How To Fix Laptop System board

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Most computer errors are identified as internal to the server and not actually concerning the hardware or any device that can be of concerned to the user. One example is a system error where the problem violates the procedural rules. System errors are not recognized by an operating system and it notifies the user with the message, “A system error has been encountered. Please try again.”

A system error can be fatal and it happens when an operating system stops for a moment because it is in a condition where it is no longer operating safely. Some of these errors are stop error, bug check, system crash and kernel error.

Working on a laptop computer gives you flexibility and portability. Since it is prone to frequent transfer, manufacturers make sure that their systems can withstand almost every risk including spills, transport and jostling. However, laptops are still prone to wear and tear both inside and outside. Laptop errors may include hard drive failure, system crash, not enough memory and virus infestation.

Apart from the time delays on your computer work and the lost productivity, there is also the issue of expenses to fix the errors, not to mention the calls to tech support. For fatal laptop errors, some cases may require you ship your laptop back to the manufacturer for repairs.

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A user in the forum details it further:

or how much use it's had, but both problems are certainly something that can happen with age and continuous use. Both the keyboard and the CD drive are replaceable items, but the work may not be cost-effective in an old machine.

What causes Laptop System board

Corrupted system files in the Microsoft Windows system can happen and it shows in the system error reports. Though an easy solution will be to reboot your computer, the better way is to repair the corrupted files. Microsoft Windows has a System File Checker utility that enables the users to scan for any corrupted file. Once identified, these system files may be repaired or restored.

There are several ways to fix fatal system errors.

  • Disable driver signature enforcement
  • Use DISM command
  • Replace corrupted files
  • Run a SFC scan
  • Repairing your registry
  • Remove your recently installed drivers or application
  • Install latest updates on drivers
  • Roll back the drivers

While laptop computers may be prone to errors, there are also quick fixes to most of these ailments. If your laptop experience slow hard drive processes like a sluggish file transfer or program load times, your solution is disk defragmentation. Upgrade your RAM if your computer needs more memory and has a slow performance when using several applications. If there is excessive pop-ups, your computer may be infected with a virus.

Run a free virus scan or install an anti-spyware program. When your hard drive failed and create a loud clicking sounds during data access from the hard drive, replace your hard drive or use an online backup site.


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Having laptop issues...maybe system board?

Usually some could get it working if they pressed the sides of the laptop monitor. If its something i can do myself, ill do that instead of sending it back again and going through the pain in the *****. If it works fine then it is your laptop monitor. I have to wait for the battery to die for it to shut off.

Some people that I went to college with had the same problem as you have, only got lines showing on the monitor (but their's happened after their warranty ran out). At this point I wouldn't even want them to replace the monitor. Its been working just fine. Hope this helps.

Do you have a desktop? I tried a few other times and i got the same results. on the invoice it says 'repaired', but then when i turn it on, its still doing the same stuff. Im unable to do anything, i cant reboot, cant move the mouse, cant even put the computer in hybernation mode.

So after calling HP a million times, i sent it in, and today i got it back. hu_nr

Just an idea, but I would definitely try the test first and see what you get.

But here's the story, i bought a laptop about 6 months ago. If so, plug your desktop monitor into your laptop and then turn it on. does anyone know what could be causing this? If it works send it back and tell them you want a new laptop or a refund.

Then 3 weeks ago..all of a sudden, i turn it on, and i get to the login screen, and i start seeing lines across it and then it flickers. i...

laptop- system board replacement

when i power it. the laptop- IBM thinkpad. and is if worht replacing at all? i understand that a system board is same as motherboad, just a different term i've never heard of, anyway..

where can a get a mobo from. it displays these 2 codes.
0271 & 0188
if u look over here. - >
it says all that needs to be done. so my fathers laptop broke.

ok. bump

laptop- system board replacement


ok. so my fathers laptop broke. where can a get a mobo from.

it displays these 2 codes.
0271 & 0188
if u look over here. - >
it says all that needs to be done. and is if worht replacing at all? i understand that a system board is same as motherboad, just a different term i've never heard of, anyway..

when i power it. the laptop- IBM thinkpad. bump

why does my laptop 'system board' keep failing

System boards can be damaged by faulty power supplies, memory or other internal components. Or is there other bad practises that can cause 'system board' failure. Check with the Toshiba agent who repaired the computer, repairs often (and always should) carry their own warranty.
There's nothing you can do to damage a system (mother) board other than blocking the ventilation slots or (possibly) plugging in a faulty peripheral.

The bad news is that this warranty runs out next Month (August) I fear then future repairs are going to be costly (As informed by recent posting about my laptop problem)So what causes a 'system board' to fail twice so easily, the machine is not used professionally, just home use. OS is XP pro. Thankfully this was done by a warranty repair (I didn't realise I had any warranty left, until I phoned Toshiba).

I recently had my laptop (Toshiba tecra M1)repaired for the 2nd time this year with a new 'system board' being fitted again by a Toshiba agent. I do tend to leave the charger plugged in most of the time (but not always switched on) as the battery does seem to loose it's charged easily.

System board 00A information missing - HP laptop

Thank you. Contact HP here - Contact HP | Workdwide

And how has an Windows patch overwritten this information? The HP Support site says - You need to have the missing information re-tattooed to the BIOS chip using a DMI Tool at an authorised HP service center. How do I fix this?

Solved: HP laptop system board swap

Mine is 403835-001, I see one on Ebay with p/n 417136-001. It looks the same in the picture but will it run properly?

I am preparing to replace system board on HP Pavilion dv8000. Is it necessary to replace it with the same p/n?

replaced system board for laptop but still wont turn on

i replaced my motherboard nd cpu cooling fan nd my laptop still wont turn on nd the caps continues to blink continuously nd nvr stops plus the f12 stays in and orange led the whole time as well

These will help: If these dont, please explain the issue from start.


Basically I am in my own. I use my laptop for work, and before this I had the best experience with technical support. Can you believe that THE WRONG SYSTEM BOARD. In June 18th, 2008 I called to report that. It took them until June 18th, 2008 to return my laptop, but They put in it the WRONG SYSTEM BOARD. Some of them said "They are working on the machine", and anothers say " It is on hold for parts and we can not tell for how long".I recalled the technical support to see if they could do anything about, but they said THEY CAN NOT DO ANYTHING.

or is it just my d**n luck? Any suggestions or help will be appreciated? HERE IS THE NEW CASE STATUSStatusStatusDate/time received Time zone DescriptionHP 06/23/2008 09:01:00 E Hold for Parts - Service call is on hold until parts arrive, estimated at: None providedBO 06/23/2008 09:01:00 E The last status applied was backed offOS 06/20/2008 06:50:00 E Machine being repairedAK 06/18/2008 19:51:00 E Airborne processing request to ship containerAK 06/18/2008 12:52:00 E Airborne processing request to ship container THIS IS THE OLD CASE STATUS: Status Date/time received Time zone DescriptionCX 06/17/2008 12:25:00 E Repair complete, shipped to customerOS 06/12/2008 09:23:00 E Machine being repairedAK 06/09/2008 09:21:00 E Airborne processing request to ship containerAK 06/07/2008 05:26:00 E Airborne processing request to ship containerMessage Edited by dog66ye on 06-26-2008 07:08 AMMessage Edite...

Y560 i7 laptop went dead less then a year and half old, need system board replacement

When I plug in the A/C adaptor, the laptop did not charge but continue to run on the battery only until the battery was drained at very fast rate, from fully charged to dead in less than ten minute! I do not think it is fair to replace the motherboard only in 15 month. I have an old IBM X61 tablet I bought more than five years ago and it is still good.

The A/C adaptor still put out 19.7 volt at the plug and seem to be perfect. When I remove the dead battery and plug in A/C, the laptop did not boot at all, seems to me the charging controller went bad on the system board.

I bought a Y560 i7 15 month ago. It developed a problem yesterday. I down loaded the "hardware maintainance manua" and followed the diagnose procedure which tells me the system board needs to be replaced.

This is a perfect case the Chinese company has no respect for quality and only want to take advantage of US consumers. Appreciate anyone has some experience in this area. It was a shame that the solder joint from the DC power input to the charge control was so poor it got burned out. Can this circuit be replaced instead of the whole system board which is very expensive. I hate Lenovo put out junks in the market lately after the Chinese company took control. Shameful Lenovo put out junk that broke in 15 month!

Problems With Fingerprint Reader and System Update Since Having System Board Replaced

SL500 - forgot BIOS System Password... how much Lenovo charges to replace System Board?

My laptop is one month old and I purchased the 3 year extended warranty. Regards,Max

HelloThere is way to reset password but unfortunatlly it will in violation of this forum's policy to tell you how.My advice to you Call Customer support they should be able to help you.Message Edited by ThE_ReBe1 on 07-06-2009 07:53 PM

*** Lenovo SL 300 P8600 3GB memory and 160 GB HD******WIndows XP pro SP3***

Does anybody know how much this costs?

System Update doesn't work after System Board Replacement

I have the maintenance key. When I boot from the drive the Thinkpad Serial Number Update Utilities screen appears. After choosing the option to change the serial number the screen request a long serial number starting with 1S.

I was able to create a bootable USB drive with the Maintenance Utility files.

Solved! When I choose the option to delete the EEPROM the message appears ?C0TpREADEEPROMBlock: Write access to Block#84 is denied Status=0xf, EEPROM fail when reading or writing data? How do I update the serial number in the BIOS? For our T440 laptop, I been using 1S20B7S0XXUSPF00ACZZ. (20B7S0XX is the machine and model type, US is the country code, and PF00ACZZ is the serial number) When I try to enter this number the message appears ? Data of the same device type is already in EEPROM?.

Go to Solution. Version 2.02 of the Maintenance Utily does not give the options shown in the T440 Maintenance manual.Using version 1.83 gives option compatible with the manual but it is requesting a serial starting with 1S and has 16 charactersWould appreciate some help

Replaced system board? How to restore system serial number with a CD.

If you have one of these, stop, you don't need to know this.For the rest of us.... First, find a computer with a floppy drive. Any computer.Extract/install the HMD archive onto it. So I replaced the system board (it's a year out of warranty) and booted up, only to be met with an error code about a sytem serial number mismatch. Now you see the problem.The real trick is HOW to do this- without a USB floppy drive.

As in floppy disk.

I have an l412 with a defective system board- would not POST. How many laptops have one of these? Follow the instructions in the file to make an HMD floppy disk.Use this program to make an image of the floppy.

Versions 1.75, 1.76 and 1.83 are the ones I have used. Boots OK, but system update does not work (because of the serial number mismatch).The instructions for WHAT to do about this are in the online service manual When the computer was manufactured, the EEPROM on the system board was loaded with the serial numbers of the system and all major components. If you can't find them, you probably should not be trying this anyway. You read that correctly- DISKETTE.

Be sure to save it as a .img type, not .binUse this program to create a bootable CD image using the floppy .img f...

System Information is missing system board 00A

missing product system information not valid.i have download Rufus and creat a bootable disk wirh hpbq138.exe file. but still i'm unable to fix it. please what should i do?

system board

Input/output (I/O) addresses that are assigned to a device alias can be used by new devices you add to your computer. For additional information about device aliases, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

New system board

I have ordered an i5 2500k and 8 gigs of mushkin redline 2133 for an overhaul on my rig. What do you folks think of this board?

I am thinking it is gonna OC like crazy but time will tell.

Since I have already pulled the trigger on this deal I figure I am only after opinions here.

X61 system board fix

Is there any other place to send my laptop or can I use international warranty in another country? It's year and half old and I think there is only 1 year warranty by law in New Zealand. Also is there any way to fix system board without replacing it?

Need for new system board???

Power indicator is orange/amber

Have removed CMOS battery, and let sit overnight. Have moved the password jumper to the RTCRST pins, supplied power for 15 secs, moved jumper back to original location

Are there any other steps I can take to try to remedy this?

System Board 00A

System board ID

Model #       17-f053usProduct #    G6R30UA#ABA   I bought this laptop 16 months ago and today both USB 3.0 port failed no power to the ports. The 2.0 port works.I want to replace the system board, but I'm having a hard time finding the part number for the for the system board.  I was hoping I would'nt need to disassemble it to get this number.  With the information provided is it possible to identify the board?

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Note: Manual troubleshooting of Laptop System board is only recommended for advanced computer users.Download this automatic repair tool instead.