How To Fix Bios Hang & Login Screen hang

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Activities in your computer program are posted in an Event Log, whether you simply accessed the program or when an error is encountered. Problems, however, are added in a different Event Log or also called an Error Log. Here you can find several text log files whenever there are hardware failures, driver hiccups or any other computer errors. In other words, an Error Log shows a database reporting program with simple flat text files, available for viewing by a user with Administrative rights. While it may contain nothing but text, these logs may come in handy when you want to know more about a source of a computer problem you encountered.

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A user in the forum details it further:

I'm running Win 7, 64-bit. It may be that 1 of your RAM sticks has gone bad.   TsVk! I have two problems..   1st problem is that my computer hangs at bios. In the past, it's been always doing this.

In the first instance, re-seat your RAM sticks on the motherboard to see if that helps.   2nd problem could be caused by the first. It'll beep and hang, beep and hang, 3 times until it eventually starts to load. This began happening after I installed my Gigabyte 760 graphics card.   2nd problem, and the bigger problem, is after I type in my password and hit enter, it'll stick at saying "welcome" and show the loading circle but it'll just hang.

What causes Bios Hang & Login Screen hang

If you received this error on your PC, it means that there is a malfunction in your system. Common causes are incorrect or unsuccessful installation or removal of software that could leave invalid entries in the Windows registry, the effects of a virus or malware attack, an incorrect system shutdown due to a power failure, or another factor in which a person with little technical knowledge accidentally deletes the required A system file or registry entry, as well as several other reasons. The immediate cause of "Bios Hang & Login Screen hang" is a failure when one of its normal operations is properly started by a system or application component.


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Welcome screen hang and 15+ min login

Yesterday after installing Sky Broadband I accidently pulled the charger out of the laptop and because I run it through the mains it turned off. Since then I've performed another disk check and done a system restore to last week but still get a 15/20 min hang on the "Welcome" screen. Upon one of my attempted bootups in the last 12 hours i've got a load of bubble icons in the corner saying some of my startup programs were corrupt (googleupdate.exe, chrome.exe) and whilst trying to delete the Sky Broadband icon from my desktop I was also told that was corrupt too. Safe Mode

The first thing I'd like you to try here is starting in safe mode and following the procedure laid out here
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

I've had my laptop for little over 2 months or so and i've been very careful not to fill it with crap and take care of it, regularly using Ccleaner etc. After entering my password I got a hang on the "Welcome" screen. I then started it again and shut it down via Safe Mode which worked fine. Has anyone got anymore info or insight into what the problem could be?

The scrolling wheel was still spinning but I gave it a good 15 mins before forcing a shut down through the power button. Have I screwed my HD? When I turned it on again I "started windows normally" and was told to perform a diskcheck which I did. are you familiar with safe mode?

I've run out of options now after doing the system restore and not...

10 Second Hang before Login Screen

There is a point in my bootup where there is no video output at all, stays like that for 10 seconds, then it boots right up. It gets pretty annoying when you're often changing in between a triple OS set up

That sounds normal, especially when you HAVE triple-boot OS's - If you have any USB drives or printers plugged in, that can range from 10 seconds to almost 5 minutes.

I have noticed on all my clean installations of Windows 8, that there is 10 Second Hang before the login Screen. (Nothing but a black screen)
Is there any fix for this?

It happens right before Auto-Login.

Why would the Login screen hang under this condition?

I can turn on this drive after Win7 is up and running and everything operates as it should. There are no faults with the drive. What if you plug the usb hard drive into another usb port?

I've discovered that only when I have an external USB drive turned on (it's fed by its own external PS), Win7 will hang right after the "Starting Windows" screen but before the Login screen appears.

Any ideas? Turning off the drive after this happens doesn't help (the Login screen does not evenetually appear), but the moment I turn off the drive and reboot all is well. Does it freeze if you bring it up in safe mode?

What if you boot your computer, then plug in the usb drive?

What if you have non-critical usb items unplugged? What's interesting is that this drive is hooked up directly to one of the MB USB ports, while multiple USB drives which I have hooked up through a USB hub which is itself hooked up to the MB have no ill effects if powered up while Windows is starting.

Windows XP hang up on Login Screen

Right click on "Primary IDE Channel" and select "Properties".

9. Select the "Advanced Settings" tab then on the device or 1 that doesn't have 'device type' greyed out select 'none' instead of 'autodetect' & click "OK".

10. Double click on "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers"

8. Its Compaq dx6120MT PC.

Reboot your computer.

From the Start menu, select "Run..." & type "gpedit.msc".

3. Please suggest me some possible solutions for this.

If you can get into safe mode try this:


From the Start menu, select "Run..." & type "devmgmt.msc".

7. No Login window is appearing & Mouse pointer which is visible is not moving. Click "OK", "Apply" & "OK" once again to exit.

6. Open notepad.exe, type "del c:\windows\prefetch\ntosboot-*.* /q" (without the quotes) & save as "ntosboot.bat" in c:\


Double click "Windows Settings" under "Computer Configuration" and double click again on "Shutdown" in the right window.

4. Right click on "Secondary IDE channel", select "Properties" and repeat step 9.


I'm using windows XP professional at my office PC. In the new window, click "add", "Browse", locate your "ntosboot.bat" file & click "Open".



Hang/BSOD at login screen?

Other info:This started happening out the blue, I had no issues beforehand. It was built from components and components were added/change over the space of a few years, so doesn't have a specific manufacturer or model #.

Once you post the reports I would also suggest that you start testing the hard drive for errors.

Specs are in the My System list next to my posts. Slowing down until experiencing a BSOD. I turned my Win 7 desktop on a while ago, and it has started doing one of these things at the login screen:Hanging within a couple of minutes of use (happens both when I log in or if I leave it at this screen). The desktop is 2nd hand, I don't have any OS install discs, repair discs, or anything like that.

The attached file to this post contains dump files, an MS error report after one of the crashes and the data generated from the "BSOD Posting Instructions" thread. Hard Drive Diagnostic Procedure
Successfully logging in but lagging hard while being used. I can't system restore as, although I know I made restore points, when I boot in safe mode and run system restore it doesn't detect any restore points (unsure why).

Cannot login to Windows, User Profile cannot be loaded and Screen Hang

Please help.

My screen hanged and turned black, some desktop icons reappear when I move the mouse around. Please can you run System File Checker - SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
Please can you run Disk Check - Disk Check

When you are in Safe Mode, please download the following programs off the Internet and run a scan with them:
AdwCleaner Download
TDSSKiller Download

Malwarebytes will produce a scan log, upload it here for further investigating.

I pressed the restart button to restart, loading slow and waited at the 'welcome' and 'preparing your desktop' for a few mins and finally reached inside windows desktop black screen and showed error popup

I pressed the restart button to restart again, and this time it cannot login, it showed me a "The User Profile Service failed the logon, user profile cannot be loaded" error message , pressed restart button few more times and same thing happened. error message but it did not fix the problem, so now I am unable to login and stuck with the error "The User Profile Service failed the logon, user profile cannot be loaded"
I can only login to safe mode. Thank you,

Sometimes it is slow and hangs in safe mode too.

Unplugged harddisk wire/connector and replugin to ensure firm connectio...

Hang at BIOS screen

I used one of those cds to clean the dvdrom lens the other day, seemed to screw the lens with those poxy things. and beep the first time i booted but no beep every time i tried to restart afterwards. No power to keyboard, etc. Its still on at this time...

yes yes i am a hack but if anyone can diagnose any possible problems id appreciate it very much... assuming you've reset your bios (hard reset including but not limited to jumper on mainboard, removal of cr2032 battery(cmos battery), power off and removal of power supply connectors incl12v rail and 5v + 4pin...wait some time for the board to cool, reseat your ram, re apply heatsink with new coat of thermal on cpu die....remove all add on boards so that only video out is left, also detach all drives including floppy if u got 1. The computer is around 3 years old, cannot remember the specs. then yeah...your boards dead and bios saves can be done with additional circuit boards and wires attached to your cmos chip..

First of all, im a hack with computers...

most people dont have those tools and boards and ic's handy..soo.... I have purchased a 1TBHDD to transfer my files to so i can format. Nothing that really explained my situation
I read to leave it for 20 mins so it takes its time to start windows.

I read up on other forums to find people have installed new hardware etc bla bla. Today I booted up my computer to find it frozen on the first BIOS screen. Lately, I have been...

Symantec AntiVirus causes XP to hang (black screen) after Startup Logo (Before Login)

Only problem being every other NB/PC within the company works fine with SAV Corporate 10.2 except this one particular model sofar. We've only had one individual NB of that model but the other T400's all work without hitch. Could there be a lot more to it than just the X4500 vs ATI that could be causing some issue? Anyone else ever experienced this? (While running a ping -t command on the computer, when attempting to boot it normally it wouldn't even respond with a ping, so the machine is hanging before even all the system services are loaded but looking within eventvwr.msc (event viewer) one of the 6 processes which none look suspicious is savrt.dll which would indicate the SAV Real Time scanner engine being loaded) Anyone have any idea's as to what I could narrow down to be the cause? (I'm pretty out of idea's) All help kindly appreciated! Message Edited by vasboz on 10-26-2008 12:10 AMMessage Edited by vasboz on 10-26-2008 12:11 AM

Welcome screen hang, log on hang, black screen crash, and more!

As Ubuntu works fine I am fairly sure it is not a hardware problem. If it doesn't crash for you, then let it run for at least 36 hours of continuous operation (an estimate on my part). and I can't work out how to attach them here? I have looked at the event log but as I am not (yet!) very technically adept they don't mean much...

From my limited experimentation it makes the BSOD's come faster.
- Select "Select driver names from a list" and click "Next"
Then select all drivers NOT provided by Microsoft and click "Next"
- Select "Finish" on the next page. Using Driver Verifier to identify issues with Windows drivers for advanced users

Driver Verifier

Using Driver Verifier (Windows Drivers)

But sometimes it'll crash and won't tell you the driver. Reboot into Windows (after the crash) and turn off Driver Verifier by going back in and selecting "Delete existing settings" on the first page, then locate and zip up the memory dump file and upload it with your next post.

Other times it'll crash before you can log in to Windows. I had no option but to reset with the power button. I would really appreciate any help here! Once, I was logged in successfully any everything seemed fine, then the black screen appeared and nothing else happened.

Driver Verifer

Using Driver Verifier is an iffy proposition. I started it in safe mode and all was fine, checked my drivers are up to date, ...

Unable to login to Windows, User Profile error and Screen Hang BSOD

Sometimes I do experience BSOD and distorted colors
Some misc errors yesterday/today screenshots

My screen hanged and turned black, some desktop icons reappear when I move the mouse around. Please help.

I pressed the restart button to restart, loading slow and waited at the 'welcome' and 'preparing your desktop' for a few mins and finally reached inside windows desktop black screen and showed error popup

Unplugged harddisk wire/connector and replugin to ensure firm connection, I pressed the restart button to restart again, and this time it cannot login, it showed me a "The User Profile Service failed the logon, user profile cannot be loaded" error message , pressed restart button few more times and same thing happened

Restart PC and pressed F8 when PC starting up to go to advanced boot options, tried "repair your computer" and tried again "last known good configuration (advanced)" , tried all the options in "repair your computer" but did not solve the "The User Profile Service failed ...

PC bios splash hang then black screen

If successfull, we're going to go into safe mode for windows.
5 Ways to Boot into Safe Mode in Windows 8 & Windows 8.1
For windows 7 hit the F8 key before windows boots up completely. Your going to have problems, especially if you attempt oc your cpu or gpu or both in the future. At bios splash my keyboard is on and working (num lock button responds), but will not let me into bios when I press the corresponding keys.

Hey guys!

When I start up my pc, I get the usual Gigabytes bios splash screen, but it stays there for like a minute or 2 before going to a completely black screen, or a black screen with a flashing underscore in the top left. Is this normal? (Sorry I not that much of an expert!)

Any help will much much apreciated! The power unit previously was a built in one (in my old case) at 500watts, upgraded is a Corsair 430watt 80+ bronze. Have the bios restore your settings to original manufacturer ones.


Originally Posted by AlphaZeroEpsilon

Hey guys! I have tried resetting CMOS by removing the battery for a minute and putting it back. I've also disconnected all hard drives, but no luck. I have removed my 2x 4GB RAM sticks alternatively (one in one out) but nothing - however, my computer keeps restarting after 10 seconds with both removed.

Login as default admin, and remove that software you put in. So looked up this on google, but I haven't really found a solution that fits my ...

Hang on Gateway screen: won't load BIOS, won't boot in safemode

Is the hard drive activity light on when it becomes unresponsive? nothing happens.   The screen stays there forever.  No error beep codes, no response if I use the function keys to try to load the bios menu, and no safemode if I hit or hold F8 when I turn it on.  Occasionally, it will give me the normal "yeah, enough already" beeps on keypress if I continue to hit f8 as it starts up, but even that's not consistent.I'm having some trouble checking the forums for solutions, since the core problem is the absolute lack of anything happening.   Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated before I start tinkering with stuff above my paygrade. I don't restart my XP machine very often, but after about two weeks of increasingly irritating slowness / delayed responsiveness when opening new applications or tabbing between programs, I finally decided to reboot to see if that would help.

Did you try resetting the BIOS settings? Not a great idea apparently, as now the machine won't load at all.  The power supply fan kicks in when I turn it on, but dies down pretty quickly.  The initial Gateway load screen (with F2/F10 to access BIOS) appears, and then...

Boot up Freeze/Hang (PROBLEM!): Lenovo Updates Hang T61

I installed Norton Ghost  yesterday and the same problem happened again.

I recently updated my system with the latest Lenovo Updates including a BIOS update. The hard drive then stops loading and the laptop freezes.

It's not a hardware issue with my laptop because when I don't do the updates and or install certain programs, my laptop does not freeze on boot-up. Then my computer booted but all I got was a wallpaper my Windows Vista black bar and 3-4 icons loaded on the left tray. I think it might possibly a Lenovo software issue or a BIOS issue. Is there anyway to revert back to my old BIOS?This is what happens when I do the Lenovo updates or install programs like Norton Ghost: Computer boots up, loads wallpaper and Windows Vista Black Bar, about 3-4 icons load up on the tray on the left hand corner then the hard drive stops loading and everything freezes.The computer works perfectly fine when I don't install those updates or install Norton Ghost.

I recovered my computer to original the factory settings and it booted up perfectly.

Lenovo G560 hang, BSOD, and hang at POST

Maybe try removing the Intel driver,and let Windows install a driver.Then see if it happens again.And you should call Lenovo support I think.

Eventually it will BSOD, the exact message I do not remember but something like a 'system process or thread failed to run'.

Purchased and Lenovo G560 in July and so far this has happened 3 times:The system become unresponsive, the hdd activity light goes out or stays solid, Windows programs crash and no other programs will start. It also is using the latest drivers for other devices from the Lenovo website or intel website.This has happened with 2 differnt harddrives, both function perfectly fine in other machines.

Should I return this ASAP? The hanging at post seems to suggest this but it happens so infrequently and I can't reproduce it at will. I've run memtest and swapped out the RAM with other sticks.

The crash dump fails to write to disk and it reboots and hangs at POST. Hard powering down and powering back up lets it boot fine.At first I thought it was a bad intel rapid storage driver, but I am now using the latest one from the intel website and it occurred today. I am using the latest BIOS for this machine and it is a relatively clean install of Windows.Is this likely a hardware issue?

G580 many lag and shot hang and some time continuos hang

I just bougth my laptop 3 month ago. When lag or short hang  happens to me, the mouse cursor becomes completely uncontrolable and circulate around its self. Scan the HDD for defects using the Lenovo HDD Diagnostics. and it did not make a difference.

I have a G580 i5 2.40Ghz.

thinking update driver would help, I also updated Intel HD and nVidia driver.... that I launch every day. Nothing out of the ordinary.I formatted this machine, thinking it could something wrong with the O/S ... It could be as simple as opening a new webpage ...

or launching a normal program. Since you've already reformatted the PC, try to:
1. I have owned various Lenovo machines since and I've NEVER had this problem before with any other machine! ...................I see whole of topic that are same as my problem I do what they do but my problem doesn't solve. As an alternative, you can use HD Tune to check for bad sectors on the HDD.
Let me know your findings.

win7. 32 bit. Perform a clean boot - this makes sure there's no application on the background that's causing the lag spikes.
1. The important part is, nothing major may be running, nor did I do anything major on the machine.

specialy my problem is very simillar with topic "T410: lag spikes/short hangs/unresponsive system" that solve his problem .

verifying dmi data then boot on cd hang at time hang a pc

like a ubuntu live cd or something. if there are a lot maybe try a different disk to boot. verifying dmi data then boot on cd hang at time hang a pc, i cant windows xp new installation what a solution this problems examine the disk for scratches.

my computer became hang plzz help som1 to prevent from hang

my laptop somtime became hang plzz help mesystem descriptionToshiba satellite A200os=windows7 32bitram=1gbprocessor= intel(r) Pentium(r) Dual cpu t2370 @1.73ghz You need to provide more information on the specific problem (EXACTLY what happens, when does it happen, what led up to it, etc).

Windows Login hang time, BlackSOD after login

Fill in your 'System Specs' this will also help us analyze your system. Use this link to find your system specs. NOTHING.

This is quite a confusing story, and the cause for it simply eludes me, but this will be the second time it has happened.

My plan was to go in and hopefully find the process that was potentially lagging my pc. Shockwave Flash crashed on me (and it is well known that Flash will often crash on Chrome), and when Chrome said I should end the process, I did. I can't click on anything without having to wait for at least 5 minutes. Please help!

I try to open Task Manager through CTRL + Shift + ESC; fails to come up. So what could be affecting it and making it so slow if the processes are fine? I've tried a variety of solutions, from going into BIOS and trying to change my SATA controllers (if it had something to do with the HD), unplugging all unnecessary USBs, going into Safe Mode and changing startup processes, system recovery to a few days before, scanning system files for anything corrupted, trying to make a new user profile, so on and so forth. Can you post all the requested files at this link.

How to Post a Screenshot in Seven Forums

Have you been checking your temperatures? Use Core Temp, to check the CPU temps when at idle, under load and/or testing. I honestly don't know what else to do (other than re-install windows, and that's what I did the first time it happened), so I hope someone can provide some sort of help! For po...

Login hang

Her START button also quite working properly after an hours computer use.

if your a/v is doing a full scan on boot it will hold things up
start button
usually caused by something working in the background,look in the task manager when it happens and see what is pulling cpu usage

I am on my girlfriends comp and her initial computer login takes 1 minute or more. I have recently rid it of spyware and viruses.

Any ideas on how to speed up the login?.

IBM T61 explorer.exe hang when login

But I don't think that is the problem.  Please Help.  

probally a virus ,torjan or malware, or it could be that you havent updated ..

The users are getting tired of this. Not too sure what else is bothering it.

Sometimes just user login and the same problem occurs from the start. I am thinking of removing all of IBM software.

I have this issues we just purchase 5 IMB T61 and all of then have issues when login into winodws they hang up.  And when you try to shut down it says explorer.exe not responding.  So what I do is I end task for explorer.exe and start a new task explorer.exe and this fix the issues but I can 't keep doing this. I am running in a Novel enviorment.

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