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Clean install video settings wrong is the name of the error that contains information about the error, including the reason why it occurred, which system component or application was malfunctioning that caused the error, and other information. The numerical code in the name of the error contains data that can be decoded by the manufacturer of the faulty component or application. An error using this code can occur in many different places in the system. Although the name contains some details, it is still difficult for the user to find and eliminate the cause of the error without specialized technical knowledge or the appropriate software.

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mark in it the monitor is a samsung gh17ls tried pushing auto nothing... hey i just did a clean xp install everything seemed to go as normal now i have a black screen with a square bouncing around telling me not optimum mode: recommended mode 1280*1040 with a smaller yellow box with a question ?

What causes Clean install video settings wrong

If you received this error on your PC, it means that there is a malfunction in your system. Common causes are incorrect or unsuccessful installation or removal of software that could leave invalid entries in the Windows registry, the effects of a virus or malware attack, an incorrect system shutdown due to a power failure, or another factor in which a person with little technical knowledge accidentally deletes the required A system file or registry entry, as well as several other reasons. The immediate cause of "Clean install video settings wrong" is a failure when one of its normal operations is properly started by a system or application component.


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xp clean install gone wrong!

I'm not an expert and I just hope I haven't done something that can't be I dont even know how I can get to the BIOS settings because before the screen flashed SONY but doesn´t now there is probably a reset button under the laptop its probably a tiny little hole you have to press with a paper clip. Had big problems with Sony Vaio and decided to do clean install of XP. During the procedure - after everything had been wiped - at the point where it was trying to copy the installation files to the newly formatted partition, something went horribly wrong!

If I put a disc in it does nothing so I suppose it just doesn't have anything in it to tell it what to do.I have a XP disc, Sony Application Recovery CD and Sony System recovery CD - nothing works.This is an old machine and I was only trying to clean it up for a friend for occasional use. It couldn't read a lot of the files from the disc and to cut a long story short I ended up having to abort the installation.Now when I turn the laptop on I just get a black screen with a flashing white line in the top left hand corner. Can anyone help me to get it working?

Clean install, wrong user name

It used to be whatever nickname (i.e. f14tomcat said:

I just did a clean install from ISO, The name MS assigned to my username was the first 5 characters of my email account! What gives? What gives?

Does that show under your user folder as well?

shortname) I had chosen. Not OK! shortname) I had chosen.

Not OK! It used to be whatever nickname (i.e.

I just did a clean install from ISO, The name MS assigned to my username was the first 5 characters of my email account!

Solved: A Clean Install Gone Wrong!

It just loops inself to the Windows XP Home logo, restart, rinse and repeat. I tried once again to delete the C: drive to no prevail. This is my first post. I chose the XP setup and tried to delete the C: drive, but it said I couldn't.

I feel dumb. Anyways, then I tried installing from Windows itself, which I later read was something I shouldn't have done. I'm in desperate need of help. Then, I tried to delete the D: drive, and it worked.

It didn't start up with the XP setup option nor does it boot Windows. I don't even know if it's bootable? First, I tried to boot the XP Home cd but it didn't work.

Specifically, before, I only had options to boot Windows XP Home and go into the Windows Recovery Console. So, I thought I'd restart the PC to see if it would change. Please give me any advice. So, I was trying to do a clean install with my Sister's PC because she messed it up so badly with adwares, spywares, and what-not.

The install was going well, then it rebooted the PC. And then it happened. Now, I see an option to boot the XP cd.

Help! Winows XP clean install has gone wrong

I've got so far, after formatting the exisitng partition where Windows ME was installed, but got an error message and now cannot get anything to run - either from boot or hard drive.

Clean install of WinXP, something is wrong

You're also asking why something takes a half-second to do. My new setup is:

A64 X2 5200+
Abit Fatality AN9 32x
2gb corsair ram
6800GT (kept old card)
X-Fi Platinum
1x WD Raptor 74gb
1x Seagate Barracuda 250gb

Everything except the video/sound card is new. The winxp install is new, I havent installed anything except drivers. Sometimes I do it for no apparent reason, and not once but many times.Click to expand...

Sometimes I do it for no apparent reason, and not once but many times. Use your computer and enjoy the new upgrade, rather than worry about some pointless, needless habit! I noticed this little problem after the first boot of XP, even before I installed the drivers. It's a somewhat pointless feature, and it sounds like you've turned it into a bad habit, like nail-biting.

By lag I mean that it takes like half a second for the menu to open up, and if I right click again while its opening it will take like a second for it to open. Its not really a problem, but it bothers me >_<

Anyone has any idea what it could be?

Mijae said:

For whatever reason, I got used to right-click -> Refresh on the desktop.

I've just build myself a new system and installed a fresh copy of WinXP with SP2, and I have one tiny problem that bothers me because I am a freak. For whatever reason, I got used to right-click -> Refresh on the desktop.

Load some games, edit some video, etc etc.

Or does xp not like t...

No restart since clean install,what am I doing wrong?

How to Copy & Paste in Recovery Console on Windows 7 or Vista

If not I suggest you run the clean command to over-write the Hard Disk Drive MBR and start the installation again from scratch.

1) To rule out HDD Master Boot Record format errors, boot the Windows 7 installation media to diskpart and run the clean command, it takes only seconds to complete; once the clean finishes, exit diskpart and use the Windows 7 installer to create and format a single 100GB partition for the installation. I have ran the repair windows,but it finds nothing wrong.I thought maybe the disc was scratched in a bad spot,but it still looks new.My friend let me test it on his compaq CQ56.It installed and restarted just fine. If that doesn't work, after another clean, use diskpart to create, format and mark Active a single 100GB partition to see if that works, use Step Two #2 in the SSD/HDD tutorial for reference. Maybe this will help to.My bios is simple,It shows a "DOS" and "other" option somewhere.I didn't change it because I don't know what it would do.Also when I change the boot options to cd/dvd 1st,it will not boot automatically still.It will say please press any key to boot from cd for about 3-5secs.

Have a look through the information below, running the clean command then using the installer to create the partition(s) for the install may help and be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.


Fn+F5 settings not seen after clean install

Install the system update and it will scan and install the missing lenovo software. Andre

The vol increases,decreases and mutes but nothing is visible on the screen. I do not want any other Thinkvantage utilities.

The volume keys next to the thinkvantage button work. However, when I use the fn+f5 key, nothing comes up on the screen. I did a clean install on Windows XP Pro on this Laptop and installed all the drivers, and the access connections, fingerpoint software, keyboard customizer utility and hot key utility. How do i turn my wireless on?

I have a lenovo T 61 laptop that came preinstalled with Windows Vista.

Cant install windows xp( wrong bios settings maybe)

Can anyone tell me what might be wrong and/or how to fix it,maybe I need to change something in the bios etc? Also, are you sure the disc is bootable?


You can always try clearing the CMOS and trying again.

I cant install windows xp,bios is set to boot from cd,the screen says please insert disc and press enter and the disc is already in Ive tried everything new cd drives cables etc.

Clean Install; Date & time shows wrong year

Sounds like the motherboard battery needs to be replaced

I know how to change this but I'm just curious why a fresh and clean install of Windows 7 put the year to 2010 even though I selected my correct timezone during the setup.

Is a clean XP install with 98 files and settings possible?

I have a good guide to help me do the upgrade. When winXP is installed over win98, there appears to be no problem is doing this, but with clean install, the guides seem to skirt the issue. is this the step where the saving of the win98 will take place? I don't have two PCs nor two hard drives.

My dilemma is that I want to do the upgrade and still use the files and settings from win98se. Maybe I'm being overly cautious, but I cannot visualize how this is to be done. Perhaps this is either not possible to do or too involved for me to do and I should go ahead with the simpler upgrade? Partitioning and formatting hard drives is unfamiliar to me....

I have done all of the preliminary checks and my pc is XP ready. Has anyone done a winXP clean install with win98se files and settings in tact and can guide me through it?

It seems to me that the best way to upgrade win98se to winXP is to do a clean install.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Save settings before a clean install

Wouldn't I just be imorting the problems back into the machine. I need to do a clean install but wonder if I should save old settings. Your advice will be appreciated.When was the last time you did something for the first time? " Wouldn't I just be imorting the problems back into the machine"Yep.As long as you have all your important stuff ( Including your emails & address book ) backed up, you are better off doing a clean install.Make sure when you reinstall, you delete ALL partitions & format to NTFS.D to Delete the selected partition ( XP ) are some examples of why you delete all partitions.

If you recommend it then which are the most important ones and please describe where to find them and how to save them on another disk. Do I need to save those as I've heard before they are sometimes the main culprit in making a machine go sluggish. I see in my Belarc report there are 10's of KB security updates.

Win7 clean install keep settings

I don't mind to reinstall stuff like Adobe, antivirus, CCCleanr, e.t.c I am interested not to reinstall games (which are in partition D) and big stuff 20G, 30G. A new MB, a new CPU and a SSD. At the moment I have only a 1TB HDD who has 3 partitions. What are the method(s) to accomplish my intention?

C - System, D - Games, E - Others. I wolud like to make a clean instal of Win7 (but not so clean ) on SSD and to keep settings from old Win7 in the HDD. I will make some hardware changes in the computer.

Clean install and automatic video card driver install (nvidia)

as others have described, or will it wait until you go into the settings app and hit the windows update button? Does it actually do all of the device driver downloads and installs in the first 15 min. I'm wondering if anybody has a detailed account on what happens after the first load of Win10 after a fresh install; as far as Windows Update automatically actually going out and getting the NVidia driver and installing it then it being installed after a reboot instead of just manually installing the drivers off of the NVidia site.

I'm planning on doing a clean install of Win10 next weekend after upgrading from 7 x64 Pro.

Sorry if this has been addressed already (a search didn't yield exactly what I was looking for).

Transferring settings/applications to clean XP install?

You can also use the "file settings and transfer wizard" if you prefer.

However I am wondering if there is a way to transfer not only your settings to the new install, but also installed apps. You should create an image of your HDD using Acronis and transfer everything to your new HDD as it was before. Basicly the reason I'm wondering this is because I have a load of stuff that has been installed for years that I probably no longer have the registration codes for and would like to avoid losing them/having to re-purchase them.

Why are you re-installing?

Change these settings after clean install win10 on a new SSD?

Once again, Disable Microsoft Account if you are still logged in
with it. Type "Privacy" in Search Windows. Locate the ?Allow Cortana? setting in the right pane and double-click it. You can disable it by
navigating to Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\System Settings and
removing check-mark from "Turn on fast startup (recommended)".

After some troubble with a few games and settings, I installed windows 10 pro on a SSD. In Local Group Policy Editor navigate to Computer Configuration --> Administrative Templates
--> All Settings and find 'Allow Telemetry' on the right side. And I came to conclusion that perhaps
there are a few things that might be causing this issue. Press on your keyboard 'Windows + R' and type gpedit.msc and hit enter.

Greetings. Go to root. (cd ..)
Run the following commands:
ECHO "" >
In 'Search Windows' type Cortana
Set everything to Off. Can you recommend me to use this list complete, or is it "too much"? I really can't see why I should get a local account instead of my Microsoft account on my PC because of problems with a game??

Click on Manage my Microsoft advertising and other personalization info and set everything to
Off. (A browser will open up). Click on View Advanced Settings and set everything to Off except &qu...

BlueYonder - Backup Settings For Clean Install

UEFI settings for ASUS z77 prior to Clean install

CSM (Compatibility Support Module) > Launch CSM
- [Auto]: The system automatically detects the bootable devices and the add-on devices.
- [Enabled]: For better compatibility, enable the CSM to fully support the non-UEFI driver add-on devices or the Windows UEFI mode.
- [Disabled]: Disable the CSM to fully support the Windows Security Update and Security Boot. A security process shared between the operating system and Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI, replacing the BIOS), Secure Boot requires all the applications that are running during the booting process to be pre-signed with valid digital certificates. The Asus motherboard default UEFI firmware settings (see screenshots below). You must select the following option.

Run the following command as administrator from the command prompt. If a bootloader has infected your computer and it tries to load during the boot-up sequence, Secure Boot will be able to undo all the changes and thwart the attack.

Nob question for you experts. Here is more info: UEFI Boot Mode (installing using the GPT partition style) and Legacy BIOS Boot Mode (installing using the MBR partition style). -> link

Asus motherboard with UEFI firmware.

I have a Asus Sabertooth z77 motherboard and will be fresh installing windows 8.1 full to Samsung 250gb ssd. I'm not quite getting what i'm supposed to configure on the MB for UEFI boot prior to installing the windows 8.1. Note: You need to select to boot from t...

Can I change language settings with new laptop clean install

Please wait for someone else to give a confirmation. Professional might also have the option. From my own experience i been able to change language to Spanish on US bough laptops.


Windows 7 Home Premium, From what i have experience you will be able to chose region, language and keyboard format at the setup stage. Is this the case? I know i can download optional language packs if i need to. Once windows setup is complete and done it's not possible anymore unless you have Ultimate.

The laptop comes with windows7, however I am buying the laptop in a european country, I am assuming that when I take it out of the box that I will do a clean install of windows 7 and as such will be able to choose english as the language instead of the language of the country that I am buying the laptop in.

Restore Factory Settings after Clean Install for Win7

If not, I also happen to have a backup dvds for vista because the tech guy from where I bought the notebook told me to do so. Will I be able to bring it back to vista? Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and Vista

i don't want to bring synced settings to my clean install of windows 10

I have clean installed windows 10 to my desktop. I am open to clean installing again. Is there a way to do this? I don't wan't it to do this.

Instead, I want to set up my new windows 10 properly and then use those settings also with my laptop. I signed in with my microsoft account and it synced all the settings with my laptop which, uses 8.1.

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