How To Fix Cold Boot Hang 7 hang up

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If you have turned your computer on and you noticed that Windows will not start, you are experiencing a Boot Error. Some of the reasons why your Windows fail to start when your system partition is corrupted, has missing files or damaged. Once you encountered a boot error, you will see messages such as these:

  • Reboot and select proper boot device
  • Bootmgr is missing
  • Missing operating system
  • FATAL: No bootable medium found! System halted
  • Error loading operating system
  • Invalid partition table

Some versions of Windows can recover from these problems by automatically running a Startup Repair. Otherwise, you can manually use the Windows Recovery Environment to troubleshoot the problem.

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A user in the forum details it further:

I think a got the same Pb with Vista 64 bits, but a it was more random. I dont know what to change .... then i reboot the comp , i got the message to run the troobleshooter or start windows manually. how about your hard drive?

I choose the second option, it boots normaly. Are yours up to date? ps : sorry for grammar.

Some one has already got this bug ? I dont have this problem if i put on standby , it wake up OK. ------- If i boot With F8 , in safe mode , the computer hang on the ClassPNP.sys. ------- So googled a bit, it seems to be a trouble caused by windows having pb with handling APIC or AHCI. i use a 3 ware raid card ( see my profil ) . When i start my computer from scratch, it boots and when i got the 4 colors of the windows logo that go together, it hangs.

moreover i dont use the integrated SATA. So ACHI is not pb ? This is a problem with system drivers.

What causes Cold Boot Hang 7 hang up

Seeing that Windows fail to boot can be stressful but there are several ways on how to fix boot errors. Most cases of boot errors will instigate Windows to automatically run a repair setup. It will scan problems and try to fix it up. Another way is to boot from the Recovery Partition or the Windows Installation Media. Your computer has a special recovery partition that enables you to boot in the Windows Recovery Environment. There is no need for a physical disc.

However, some computers do not have a recovery partition hence the need to use a physical disc containing the Windows installer. If the two options fail to work, you can drop to the Command Prompt at the Advanced Options page to fix the problem.


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Cold Boot Hang

Really cannot get to the bottom of this:
Ram test came back ok
I have disabled readyboost
Tried IDE Sata mode
Pulled hair out

Conected USB devices at startup:
Sharkoon Fireglider Mouse
Logitech G15 Keyboard
Nvidia 3D vision

My pc is:
MSI 785GTM-E45
Phenom AM2+ Quad 2.3
1tb Samsung F3 HDD
2bg DDR2 800
Nvidia GTX460
700W PSU

Any ideas?

PC failed to cold boot, stopped just before the Windows logo came in. The dumps it collected would be before I tested the below as it did not BSOD today just hung on the first boot.

Restarted the pc and all appeared ok but again noticed that the system time had gone out again (seems to do this when it hangs).

Probook G430 G4 - cold boot hang

I don't use the shipped M2 SSD at all. it seems on every first cold boot the notebook doesn't pass the first HP logo screen and hangs there. Then it boots up well legacy boot method. Any idea what prevents first cold boot?

I've upgraded with a 2nd 8gb memory (Crucial DDR4-2133MHz) rig having now 16GB ram.

I have to unplud the charger and then I can shut off the notebook (4sec power press) and start again.

I'm running latest official UEFI bios 01.03A. Also added a 64GB 2,5" SATA SSD drive running Linux.

Boot up Freeze/Hang (PROBLEM!): Lenovo Updates Hang T61

I installed Norton Ghost  yesterday and the same problem happened again.

I recently updated my system with the latest Lenovo Updates including a BIOS update. The hard drive then stops loading and the laptop freezes.

It's not a hardware issue with my laptop because when I don't do the updates and or install certain programs, my laptop does not freeze on boot-up. Then my computer booted but all I got was a wallpaper my Windows Vista black bar and 3-4 icons loaded on the left tray. I think it might possibly a Lenovo software issue or a BIOS issue. Is there anyway to revert back to my old BIOS?This is what happens when I do the Lenovo updates or install programs like Norton Ghost: Computer boots up, loads wallpaper and Windows Vista Black Bar, about 3-4 icons load up on the tray on the left hand corner then the hard drive stops loading and everything freezes.The computer works perfectly fine when I don't install those updates or install Norton Ghost.

I recovered my computer to original the factory settings and it booted up perfectly.

verifying dmi data then boot on cd hang at time hang a pc

like a ubuntu live cd or something. if there are a lot maybe try a different disk to boot. verifying dmi data then boot on cd hang at time hang a pc, i cant windows xp new installation what a solution this problems examine the disk for scratches.

my computer became hang plzz help som1 to prevent from hang

my laptop somtime became hang plzz help mesystem descriptionToshiba satellite A200os=windows7 32bitram=1gbprocessor= intel(r) Pentium(r) Dual cpu t2370 @1.73ghz You need to provide more information on the specific problem (EXACTLY what happens, when does it happen, what led up to it, etc).

Lenovo G560 hang, BSOD, and hang at POST

Maybe try removing the Intel driver,and let Windows install a driver.Then see if it happens again.And you should call Lenovo support I think.

Eventually it will BSOD, the exact message I do not remember but something like a 'system process or thread failed to run'.

Purchased and Lenovo G560 in July and so far this has happened 3 times:The system become unresponsive, the hdd activity light goes out or stays solid, Windows programs crash and no other programs will start. It also is using the latest drivers for other devices from the Lenovo website or intel website.This has happened with 2 differnt harddrives, both function perfectly fine in other machines.

Should I return this ASAP? The hanging at post seems to suggest this but it happens so infrequently and I can't reproduce it at will. I've run memtest and swapped out the RAM with other sticks.

The crash dump fails to write to disk and it reboots and hangs at POST. Hard powering down and powering back up lets it boot fine.At first I thought it was a bad intel rapid storage driver, but I am now using the latest one from the intel website and it occurred today. I am using the latest BIOS for this machine and it is a relatively clean install of Windows.Is this likely a hardware issue?

G580 many lag and shot hang and some time continuos hang

I just bougth my laptop 3 month ago. When lag or short hang  happens to me, the mouse cursor becomes completely uncontrolable and circulate around its self. Scan the HDD for defects using the Lenovo HDD Diagnostics. and it did not make a difference.

I have a G580 i5 2.40Ghz.

thinking update driver would help, I also updated Intel HD and nVidia driver.... that I launch every day. Nothing out of the ordinary.I formatted this machine, thinking it could something wrong with the O/S ... It could be as simple as opening a new webpage ...

or launching a normal program. Since you've already reformatted the PC, try to:
1. I have owned various Lenovo machines since and I've NEVER had this problem before with any other machine! ...................I see whole of topic that are same as my problem I do what they do but my problem doesn't solve. As an alternative, you can use HD Tune to check for bad sectors on the HDD.
Let me know your findings.

win7. 32 bit. Perform a clean boot - this makes sure there's no application on the background that's causing the lag spikes.
1. The important part is, nothing major may be running, nor did I do anything major on the machine.

specialy my problem is very simillar with topic "T410: lag spikes/short hangs/unresponsive system" that solve his problem .

Bios Hang & Login Screen hang

I'm running Win 7, 64-bit. It may be that 1 of your RAM sticks has gone bad.

I have two problems..
1st problem is that my computer hangs at bios. In the past, it's been always doing this.

In the first instance, re-seat your RAM sticks on the motherboard to see if that helps.
2nd problem could be caused by the first. It'll beep and hang, beep and hang, 3 times until it eventually starts to load. This began happening after I installed my Gigabyte 760 graphics card.
2nd problem, and the bigger problem, is after I type in my password and hit enter, it'll stick at saying "welcome" and show the loading circle but it'll just hang.

Mouse Hang / Key Board Tab Hang

In games my mouse will hang causing the system to hang and eventually just not respond at all. when filling in forms my mouse & system will hang as I click or tab to each form field. Dave

However, I had removed the network card from the system with no success in stopping the problem..

Please help!!! Upon submit Explorer will hang a few moments then take me to the completed stage of the forms. However, my ASUS board does allow IRQ sharing the most notible share is my network card (DSL) and my Video Card.

The problem is most noticeable in Games and Internet Explorer 5.5.. If that solves your problem then go back and start increasing your acceleration a little at a time to find what is acceptable. Go to start/settings/system click the performace tab then graphics
and try lowering you acceleration down to minimum click ok then ok again. The mouse is on a ps2 port IRQ 12 with no sharring.

This is a long shot but have you tried slowing your hardware acceleration down a bit. I have an optical mouse and a Microsoft Natural 101 keyboard.

hang up after hang up with roxio media 8

I haven't use dit myself but I have seen it recommended on these pages mnay times.

all i want to do is creat a photo dvd with effects and music,,however using roxio media creator 8 is a,oh so slow on my pc (dont know y) and once its set to final encoding to disc it gets to 10% of overall progress then stalls and up pops error : test 1 module hps encounter a problem and shuts it down .it also came up once with not enough system resource or somet like that,,any ideas or is there a simple download i can use to create my photo dvd

I have no idea what the problem is but I have never been able to get on with Media Creator either!You could try Picasa click here.

Hang Ups giving me Hang Overs!

It may be that the Athlon is overheating. Try running with the case off and see if this improves matters (Keep little fingers out!). It is now 4 to 5 years old and no longer manufactured.
Running a AMD Athlon 800Mhz PCU, 512 Mb RAM, Nvidia Ti4200 Graphics Card on a Soltek mobo.Keep getting hang ups (again!).

Would appreciate advice/ideas on this as the problem does not occur at any set time. Can run for 5 mins or up to an hour before I get a hang up. Then have to re-boot and start again.

As I have had the machine OS - Windows 98 re-installed a number of times to "correct" the problem it still re-appears. Drivers for graphics card are up to date BUT could it be that the problem is with my mobo? Your cure would be thermal gel, bigger better cooling, and case extraction fan if you haven't got one already.
Tried uninstalling various programs to check for conflicts but they seem OK.

Did think at one time it was my ISP (AOL) causing the problem.

Vista hang- and hang and hang

Tried the sp1 update again. After an hour I forced a reboot. Whilst in hang mode ctrl-alt-del does nothing, otherwise it throws up an error message about "failure security option". I told it to delete virtually everything but again it hangs.

Forced yet another reboot- into safe mode, gets as far as crcdisk.sys and hangs. I guess that I should be grateful that the check disk on one o/s fixes the other o/s. Time for another forced reboot, into sfae mode and that hangs at crcdisk.sys, another forced reboot me thinks. The only restore point is one that I created, so no help there.

Whoopy another f'ing hurdle. f8 at reboot and select the old vista and tell it use last known working config- this leads to the bsod again. This I did. Winver suggests that it is pre sp1, so i tried to install sp1 from the desktop but it hung.

Rebooted and went back to the old Vista install, pensively tried to ctrl-alt-del and it worked!!! I used the recovery console to rename the pending.xml file. You cant just navigate to the old install of vista and move files- you need to take ownership first!!! After 30 mins I get error code 80073712

It seems to be related to the pending xml file that had been renamed previously.

Another forced reboot into normal mode starts the disk check (no bad sectors). I am guessing that safemode is unable to initiate disk check. Screen is scrolling with "inserting an index entry with id **** into index $SDH 0f file 9" SDH m...

XP hang and can't boot

I had ran ramtest and passed it 5 times. I had problem booting from disc and it will alway skip to the page where you select safe mode, command, normal settings. I can't boot from disc when the harddisk in on, so i suspect it is a bios conflict. The attached is the last minidump that was created before my PC went down.

I am able to access the harddisk via another PC. (last minidump generated)

Thank you

No matter which options i used, it will either hang or reboot.

Any helps will be appreciated.

Hang Up On Boot

I have 2 harddrives that were working fine before all of this. I turned it off and tried to restart it but got the error "We apologise for the inconvenience Windows did not start properly" and all that.

I was having some hardware problems earlier but managed to get my computer to boot, but whenever it boots now it goes to the Windows startup screen but freezes and won't go further.

I tried safemode, but that didn;t work. Help, please? I tried to "boot windows normally" but it went back to the bootup screen and froze again.

Boot hang

Then when I restarted, my XP boot screen decided to just hang..on a continuous loop and when I entered safe mode, just before the blue welcome screen would come up, an error message appeared (afraid I can't remember what the message was) and my keyboard and mouse wasn't responding (even when unplugging and plugging back in). At the command prompt type in then hit enter. Note: remove the Windows XP cd before rebooting. I'm at work at the moment so all information isn't as good as I wish I could give.

Follow all pre-post instructions, then proceed to posting any logs if asked to.
Took ages but finally done. Back to UBCD4WIN, I try a registry restore (Had 4 points in the past week) so I tried a few different ones to no luck :( still hanging at boot. Zac,

With you computer rebooted into safe mode, and your XP CD loaded in the cd drive.

This Check Disk Will take some time be patient and let the process finish. Reboot and the driver list starts loading but when mup.sys appears, the list dissapears then my XP boot screen appears as normal and keeps loading forever and ever. You make also be still infected with viruses. I would recommend going to the Virus/Malware/Trojans Help link in my signature.

Thank you to anyone who reads my essay but I'm hoping someone can give me some suggestions on what to try next, I'm out of ideas! So I used my trusty UBCD4WIN and restored most of the esential system files. I did some research and saw that spywar...

Hang during boot

If you could get back to us with more info that would be helpful.
As far as I know the recovery partition is fine and I have no problem booting during the first day to install updates, apps and uninstalling uneeded programs. This is now my third recent attempt at a clean reinstall.

Can anyone help? It now takes a LONG time to boot and so far hasn't been able to finish booting. What av and firewall are you using. The system is an eeepc (1005HA) and I've never experienced a problem like this before.

What apps are you installing? Have you tried to boot in safe mode. Can I ask why you reinstalled from recovery in the first place, were you having problems? so, the first day no problem booting, then you install apps.

If this works you may wish to try a clean boot, How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7, then see if you can boot in to your normal account. (Until you said you could boot the first day after reinstall I was going to suggest you get a diagnostic program for the hard drive, which is why I asked why you reinstalled in the first place).

Win XP Boot Hang

The bar is moving, albeit very slowly, but it hasn't progressed for about half hour.

After rebooting from my last post:

Upon reboot machine is stuck at black windows page with four color flag and progress bar underneath. Hit reset button?

Also, there is a data in primary CD drive, and pushing CD drive external button will not eject CD. Wait?

I pressed reset button, got "Windows, did not start normally....", I selected 'Start windows normally', and got to login screen.

What to do?

Hang up at boot up

Pull the case off and see if you can determine which component it is.

Windows Mill
antlon chip
Comp pac computer

I changed the video card to a 64 meg Radeon
Also changed the ram from 64 meg to 256 meg

I ran msconfig and took out alot of start options
Machine booted up
Then I ran a spy software to get out worms
It took quite a number of spys out

It now gets to the window screen and hangs
You can hear the 40gig harddrive spinning
Do you think it took key start up lines out
If I press f8 will it boot to safe mode
Once in safe mode is there another option to restore except to restore(it never works good in millieum)
the sound is like a clicking

If the HDD is is making a noise it shouldn't, I would replace the HDD. Make sure it is the HDD though...

But I would try to format it first to rule out any software probs!!!

Hang on boot

If I reset the bios (by shorting the pins on the mobo), it works just fine--on the first subsequent boot. The monitor says no signal, whether I plug it into the video card or onboard. I can't even change the date and time without it breaking.This is a home-built computer, about 6-7 years old. Hardware info is below.Hardware information:Motherboard model: Gigabyte GA-MA69VM-S2CPU model: AMD Athlon 64 FX-37More information on my hardware can be found here; this is a VERY old report, but the graphics card and added RAM are the only internal hardware changes.

Replace the CMOS battery on the MBoard....Part # CR 2032...available anywhere.Make sure all power is removed... I tried doing this, after looking up what this means.The bios now hangs immediately on boot without even getting to POST, without sounding any beeps at all. I've found out after a few more tries that I can actually get to windows setup if I wait a long time; it just takes about 5 minutes to finish loading.  (upgrade assistant says it should work fine, so I'm assuming its a hardware issue). I looked this up online, and saw a proposed solution was to change the sata setting from Native IDE to SATA>AHCI.

The first 3 times I ran setup, it stopped at the "Setup is starting..." screen. First of all: I'm trying to install windows 7, but I'll do this one problem at a time; my bios needs to be fixed first.A little background: I downloaded and burned an image (from...

XP boot hang up

anything less than 300w will probably be the cause of this.

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