 2, somtimes i am playing halfway through a game, somtimes it happens at the menu, but either way, the screen goes black, and an "ati vpu recovery message" appears saying

VPU recover has reset your graphics accelerator as it was no longer responding to graphics driver commands

Please Tell ATI about this p...

E-Machine Start Freeze

Periodically it freezes at the "e" logo on start-up. Any insight on a solution? I have a proper pc and my wireless keyboard batteries went flat so i had to temporarily use an emachines keyboard, my pc wouldn't even start up at first untill i used "last known good configuration"!!!!!!!

This happens after a full shut-off, usually over night.

It does not initiate start up and is not checking any other drives for a disc etc.

I have an e-machine T-3085. Is this a bios issue?

Physically unplugging and replugging (sometimes more than once) the beast seems to fix the issue, eventually.

looking for help !

now my question :

-I have upgraded my computer with XP pro (windows) I used windows 98 ! This will list all installed hardware in your computer. Scroll down to Audio and click on it. so if there is a solution....try to bring it simple

thank u all

First, you will need to know what audio card and video card you have installed.

You can do the same for the audio card as well. Click on the hardware tab and then click on device manager. The easiest way to determine what you have is to right click on the My Computer icon on your desktop (assuming you have one there.) Scroll down to properties and click on it. is there another way to reinstall those drivers ?

My name is Wilco and I live in the netherlands (amsterdam). It will list the audio hardware installed.

Then another window will pop up. Scroll down to the video display and click on it.

my problem is that I dont have a disk that contains drivers to reinstall !!! now my computer is telling me that the audio system and video system have to be reinstalled. This way, you can go to the manufacturers site(s) and download the most recent drivers for those products. btw I`m not somebody who has many knowledge about computers !

This will tell you what video card you have.

Screen pulsing?

Regards Howard

Try another monitor and see if the problem disappears.

Another Home Networking Problem!

XP is a little more "automatic" than Win98 when it comes to network setup

The W98SE machine cannot access the internet: I was hoping to be able to do this through the XP, but guess this will be impossible until I can overcome this password problem."

You need to be using a crossover type network cable and you also have to enable Internet Connection Sharing on both systems, especially on the Windows98 system... I connect to the internet with Broadband through the XP machine only. But from W98SE, although I can see XP on Network Neighbourhood, if I try to access it I get "You must supply a password to make this Connection"
Resource: \\(name of computer)\IPC$.

Logged in on both with the same user name/password & Guest Account enabled on XP, if I sit at XP I can do anything: transfer files in both directions, whatever. If I input the password with which I log on to both machines I am told it is incorrect! The W98SE machine cannot access the internet: I was hoping to be able to do this through the XP, but guess this will be impossible until I can overcome this password problem.

"I connect to the internet with Broadband through the XP machine only.

I have successfully connected my "newer" XP Home machine to my ancient W98SE.

what cpu should i use

for the Gigabyte M59SLI-S5 motherboard what cpu should i use?

Out of touch with latest hardware

I was looking at a few on overclockers and Ebuyer and was considering either a high end x1800 or lower range x1900 of some description, but I thought i'd get a second opinion first. Matty.

X1900GT Would be good for you, it beats X1800XT.

My current rig is:
AMD Athlon 64 3700+
1 Gig DDR 400 Ram
450Watt PSU
that should be all that is required in terms of information.

I hope this is being posted in the right place, if not, I appologise.

Hey everyone. My Mobo takes PCI-E so that's not a problem, and my budget is rather high too, so I was wondering if anyone can maybe advise me on a good graphics card to get, my budget is around the 150+ mark, maybe a bit higher if necessary. Well, basically i've become a bit out of touch with the latest 3D cards available, and since i'm thinking of upgrading my current one, this is a bit of a drawback for me.

So basically I believe the only thing that needs a boost is the Graphics and Ram.

Toshiba Portege 7000ct wireless?

At most you have to register your computer with the network owner.

Something that goes into the PCMCIA slot would be the simplest. and do you need to subscribe to a wireless internet provider?

Usually you don't need any subscription to gain access to normal WiFi networks. what hardware is needed to utilize wireless internet? I am pretty clueless and at home my family is still using dial-up.

You need a wireless adapter in your laptop. If you currently don't have one then you can buy it.

I the college That I attend offers wireless internet and I am completely clueless as to what is neede to hook into this.

I recently purchased a used Toshiba Portege ct7000.

Toshiba Portege Ct 7000

I recently purchased a Portege ct 7000 lap-top for college used for about $100. it works great in al respects other than the battery. Will these work or do I need a CT series battery?

Look at the Toshiba batteries for ct series and non-ct.

I have priced batteries on several websites and most cost more than what I paid for the whole kit. If the product/order numbers are the same, then these models take the same batteries.

I have found several off brand batteries for non-Ct series portege 7000 models that look almost identical to mine. When I recharged it it would onlytake a 30% charge and and after repeated recharging this is degrading.

Usb Flash Memory

I found hundreds USB key makers I'm not interested in. I suggest you find either an electronics dealer and play with what they have to offer. Pick a controller chip, read the spec sheet and application notes and then pick the rest of the components according to that.

Thank you in advance. Could you help me to find a site? I just want the electronic system you put inside the USB key to make my own one. And some mad soldering skills because AFAIK all these chips come in surface-mount packages which are a PITA to handle manually.


You need a controller chip (search for usb flash controller) and a flash chip.

external hard drive on windows xp

I have not been able to re-format the disk or do anything else.

I have a 250gb internal Ultra ATA hard drive enclosed in a 2.0 Usb external case. My computer does not recognize the drive but I can locate the drive on the control panel where I can "safely remove items." I am running windows xp2 on HP computer originally 40gb SATA. During formatting and initializing I was able to name my new drive as k:.

The package instructions said to leave the external drive on master so I left it at that. I have read several other threads with my same problem but none of them mention how to fix it when it is not recognized in disk management.

No, I cannot access it in any way.

I installed it and did the formatting and was displayed that the formatting was not complete.

Usb Hasp Security Key

Which case is cooler?

Which case has the potential to be cooler (temperature wise)? But....... I dont know anything about cooling so I need your opinions!

My rig is going to be very hot especially when I put a second X1900XT in there so I need a case thats good with airflow. What case is for the win? My guess is that the Raidmax one is cooler because it has more fans but someone told me that those two side fans only mess up the front-back air flow that you want in a case... I like both of them, so this is what its going to come down to.

Well the second one has fans in the side, thats what i would go for as i had a pc that overheated until i mounted two side fans and it never played up again!!!

that would make the Coolermaster for the win.

New Equipment

Sorry, I haven't been able to keep up with all these changes. Had to pick up a PCI Express video card $49.00. Ya Hoo we gonna have some fun now.

Now if I get away with this I'll be happy camper.

If you can give me a 2-bit tour answer that's fine.

Just trying to sort out some things in my mind. I got the Board and the processor with fan for $137.00.
1 stick of Ultra 400mhz 1gig ddr400 PC3200 RAM for $129.00. Some of these newer machines?

What is the difference between/among the "Dual-Core", "Core 2", and ???? Check it out
Just bought a combo package, Asus A8S-X with a 64 bit AMD Processor but not a dual core, to expensive. This thing should move some 0s and 1s. 3Fusion
GeForce 7300.

It looks like some of them are the same with different names, and some are 1/2 the speed while others seem to indicate they are double the speed, etc..

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