How To Fix Master Disk none Slave Disk none

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Master Disk none Slave Disk none is the name of the error that contains information about the error, including the reason why it occurred, which system component or application was malfunctioning that caused the error, and other information. The numerical code in the name of the error contains data that can be decoded by the manufacturer of the faulty component or application. An error using this code can occur in many different places in the system. Although the name contains some details, it is still difficult for the user to find and eliminate the cause of the error without specialized technical knowledge or the appropriate software.

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When I reconnected them I received the message' Master Disk none, Slave Disk none. How can I get this working and will a WD software disk help ?. I was checking connections to see which of them has apparently failed (noise). Limon  

What causes Master Disk none Slave Disk none

If you received this error on your PC, it means that there is a malfunction in your system. Common causes are incorrect or unsuccessful installation or removal of software that could leave invalid entries in the Windows registry, the effects of a virus or malware attack, an incorrect system shutdown due to a power failure, or another factor in which a person with little technical knowledge accidentally deletes the required A system file or registry entry, as well as several other reasons. The immediate cause of "Master Disk none Slave Disk none" is a failure when one of its normal operations is properly started by a system or application component.


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cmos settings doenst show a master hard disk or master cd rom

now my cmos settings dont show a cd rom or a hard disk? my computer quit working and it was the power supply. so i put my disk that came with the computer and then it went straight to mos-dos mode and was a:\ but wouldnt let me change to c:\ or to my cd rom which is d:\.

and so i got a new one, but after installing it and turning on my computer, it wanted to boot from a restore disk. It sounds like your hdd ribbon drive cable is not plugged into the board properly.  If it was booting from hard drive c before and now fails to see it.  Maybe the cable is in backwards or the power cable is not plugged in the drive or board.Of course this assumes that the power supply you installed works ??Place to start ..K so what should i do so i dont have to pay to get this diagnosed.

Master to slave, slave to master question

I bought a new hardrive 6 months ago and installed it as the slave. I'm guessing that will be necessary, but wanted to check before I started. Is there a way to do it without losing all of my data (or having to back it up) and having to reinstall every program I have?

I've been having tons of problems with that configuration, and want to change the newer/bigger hardrive (current slave) to master, and the older/smaller hardrive (current master) to slave. Do I need to completely reformat both hardrives? Ryan

You only need to change the jumpers on both drives and set your BIOS to boot from disk2.

Change master in a HPDM master/slave setup

We have an existing installation of HPDM 4.6 SP4 consisting of a master server and two child servers.Now, the office location that has the master server will be closed down and the server will be decommissioned.One of the two existing child servers will become the new master.  All 3 are currently functioning asHPDM Gateways.  The repositories are already sychronized. What will I have to do to make this change in the server install?

Remove User Hard disk password on T61/T61p if you know Master Hard disk password.

For models supporting the Passphrase function, press F1 while HDP icon is appearing on the screen; then enter the master HDP. Note: To check whether the ThinkPad computer supports the Passphrase function, enter the BIOS Setup Utility and go to Security --> Password. Turn on the computer.2.

Greetings, In a hurry I set up Lenovo T61 BIOS Supervisor password, Power on password and Hardisk User and master passwords and forgot Power on password and User Hard Disk password which are the same, but BIOS Supervisior pasword and Master Hard Diks pasword I know. I succesfully removed power on password, but cant remove User Hard disk password. when trying to enter in BIOS settings after pressing F1 it asks for Hard Disk password and it wont take Master Hard Disk password so I am stuck at step 2 This instructionsfrom Hardware Maintenace manual doesnt work, because when I am trying to enter in BIOS settings after pressing F1 it asks for Hard Disk password and it doesnt work with Master Hard Disk password  :1.

Got solution. Select Password.5. For the other models, enter the master HDP.

Go to Solution. then leave the Enter New Password field blank, and press Enter twice.8. Solved! If Using Passphrase item is displayed in the menu, this function is available on the ThinkPad computer.3.

Select Hard-disk x password, where x is the letter of the hard disk drive. Select Yes in the Setup Configuration window. Press F10.9. w...

slave disk

I have purchased a maxtor hard drivemodel 93073u6hda 06aPCBA 08AUnique 11acode fa500s60jumper j50master/single onslave offthese are the settings on the disk i have tried to install this drive as a slave but my computer does no reconise it.the problem i have is on the disk it does not state master or slave for the pin settings can anyone help :::.: these are the pin settings which ones do i cover with the plastic sleeveHelp please john

According to click here you should not need the jumper.G

Copy Mstr DRV To Slave, then SLave Become's Master

I would like to copy the existing OS & Apps from the Master Hard Drive, then exchange the drive. Are there Freeware out there I can use Or can I use DOS command to diskcopy c: d:

Master/Slave -- Slave Capacity not Recognized

If you do not know whether you have drive overlay software installed, contact the software manufacturer before you continue.Click to expand... Source:;en-us;313348&Product=winxp

It shows in BIOS and Disk Manager as 32 G...supposed to be 120 G.

I am stuck in a rutt and I need some help out.

What I am working with:

1 Western Digital HD (WD Caviar) 40 G
1 Samsung SP1203N 120 G
Foxconn MB -- S650 344xp526 10904
Bios -- Award Bios/ 01/09/2004 - SiS 650 6A6IXFK9C-00

What I am trying to do:

Master Western Digital HD
Slave Samsung

What I have done:

Verified jumpers on HD's are correct
Verified wiring correct
Deleted partition on Disk Managment
Set partition
Format with Win XP disk (didn't install on slave)

What is wrong:

I can only see part of the disk capacity on the slave drive. Any suggestions?

If your computer uses drive overlay software for large hard disk support, do not use the Windows XP Setup program to partition or to format the drive until you have verified Windows XP compatibility with the software manufacturer. I have deleted the partition and redone it...

Please Help...

4th master s.m.a.r.t. disk

BUT; you be ready to pounce on that F8 key so you can boot into Safe Mode because, if it is the data drive, Windoze will have a meltdown with all of your files missing. Is it the drive with XP os on it or my other drive which is storage only ? Once you know which drive it is (hopefully not the C drive), buy a replacement of the same size, and unless it is really toast, reconnect it (and the replacement), hit F1, then use RawCopy to clone the failing one (Use the physical drives)

error mess is :
4th master S.M.A.R.T hard drive bad etc etc
press F1 to resume.

Where can i click into to find out ? But How do I identify which drive this is ?

Seems like the symptom is for a failing HD at least the general consensus online is that. can i run a repair on it or just replace ?

The easy way would be to lay the PC down on its side, take the side off, then unplug the power for each drive, one at a time.


PC BROKE ASKS FOR MASTER DISK,DONT HAVE ONE WHERE CAN I PICK ONE UP? Please don't "shout" print lower case.A little more detail pleaseMake model of PC, operating system XP / win98?What is the exact error massage on the screen?How far does it get into the boot sequence befor giving the message?

im a slave of my own hard disk!

i have an old hdd that ws infected with a virus from the internet.  I have plans to save some audiofiles.  is there some way i could slave the drive without infecting the master?? btw, the old hdd i was talking about would stop at verifying dmi pool data and im still looking for a way to start it up. YOu can run diagnostics from the drive manufacturer's web site.

but i need all the help i can get You may have mechanical problems in addition to a virus. Hook it in as a slave, scan the drive with a good antivirus or Norton, whichever you have, and copy the files over.

slave disk drive

please help me mmm - Let's go slowly here...So can you explain a little more clearly please?You had two drives; the first physical drive was Master and had only a Primary partition with XP installed; and a second physical drive which was a slave?Which drive did you reformat?Did you leave both drives installed as they were before you had problems; and again which drive was formatted?Also have you re-installed the operating system again as well as reformatting?And where was XP installed originally; was it on the Master (first physical) drive?Are you also saying you now have to versions/copies of XP installed; one each drive? now i have two windows in my computer. i have a slave disk drive before but when i reformatted my system my primary drive wouldn't work so i made my slave drive my primary drive.

i want to make my drive d my slave disk but i don't know what to do.

hard disk - slave

My computer recognises this drive. as drive E:

I recently spent some time cleaning malware, and rdoing some housecleaning such as registry clean and defrag. Do malware cleaning and other programs automatically scan each drive or should I run 2 scans (C:\ and E

While malware most often targets system folders and files typically residing on your C: (system) drive, you may want to drill down into your anti-spyware program's setting to see if it is/can be set to scan other partitions/drives as well, just as you would want anti-virus progs to do.

I recently succesfully installed a new hard drive as a slave.

Windows 7 master disk?

Try it once. Asuming you have a windows 7 CD. Put your cd in with they're product key, You'll see that it will work.

Ok I have a small video game/computer store in my small town and I sometimes run into people bringing me laptops with hard drives that are completely shot and need replaced and of course they didn't create the recovery discs.

My question, is there a master dvd of Windows 7 that that can be downloaded or purchased that will allow me to reinstall Windows 7 on these machines using the product keys on the bottom of these laptops? About any windows CD works with the right product key.

3rd Master IDE Hard Disk

How will I fix it?
When I open my pc, this shows up
Last line is
3rd master ide hard disk
And then the pc will shut down after that. I'm wondering if more than one HD's first partition has been flagged as primary and active; what does diskmanager show?  And, my security software won't let me see the jpg - hence my question about primary and active flags.

Fixing Win 7 with the master disk

But with Win 7 it seems a bit more involved. I seem to remember that all it took with the old Windows 98 was to simply pop the disk in the drive and it more or less was straight forward from there.

As someone who bought a master disk of Win 7 Home Premium with his new computer, I'd like to know how I use the master disk to fix any damage done to the system. Chips some system specs would be nice mate and what damage are you referring to that cannot be perhaps diagnosed with just a sfc?

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker or chkdsk
Disk Check

Will not boot from master disk

Ive turned it on today and its booted up windows but it looks like its not completed the installation of windows. it looks like the drivers are not installed how do i get my master disk to complete the installation.

I managed to format the hard drive from the disk but then it just stopped and i had a black screen with this on.

Please help!!

change of plan!! could not get it to boot up to windows xp at all , i tried some stuff that i found on the internet. My master disk will not read also my usb port is not working. c:/>.

I recently had a trojan worm virus on my laptop, i tried running avast whisch got rid of some of it but still had error messages and couldnt log on to the internet, so i decided to format my hard drive and reboot from the master disk. like f8 and f12 and tried to rebbot in safe mode but it still wont boot. tried to put the master disk back in and boot from that but that wont work, i have just got a black screen with the cursor on now.

Pri Master hard Disk: S.M.A.R.T.

Question is this, I do not hear the machine post on startup and after checking the ram it quickly goes to the screen where it informs me the HD is bad and needs to be backed up and replaced, it appears locked up as pressing any key to continue does nothing. I am unable to get the pc to go into the bios so that I can turn off the SMART manager.

Googled for some info on an error I recv'd while working on a freind's pc.

Is the problem more than likely just the HD or possibly the mobo or other devices?

Master Disk Failure.

It is about 2 years old. The drive is currently in another machine slaved to the master. I checked CMOS first thing after the crash, the drive was still displayed in the BIOS, but doing an autodetect failed to find it. ps the drive is a 20gig hdd, don't know the make off hand.

The drive has not been making noises other than its usual grinding and thrashing. comp specs are a p3 500mhz running 256mb ram. I'll check the battery once the hdd returns to my machine, but until then the computer is in pieces under my desk. The good news is that the drive was recognised in this machine, and we have been able to start diagnostics in dos.

Apparently a colleague had to tried to run the Find program from the start button at which point the computer crashed. Edit: Right then I just searched the forum for Disk Failure, and have browsed through the other posts of poor souls who have been faced by a similar predicament. The bad news is that a bad cluster has been found, though I find it doubtful that this could have been the sole cause.

I tried using a 98 boot disk to access the drive and was told that the drive had no valid partition or file allocation table. So some more information that may be relevant. My question is how bad is this, and how do I fix it?

I went out to lunch, came back, and found my computer had crashed and was displaying the error message

"Primary Master Disk Failure, Insert CD-ROM to Boot and Press Enter"

This was a slight...

master jumper ide disk

now in bios,ide configuration ,onboard ide controller is enabled,serial ata devices are mark as "device0/1" .(i have sata dvd/rw and sata disk) that ok.... What is the make a and model of the drive? some older IDE drives had a Jumper for Master Single and no Jumper for Master w/Slave, or vice versa.

problem is when starting pc ,after changing jumper from cable select to master,althought its only ide device ,my pc takes time about 30 sec to list all devices....what to do to solve it and still leave ide as master..thx! Why did you change it from Cable Select?

i got sata disk with windows 7 on it,and ide disk...i changed jumper on ide to master..??


the computer does not recognize the disk. I connected it to the original computer (XP)AthlonD first without the jumper and then  with the jumper in cable select and slave as well. I have a new SATA computer and tried again with another gadget connected vis USB and still no result. The cd rom drives are on a separate ribbon.

Some (like Western Digitals ) need to be jumpered master w/slave present or it won't work...Does the 200G show up in the BIOS ? ? I bought a special gadget that plugs in USB with  the same result. I have a 200 gig hard disk(slave) that I filled with data and kept  in a sealed packet. Have I lost the lot or is there an alternative I haven't tried?

The ribbon is 80 s wires. What is the master drive jumpered to ? ?

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