How To Fix Windows Errors

task manager doesnt load

and my CMD doesnt work either.

i just reinstalled windows xp. because my computer was acting all weird and wouldnt load explorer.exe after the installation i am unable to start up my task manager, alt ctrl delete doesnt work, nor does using the taskbar to open it up.

any help ?

ati3d1ag.dll error

I keep getting this message in a blue screen of death:

STOP: 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0xBFAA9D04, 0xBFAA9D04, 0xB8B73A18, 0x00000000)

ati3dlag.dll - Address BFAA9D04 base at BFA0E00, DateStamp 3d8a7ecc

It has something to do with graphic card drivers i think... Run atleast 4 passes on each stick. I am running on a Dell Precision 350 on XP

0x8E error code usually is a memory problem, but not always. Let's first rule out it's not your memory.

Only have 1 stick of RAM installed at a time when running Memtest86. (If you only have 1 stick of RAM installed, then don't worry about it.)
I need help on how to fix this. Test your RAM by using Memtest86 (Download link available in my signature).

Question about sound quality.

not sure, but ONCE years ago used wmp to burn, lame, wmp burns the way the songs are, doesn't buff so songs are equal in sound/volume, Nero is good, but if want free burner, Ashampoo is ok...if wanna try other players, winamp was good, tho, i have heard of problems with vista and a 5.1 sound system, tis why i didn't d/l it, i have JetAudio. ya, i know, talked more than i needed few too many

Hope helps
I am not sure if I need to turn off equalizers to burn a cd so it isn't so bassy when I play it on my radio.

all players and equilizers are set differently, will have to set them all, bitrate does make a difference, anything under 128mb's not good, depends on how bad you want the song, if say, as song 380'ish, that would mean someone messed with the song, 192mb's is a not bad rate, if looking for more pure, FLAC, meaning loss-less, meaning sound would be better but, would need a converter to convert to mp3. Or does it go by bitrate and adapting to any equalizer that a music player has?

I currently have the latest windows media player and realplayer, and up to date sound card drivers, my question is, does the equalizer for sound card + windows media player equalizer/realplayer equalizer effect music quality that was burned to a cd?

Disappearing Outlook and Internet?!?

Whenever I try to open Outlook Express or Internet Explorer, each acts like it is about to open and then disappears. I can open up every other application, like documents, virus scans, etc. It has never done this before today.

I have a 4-year old Dell laptop, running XP.

Anyone know what could be the problem? Try running a system restore to a previous date.

XP compaq

Tnks. Go on-line and do the numbers thing? bb

System restore back to where you get all the freebees. Office XP installed a few months back.

Yah. BTW. HP printer cd fails to initialize. Updates from Heise Security or SP- 3 won't install.

This computer has never on-line, about 2 years old. Could this be some of Bills junk? Fixed tnxs.

I haven't seen the box yet.

French accents with AltGr

I am using a UK keyboard and it is set on UK keyboard in the Regional and Language settings (i tried French keyboard but i don't know the layout of an AZERTY keyboard so it's too complicated)
Can anyone think of any reason why my computer will accept AltGr+e but nothing else? Shouldn't be too much money, except not readily available in UK. But my computer won't do it.

So I Googled to find out the other keys i can use with AltGr to create more accents and found it easily. You'd also need to enable French in the Regional settings.

Print Ques disappear from XP computer

Several PCs running Windows XP loose all their print queues. Any ideas? When I reboot the PCs they come back up but I believe it is becuase the Print service is restarted at reboot.

The print service stops on these PCs. Is the Print Spooler set to automatic in services.msc?
This doesn't happen on all of my PCs but only a few. I have several printers running on Windows server 2003 as the print server.

Help! Control Panel corruption!

I have found out that they are the following utilitiy:

- C:\WINDOWS\system32\netsetup.cpl

Problem 2)

Add/Remove programs. I have tried System Restore but to no avail. When I click it absolutely nothing happens. Here's a screenshot:

The problems are associated with the utilities which are outlined with a red box.

Its extremely frustrating. Sorry it's so long, I just wanted to explain the problem in-depth and say what I have already tried so nobody suggests something which I've already attempted. You may also want to test your memory and HDD just to ensure you don't have some sort of hardware issue.
I have run Glary Registry Repair and fixed the issues it turned up, but it did not help.

But it sounds like you have some corrupt core files. I put in the XP Home Edition CD and ran sfc /scannow but it did nothing.


What more can I possibly do? Any help would be MUCH MUCH appreciated. Problem 3)

I needed to make a static IP for something today, so I opened Network Connections and right-clicked on my connection icon to select "Properties".

I have scanned my system with AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition and MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware. I've only just finished replacing my crucial files and putting all my software back on. I get the "timer mouse" for about a split second and then an error noise. When I click them absolutely nothing happens.

This whole Control Panel issue is driving me craz...

Norton Internet Security 2009 Won't Run

I ran virus scan Safe Mode no viruses. I Meet All System Requirements worked all the time for I installed it yesterday. & I get redirected to product websites in google in firefox why's that? My Norton Wont Start I Tried Task Manager/Program Files everything. So It Just Stopped Working.

It's firewall was disabled and I Didn't do anything. Right click on the Norton's shortcut on desktop or wherever you're storing it then do as follows:

After right clicking, goto properties. But Norton Scans In Safe Mode Won't Run in Normal.


My Norton Won't Run I Bought Full Version Yesterday Installed Working Fine. Nothing To Do with Norton Runs Like Support Nothing At All. Then go to "compatibility" then you'll see:

Then just mess around with the different options, chose Windows 98 see what happens, if it fails, try another.
I Downloaded Last Thing VM Java To Microsoft For Visual Basic 6.

I Logged In Just Now.

[SOLVED] Can I disable this process

Might I recommend a freeware utility called CCleaner[1], it's very useful for registry work, deleting non important files and even disabling/deleting processes without screwing your rig up at all. I know it's not malicious and it's part of the yahoo antivirus I installed years ago when I first got the dsl. Can I disable this process without messing anything up? Make sure to mark thread as resolved when you're problems been solved!


Welcome to TSF and Pink Floyd is awesome. Good luck. I don't use that AV any more since I use NIS 2009.

Computer gets stuck when reformatting

after i hit enter, it goes to a blue screen and at the bottom it says examining fjsdklfsafdsa (i dont rememeber exactly what)

I think its examining my hard drive but it wont get past there.

So i just recently purchased a new computer and i got that blue screen so i decided to reformat. i have it partitioned right now and would like to save the stuff on my other partition since i didnt get a chance to back it up before my computer died.

I reformatted my laptop right after this to see if it was an issue with the cd but my laptop reformatted just fine. please, your help would be much appreciated.
when i boot from the cd it gets to the screen inquiring if i want to install windows (enter), repair windows (r), and one other option. anyone?

Is there any way i can reformat my computer without wiping my hd? I just reformatted my laptop to test the cd and make sure it was good. Both the cd and OS are windows xp for both the laptop and desktop. i left it on overnight and nothing changed from that screen.

Please help me resolve this situation, if more info is needed please just let me know and ill find whatever i can.

Need Help BAD with Hotmail Account

I hope somebody can help me. This Saturday one of my horses is running in the Kentucky Derby and I had a picture of the horse I sent out in a mass mailing to all my contacts. I don't know who to write or contact to request this. It is now my understanding that you can't send such mailings or they will stop the service for you.

Is there any way I can appeal to them to get at least my contacts? I would certainly hope that someone has had this problem and can tell me how I can at least get my contacts. I'm not sure where to turn.

I had a hotmail account with all my contacts. Sincerely,

David Smith
Hotmail closed my account and will not let me back into it.

Numerous programs crashing and XP occasionally restarting

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 12:03:36 PM, on 4/21/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16827)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\Digidesign\Drivers\MMERefresh.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\LogiShrd\LVMVFM\LVPrcSrv.exe
C:\Program Files\Mediafour\MacDrive 7\MacDriveServiceD.exe
C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI Control Panel\atiptaxx.exe
C:\Program Files\Zune\ZuneLauncher.exe
C:\Program Files\Mediafour\MacDrive 7\MacDriveD.exe
C:\Program Files\DeskPins\DeskPins...

Task Manager and Explorer disabled even in safe mode

I clearly got a virus the other week that has disabled my task manager as well as removed my start menu. When I normally start my computer I get two accounts, mine and my wifes. When I start in safe mode I get one called "Administrator" and one with my name (which has administrator rights), but I do not see one with my wife's name. When I start in safe mode I get the exact same issue when I log into my account (i.e.

I was able to get into the account called "Administrator" and I can run C+A+Del but no start menu and no right click. One of the accounts can get to Task manager but that account does not have access rights to get to my files. Is there a way to start your computer at the comand line only and find the file that contains the data I need to get off the computer? When I log into my account I get a blank screen.

The data is in my account (i.e. I need a way to access files on my account so that I can transfer off some very important files. All I get is a blank screen with no icons. I have win XP with multiple accounts.

The administrator account and I know the password). One other 'weird' item. I can access C+A+Del under my wife's account and I can see all her files but I can not get to mine. No task manager, no right click, no start menu).

For more information, visit the following Microsoft WEB PAGE

Download " Microsoft? Windows? Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830)"
Microsoft KB9...

1628 Error with XP x64 SP2

I had the same problem with the 1.2 patch they told me to do a 'Run As' Administrator way and it worked for that. Please and Thank You

Try this link
I cleaned the registry, did the 'Run As' thing, and tried a normal install.

So when I try to install the 1.4 Patch for CoD5, I get this 1628 error.

Now with the 1.4 patch it does not. Nothing is working, HELP!

Film library / catalog tool

Thank you in advance.
Any ideas? I have some movies available that I would like to have an overview of a in little more sexy and informative tool than Windows Explorer:)

Something that gives a sort of cover-flow view (possibly others) of movies, possibly downloads data from IMDB (a small synopsis, actors, genre, rating, etc.) and possibly auto update from the contents of specific folders?

I know this is possible in media center applications such as xmbc and boxee, I wish, however, not the media center functionality - just something that can give me a better overview of my collection.


tried contactng Setanta who are hopeless at getting back to me.. Why did you start a new thread, you are getting assistance in this thread\

Do not start multiple threads !
Any suggestions anyone what may be happeningher? at 100% the screen goes blank andf I get an error message in bottom right corner..

I have annual Subscription for Setanta Sports Broadband...Great site until one week ago when they changed the website, suposedly to improve streamng video etc... Now when I try to access it , it opens momentarily with the % dowloading shown in center of screen.

windows XP installation problem on P III

Then install Xp to the second and maybe use the first as a Swap .
Normally Xp won't install if it finds any prob with the Hard drive . pl help me. You haven't stated the size of the drive.

is my hard disc defective.
3.when i try scandisc on this then after 12 % progress it restarts the pc.
4. i have replace the CD rom, CD ,RAM also but no use. Try Partitioning the drive into two parts. The fact the Scandisk is stopping at 12% points points to a flaky drive.

i.e. Xp is very fussy about it. firstPartitiion just past the 12% and the second from that point on.

i have pIII 667khz pc at my home but when i try to install windows on this then during "installing windows" section in setup ,when i enter serial key of windows then pc get restart automatically and after reboot it don t recognize the hard disc at first screen ,and after booting again new setup procedure starts.several time i have tried but on serial key time it always get restart.

1.I have formatted the disc many time but no use.

Switching user accounts problem

Does anyone have any suggestions? When I try to just switch users, the welcome screen flashes to my desktop and then back to the welcome screen and won't let me do anything else until I log off the original user. I have to log off in order to switch users.

I have the fast user switch active and have confirmed that the RPC, fast user switch and terminal services are on and on automatic.

Just got a new dell with XP Pro installed. Fast User Switching won't work in every situation.

- The Welcome screen must be enabled.
- The computer must not be joined to a domain.
- Offline files must be disabled.

xp wont defrag

MMC cannot open the file C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\dfrg.msc. Take a look at this also:
You could also try performing a repair using your XP CD. You could try a system restore to an earlier date.

Entire C:\WINDOWS folder deleted due to virus.....

So although I don't doubt you have some kind of issue/virus whatever, the files still have to be there.

I am not entirely sure what has happened, however, i have the same kind of problem as Xeron(Gary) with one slight difference, my entire C:\windows folder was shoved into the recycle bin by a virus and deleted, i only just realized this cause i didnt think it was THE C:\windows folder, because of two things A; the recycle bin showed up empty when clicked(icon showed full but nothing came up, as if it was a hidden folder or so, and yes it was stil empty even when i enabled 'show hidden foders') and B: there was a kind-of repacement windows folder still there, i was running a few programs (ESET nod32 antivirus, among others) and ran ccleaner without thinking about the repurcussions of it ><, after cleaning all my old files i went to clean the registry....well, you can pretty much imagine my surprise as EVERY SINGLE THING that was inside the WINDOWS foder was popping up left and right(metaphorically of course) so, now i've opted tp try and use file recover(i havent turned off the pc yet, its a laptop ><)but i just dont know if it can bring back a file that was 'super hidden' as i call it(i ran into a virus like this before, it came in a recycler folder and mass saved itself eating away at the registry etc, had to format my comp and now my desktop doesnt work, damn ibm/intel chipset family ><)
anyway, if you have any reccomendations, please,...

problem with xp pro installation

If it's homebuilt, start by installing ALL of the motherboard drivers from the installation CD (or get the drivers from the motherboard manufacturers website). If it's a big name PC (Dell, HP, etc.), go to their website, enter the model information and download all of the needed drivers. After installing, however, I can't get my screen size to go above 640x480, and a bunch of device drivers aren't loading (ethernet controllers, etc).

After having given up on trying to remove av detritus, I decided on a fresh install. After all of the MB drivers are installed, install the latest video drivers for your video card (most likely issue for your resolution problem).
What can I do to fix this?

HP 640c dvd writer

I upgraded to XP pro for the second time on the same computer. I unistalled all programs related to dvd burner and reinstall them several times, did not help. In Control Panel, Device the drive properly recognized by Windows? (ie: no yellow exclamation point). Can anyone help me.

Now my dvd burner will not read a blank disc, cd or dvd. Had to reformat hard drive. Is the drive recognized by the BIOS during bootup?

Updated drives, firmware, uninstalled dvd burner and reinstalled several times, still no help.

Start menu toolbar has moved!!!!

If it has, left click it to remove the checkmark and then try to drag the start menu back to its original position. In either case this is my first suggestion. Quote:

Originally Posted by RAddled

1) My printer crashed a while ago and I think a print menu page has got stuck just above the start menu. Do you mean just your start menu or the whole taskbar as well ?

This would have a tick next to it by default preventing you from making any changes. I have tried to click and drag on this hidden page but to no effect. Hope this helps, post back please and let us know.

And now in trying to do that:

Not sure exactly what you mean here. I hope this makes sense to you clever techni guys out there

I would really appreciate your help. Right click on your taskbar and in the list that comes up you should see an item that says "lock the taskbar". I have tried to click and drag on this hidden page but to no effect.

If this works you would be as well to go back and click the lock taskbar again, that way you will be prevented from accidentally moving it again in future. Quote:

2) My start menu which was at the bottom of the page has now gone to the top of the page and I can't click and drag it down to the bottom again because the arrow has gone. Some more details would be good.....or better still a screenshot if thats possible. And now in trying to do that:

2) My ...

Can not install Win XP

I replaced the Hard Drive in my Gateway laptop (that's about 4 years old) and then purchased a Brand New copy of Win XP Home w/COA. The usual causes of copy failure are:

Scratched or dirty CD ( you have ruled that out since the disc is new )
FAulty CD Drive
Faulty Memory ( you can click on the Memtest link in my signature to download diagnostics)
Using a copy of CD versus an original
I've done this several times and the .dll files are always different. Some times it will continue when I press enter to retry and sometimes it won't, and I'll have to press esc to skip the file.

And when I tried to install a program I got a failed due to corrupt file with windows installer. I replaced the HD because this was happening, I had reformatted it and tried to install the OS, so it's been done with 2 different HDs. It will then go into the set up phase, and sometimes it I will get another fail to copy certain files. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

The machine boots from the Disc and starts copying files for setup, but will always fail to copy random .dll files. I've read where you sometimes need to hit the F6 key and load 3rd party drivers for SATA HDs, due to Win XP not having them. I did make it through the set up process once, but had no System icon in the Control Panel or no way to access it, and it failed to install IE or Outlook Express. And I have to start the process all over again.

But my understanding is that only applies if t...

XP Needs to be reactivated after Net Adaptor fail?

In any event, MS is usually quite accomodating, even when you get (like I did) the 'call personally at this toll free number' message.

But I'm still worried as to what caused this, Is Microsoft just being retarded or is it likely that I have some other impending hardware issue or something?

'Basically I installed my copy of XP on this PC, with this exact same hardware set back in January, activated it like usual,'

Does this mean you re-installed, and have reinstalled a couple other times or what?

So I boot up my PC with Win XPSP3, and it says the "Windows had detected the hardware has significantly changed, windows will need to be activated..." message. So essentially windows XP needs to be reactivated after one of my Network Adapters failed?

After about 5 installs and/or some unknown number of hardware changes, it is set to check with Mama to see if you have been installing on multiple computers. Is this like a new policy change from Microsoft, so does it seem I have some other problem? My motherboard has a 2nd one however, so I just switched to that one.

Basically I installed my copy of XP on this PC, with this exact same hardware set back in January, activated it like usual, and it's been fine since then. However today as I see the activation message, I also notice my network connectivity is down, and it seems that the onboard network adapter I have been using all this time has failed/ or just disappeared fr...

XP internet problem

Also, check your hosts file.

Anybody have any ideas? Have you checked in Tools, Internet Options, Security and Privacy that those sites didn't get 'blocked'.

media codec

If you're getting the message from your media player (a popup, a warning, or you're only hearing audio but not seeing an image), use gspot ( to determine what video codec the file uses, then search for it.

I could not play any videos in my computer,it says I have to update my video codec.Can you tell me how to do it? Be cautious. Some fake videos will tell you to "update" your video codec but it's only an image on the video (aka there is no actual video footage).

Internet Browser Problem

Also sometimes I cannot log into websites, if I attempt to it will either load for ever or it crash the browser. By different website I mean a different website and not a pop up ad. The website that pops up can be anything sometimes its sometimes its its very odd and opens up random websites.

Sometime when I log into a site and it can be any site, my browser will open a separate window with a different website.

The odd time it crashes the computer. This happens when using both IE and firefox
The computer is up to date with all drivers and windows updates
The computer has been scanned for viruses with AVG Pro and S&D
Also after crashing If I try to reopen the browser it tells me its already running so I have to force it to close.

BSOD pci.sys on vista to xp downgrade

It was quite a bit cheaper. I've also went into the BIOS and tried moving SATA operation to ata from ahci. I also have run memTest86+ just thinking that possibly it was shipped with a bad stick of RAM, but that came out clean. I booted to the WinXP disc and when it gets to the point where it says setup is loading windows and it gives me the BSOD stating that pci.sys is a problem.

Otherwise try the troubleshooting here
You will just have to try the install each time after trying a suggestion.

Why Vista??? I've used windows xp (no sp1), sp2, and don't have a sp3 cd to try but am not confident that will work anyway.

I just got a new Inspiron 1545 from dell with vista home premium.

Are you sure the CD you used has SP2 on it? Is there a driver that I need to load right when I boot to the windows cd? I've got an XP pro licence and media to do a install of xp pro. If this is the case can i load that from a usb flash drive (I don't have a usb floppy).

I have tried using various windows cds and none have worked.

IE 8 accessibilty problem

I have one eye with vision, so i used the access wizard, but now IE* doesnt show colors or some links how do i reset this THX

I think you would just uncheck the 'apply all settings' boxes as depicted here:

sony vaio pcv-2210

Do any lights come on at all?
Also, have you tried another outlet? Is this a desktop or laptop?

Complete/partial lock-ups

Seemingly randomly, everything freezes on my computer. Nothing is logged in the event log after either of these freezes, in fact the last time I saw a complete freeze I restarted and saw nothing had been logged at all for 30 minutes before the freeze. That seemed to fix it, but just in the last week or so (I think), I've noticed it again.

Try using system performance to see the performance of certain things could also help. Although I haven't been able to completely narrow it down, it's almost always when I'm just using the internet (firefox), without games or anything running (I've seen it a few times in Supreme Commander, but I *think*, not sure, that that's different), and, more annoyingly, often seems to happen when I'm out of the room. Can anyone help? Any processes running ab-normally in task manager.

Have you tried defraging? That's the "partial" lock-up. Other times, generally when I'm out of the room, I will come back and find the everything frozen, but it never moves again until I reset the machine. What is the spec of your computer?

I also remember this being a problem a while ago, and at the time I persevered and eventually just asked windows to install over itself. Sometimes when I'm using the computer, everything will freeze up, I will move the mouse around on the pad, and suddenly a minute or so later the cursor will have jumped position and the system will begin working again.

virus or trojan after firewall/antiV. disable

You didn't mention why you are unable to produce the required logs for the spyware removal section. etc". Edit; Apparently you did post the logs after all. I already scan my computer with:
1.) malware bytes anti-malware -> no detection.
2.) spybot search and destroy -> it detects

please help me. Please advise why you can't produce the logs and maybe we can find a way to help you.

im going to post it here. and sometimes this one (windows error) appears:
"Generic host process for win has encountered problem."
which gives you a choice [send error report] and [ don't send].

after these 3 appears i cant open the windows firewall on control panel saying:

"windows firewall setting cannot be displayed because service is not running.. even sometimes my internet connect became disabled. and i delete it.and it didn't return
3.)avira antivir -> when that virus puff out i delete it. Some antivirus solutions are very good at detecting such viruses but some of them require a little more than the simple click of a button to remove them completely.

this is wierd. when ever i turn off the windows firewall this virus and error puff out.

1.) c:\windows\system\x.exe
2.) c:\documents and settings\networkservice\...\x[2]

both were considered w32./virut.Gen by Avira anti vir. but when i restart my computer, turn off the firewall the virus goes out again..

and my oS is xp. i thank you ...

Minor issue with User Accounts

Check this info - perhaps it has been set that way:

'How to Hide the Logon Script Dialog Box on a Windows Client - Direct Bootup Without Typing Password'

Firstly my computer automatically logs into admin account even though I have 5 other accounts turned on (Family PC) and even though there is a password on the admin account. Any help here?

search setting 1.2

Google has it flagged as "bad"

how do i get search setting 1.2

Welcome to TSF

Why do you want to use something malicious?

Viral SSID on xp sp3/eee pc 1000hd

Can I get rid of the fake network in my available networks list?
2. I have run antivirus and anti malware scans and came up clean. I deleted eveything form my preferred network list other than my own wirless network.


I have always had "file sharing" turned off so I don't think anyone could have accessed my pc.

I stupidly clicked on free networks while travelling though airports last week including peer to peer. Now I see "Free Public WiFi" as an available peer to peer network wherever I go.

Prevention is best! By deleting the network from my perferred network list have I ensured that my pc isn't broadcasting peer to peer "Free Public Wifi."

I did block automatic connection to networks other than the "preferred" list (that is mine). I also block connections to peer to peer networks. Questions:

Here is a reference for other non-experts expaining the viral ssid problem.

[SOLVED] XP wont start up! help :(

can i get the repair help from my XP disc? But the picture would flicker, then icons began to not show, then come back and disappear randomly. Could not read from the selected boot disk. You can access the BIOS usually by hitting F8 during the boot sequence.

Check boot path and disk hardware. i cant even get into safe mode now....can i change it back some how? Now i read someone on here changed a setting in my computer....he siad to go to my computer, right click it and go to properties, i changed to the boot to a NOEXCUTE...or something.

So about 2 weeks ago i shut down my computer as i normally would...went to up, started did load...i logged in. Soon enough right after the Winows XP boot screen i get a black screen...then turns into a no signal, no input coming from my comp. Now i get a message saying.... im not a pro with this stuff so im not really sure what im doing or how to fix this

You might need to change the boot order from the BIOS.

There was the one it was set to...then another. Windows could not start becuase of a computer disk hardware configuration problem.

hey new here...thought id try here to solve this issue before taking in my computer to a tech. It just progressed and became worse.

You will need to find the boot order option and set it to the dvd drive first then the hard drive.
I changed it to the other option i had. Im not sure whats going on with it....ive tr...

Windows XP Media Edition 2005 rebooting

I opened the case and removed the cmos battery, (looks like a large watch battery) and then reinserted it, after about 10 minutes. in my case, stopped the re-booting. MC
This will reset the bios and ..

I would appreciate any help and advice to solve my problem. Thank You,
[email protected]

I don't know if this will work for you or if you even want to try but it worked for me when my Gateway XP 2005 MCE did the same thing. My PC keeps rebooting and I cannot start it in either Safe Mode, with Networking or Last known Windows Configuration.

I do not have the Windows XP Media Center 2005 Operating Disc since it never came with it.

I have an HP Pavilion dv8000 series Notebook PC running Windows XP Media Center 2005 Edition.

reinstalling problem

Anyway I was reinstalling my computer when a little box pop up and said:

Fatal Error
An error has been encountered that prevents Setup from continuing. If you are installing from the network, it is possible that not all of the files were copied correctly to your hard drive. If you have tried reading data from different discs and you encounter the same error in each one, you may want to check your disc drive for loose cables or you may need to replace the drive itself. Here is some info on what CRC is

To fix it:

You can prevent ?Data Error Cyclic Redundancy Check? by performing a set of simple procedures.

Press OK to view the setup log files. Thank For All The Help! Data error (cyclic redundancy check).

You can also use various download manager software applications in order to manage and monitor the status of your downloaded files

Hope this helps you
When I press the OK button they show the same thing again.Please Help. One of the component that Windows need to continuing setup could not be installed. If you are installing from a disc there might be a problem with the disc, try cleaning the disc or use another disc.

This will then prevent ?Data Error Cyclic Redundancy Check? message from popping up in your screen. If you encounter this error while your computer is reading data from your CD or DVD disc, the first thing you can do is to eject the disc and clean its surface ...

An Old Display Color Problem

Here is my new/old problem. Took the 400 watter from the new pc and put it into the XP along with the XP'S old graphics card. I then removed the CMOS battery to reset the bios and then did a destructive restore on the thing. Actually, I have never left, I am always around reading and learning.

She's been on it for almost two hours now with no problems. Now here's my New problem: For about three days the colors had been perfect. They gave up too. The reds and blues were basically gone with just washed out greens and yellows left.

After having worked on my XP for six months, trying to get the messed up display colors corrected, (after a driver update) I gave up and took it to the Firedog Techs (CircuitCity). (No jokes please)

The techs put in a new video card, (GeForce 8500GT) upgraded the PSU, (Antec 500 watt) and then after three months of trying different ideas .. After my wife had been playing her solitaire games for about 10 or 15 minutes, the colors flashed back to life.

Some of you may remember me from a problem that I had with a video card? Today the little lady turns it on and the colors had reverted back to the washed-out look.
(Even the boot screen is washed out when this happens)

Funny thing though ..

The display colors were washed out. I'M BA-a-a-ck! were perfect!?

The colors on the display, (after restoring the drivers) .. Here's the kicker: After sitting in a corner for almost a year, I took the new Antec 500 wat...

Windows Installation folder

i wanted to know if anybody can please upload a Windows Folder on rapidshare not the installation but the folder as if it was already installed

why....? :D

Security Updates For XP & VS2005 not successful.

Ben T. The following are the exact updates:

Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1
(I had a problem with this one too but was not as ready to solve it because I wasn't using this Db at the time)
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3 (KB955706)
Security Update for Windows XP (KB959426)
Security Update for Windows XP (KB961373)
Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP (KB963027)

I would like to at least get the security updates to work first as a prioriy. I am a little embarrassed : to not being able to find the solution to this problem, being a developer and an old computer hack.

I tried to find a solultion, but did not spend much time on it and just dropped it. Curtis
American-Hope Web blog will soon be in the signature)
A recent update for XP which is supposedly criticle (I think there two of them). Especially, if they each have separate issues/solutions.

Let me know if I need to go to a solution online. Thank you fellow IT pros!!

Last year I had a security update for Visual Studio 2005 Professional fail to install.

Code 38 trying to connect to Canon digital camera

Only conclusion is to re-install XP (Home Edition) which is a bit drastic. If this doesn't work, uninstall your Canon drivers and reinstall. Nothing seems to budge it.

Any ideas as I've wasted 2 days on this and I urgently need these pics on my PC? Try updating your canon drivers. Use Revo for a full uninstall, the advanced uninstall will take out all the registry entry's (it's freeware aswell), then reinstall your driver.

Yes, I've got the dreaded Code 38 trying to connect to my Canon Powershiot camera which I've been doing quite happily for the last 2 years.

Nothing makes Code 38 go away. I've tried all the advice including the "100% guaranteed to clear Code 38" RegScan, uninstalling the driver in Safe Mode, etc. What advice have you tried?

Booting from cd-rom--dell dimension 8400

MESSAGE--to prevent damage to my PC. The language on it is Norwegian. Because the CD is not present the machine can't boot from the cd-rom. I want to change to English Win XP but at the boot sequence the CR-rom is marked (NOT PRESENT) even though the CD is attached amd working alright in the old windows.

I tried to install the new win XP from the old one that is norwegian but it stops after loading the files and it's about to start the installation. Using a new harddisk is not helping because the PC can't start from the CR-rom
The question is how do I make my CD-rom to be present so that I can either use a new harddisk or format the old one.

Generic Host Process and Firefox crashing

So I have two problems. Also, my Firefox keeps crashing.

For Firefox, have you tried uninstalling the app, reboot, and then reinstall the latest version?

I've tried going to the Microsoft website and fixing it to no avail. Help?
One is that I get a message often saying Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close.

Can't open my usb!

I tried many things to make it work.. but still nothing, i cant format it i dont have access, cant open it , i tried many things that i read but i cant solve my problem.I tried my usb in my other laptop and it opened.But i cant open it in this laptop i have Nod32 AV , i dont think any virus is causing this.. Anyone any idea how to make it work ..

I have a big problem, me Usb drive doesn't work it says
G: Not accessible.Access denied. i really need it


Problems re-installing XP from CD on Partition1 [New<raw>]

With the other drive disconnected, it should then function the way you expect.
I can then only return to the main menu. Any help would be really appreciated

It's always a good idea to disconnect all other drives except for the "C" drive to prevent random "accidents", either user or XP created. this is my other drive

However this disk does not contain a windows-XP compatible partition.

I thought it would normally give me some option somewhere to format the hard drive to NTFS but it will not let me do this???

I have just decided to re-install windows XP to my computer and hence have put in the bootable XP disc, got to the 'Windows XP professional setup' screen where both my hard drives are listed. I want to install XP to my existing C: drive so I deleted the existing partition and then created a new one now called:

Partition1 [New<raw>] 190772MB
Unpartitioned space 8MB

I have then pressed 'enter' to set XP on the top partition1, however it says:

To install Winows XP on the partition you selected
Setup must write some setup files to the following disc:

305243 MB Disc 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on atapi [MBR] NB.

Direct X 9.0 won't install!

I used the regedit delete windows/DirectX method.. I'm fairly desperate. Current DirectX may be a older version which does not have the version value in the registry.

[04/23/09 19:41:38] module: dxupdate(Dec 5 2005), file: dxupdate.cpp, line: 4602, function: DirectXUpdateGetSetupInformation

GetDXVersion() failed.

[04/23/09 19:41:38] module: dsetup32(Dec 5 2005), file: dxupdate.cpp, line: 280, function: CSetup::InstallPlugIn

DirectXUpdateInstallPlugIn() failed. Don't post them in the actual thread as it's hard on the eyes and your BB code may interfere with what we're looking for.

The latest DirectX.log entry is:

04/23/09 19:41:37: dsetup32: === SetupForDirectX() start ===
04/23/09 19:41:37: dsetup32: Dec 5 2005 17:05:24
04/23/09 19:41:37: dsetup32: DXSetupCommand = 0.
04/23/09 19:41:37: DXSetup: DSetupCallback(): Phase = 0, Steps = 0
04/23/09 19:41:37: dsetup32: DirectXSetupIsJapanese == 0
04/23/09 19:41:37: dsetup32: DirectXSetupIsJapanNec == 0
04/23/09 19:41:37: dsetup32: Installing on WinXP SP2
04/23/09 19:41:37: dsetup32: IsIA64(): not IA64.
04/23/09 19:41:37: dsetup32: CLR version number = 2.0.50727
04/23/09 19:41:37: dsetup32: DXCheckTrust(): C:\Users\ADMINI~1\MYDOCU~1\MYDOCU~1\Programs\DirectX\ is trusted.
04/23/09 19:41:37: dsetup32: GetCDXUpdate(): Extracting dxupdate.dll from C:\Users\ADMINI~1\MYDOCU~1\MYDOCU~1\Programs\DirectX\
04/23/09 19:41:37: dset...

[SOLVED] Mozilla Thunderbird Emails Have Disappeared

That's not possible. You're saying you "reinstalled" XP, yet you're Thunderbird folder in Programs is still there? I located the Thunderbird folder and found profiles, registry.dat, default, ect. If not, what are my next steps?

I conducted an XP reinstall and all Mozilla Thunderbird emails are missing, and some emails have attachments that contain critical information. but I am not sure how to move forward. How can I recover these items? I'm confused, please explain the situation in depth.

Good Luck.
So, with that in mind - of course you're emails are gone. When you reinstall an OS, it completely deletes/formats the HDD making it near impossible to have anything left. So, when you format, you're HDD gets wiped, you're emails get lost.

I lost over 100GBs of very important data before by NOT backing up. Be careful! If I reinstall Mozilla Thunderbird, will this solve the problem?

They're saved in your Thunderbird directory, I believe. Always remember to backup your computer!

Recommended Solution Links:

(1) Download Windows Errors repair utility.

Note: The manual fix of Windows error is Only recommended for advanced computer users.Download the automatic repair tool instead.