How To Fix MOHAA ATI Radeon 9600 graphics promlems

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MOHAA ATI Radeon 9600 graphics promlems is the name of the error that contains information about the error, including the reason why it occurred, which system component or application was malfunctioning that caused the error, and other information. The numerical code in the name of the error contains data that can be decoded by the manufacturer of the faulty component or application. An error using this code can occur in many different places in the system. Although the name contains some details, it is still difficult for the user to find and eliminate the cause of the error without specialized technical knowledge or the appropriate software.

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A user in the forum details it further:

Sound Tab 1: No problems found. The 1st problem was it would't load up at all "Error loading OIpen GL subsystem" I dissabled the dual monitor setup and now it loads but all the graphics are messed up in the game. Network Tab: No problems found.

It initially worked fine when i installed the card i've now set yp the card and upgraded a couple od other bits on the PC and set up a dual monitor function and now it's stoped working. WMT-LX Total Memory : 768MB RDRAM Chipset 1 Model : ASUSTeK Computer Inc 82850 Host-Hub Interface Bridge Device (A2-step) Front Side Bus Speed : 4x 100MHz (400MHz data rate) Total Memory : 1024MB RDRAM Memory Bus Speed : 2x 400MHz (800MHz data rate) Video System Monitor/Panel : A201P1 Monitor/Panel : Default Monitor Adapter : RADEON 9600 SERIES Adapter : RADEON 9600 SERIES - Secondary Physical Storage Devices Hard Disk : GENERIC IDE DISK TYPE47 Hard Disk : GENERIC IDE DISK TYPE47 Hard Disk : GENERIC NEC FLOPPY DISK CD-ROM/DVD : HP DVD Writer 200j CD-ROM/DVD : LITE-ON LTR-12101B Logical Storage Devices 1.44MB 3.5" (A : N/A Hp_pavilion (C : 37.3GB (12.3GB, 33% Free) (FAT32) Hard drive (D : 55.9GB (12.9GB, 23% Free) (FAT32) CD-ROM/DVD (M : N/A CD-ROM/DVD (N : N/A Peripherals Serial/Parallel Port(s) : 6 COM / 1 LPT USB Controller/Hub : Intel(r) 82801BA/BAM USB Universal Host Controller 1 USB Controller/Hub : ALi PCI to USB Enhanced Host Controller USB Controller/Hub : USB 2.0 Root Hub USB Controller/Hub : USB Root Hub USB Controller/Hub : USB Composite Device FireWire/1394 Controller/Hub : Texas Instruments OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller Bluetooth Device : Bluetooth Network Manager Bluetooth Device : Bluetooth HID Manager Keyboard : Logitech PS/2 Keyboard Keyboard : HID-compliant keyboard Mouse : Logitech HID-compliant Cordless Mouse Human Interface : Bluetooth HID Enum Device Human Interface : USB Human Interface Device Human Interface : USB Human Interface Device Human Interface : HID-compliant consumer control device Human Interface : HID-compliant system control device Human Interface : HID-compliant device Human Interface : HID-compliant device MultiMedia Device(s) Device : CMI8738/C3DX PCI Audio Device Device : Gameport Joystick Device : Microsoft Kernel System Audio Renderer Device : Microsoft Kernel Audio Mixer Device : Microsoft Kernel DRM Descrambler Filter Device : Microsoft Kernel GS Wavetable Synthesizer Device : Microsoft Kernel Audio Splitter Device : Microsoft Kernel DLS Synthesizer Communication Device(s) Device : Bluetooth DUN Modem Device : Bluetooth LAP Modem(Client) Device : Bluetooth LAP Modem(Server) Device : Bluetooth Fax Modem Printers and Faxes Model : DELL3100cn-PS Power Management AC Line Status : On-Line Operating System(s) Windows System : Microsoft Windows Me (Win32 x86) 4.90.3000 ( ) DOS System : Microsoft MS-DOS Version 8.00 A Network Services Adapter : Bluetooth PAN Network Adapter Adapter : Microsoft TV/Video Connection Adapter : NDIS 1394 Net Adapter Adapter : Belkin 54Mbps Wireless USB Network Adapter And the DXDiag report is as follows: ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report: 12/30/2006, 15:00:02 Machine name: James Operating System: Windows Me (4.90, Build 3000) Language: English (Regional Setting: English) System Manufacturer: 00101440 7970 System Model: 15305803031326 BIOS: Award Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 1700MHz Memory: 768MB RAM Page File: 246MB used, 1033MB available Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904) DX Setup Parameters: Not found DxDiag Version: 4.09.0000.0904 32bit ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ DirectX Files Tab: No problems found. Tried a couple of other games and no promlems my spec is shown below: Processor Model : Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 1700MHz Speed : 1.70GHz Performance Rating : PR1865 (estimated) Type : Standard L2 On-board Cache : 256kB ECC Synchronous ATC (8-way sectored, 64 byte line size) Mainboard Bus(es) : AGP PCI USB FireWire/1394 i2c/SMBus MP Support : No MP APIC : No System BIOS : Award Software, Inc. 2.06 System : 00101440 7970 15305803031326 Mainboard : ASUSTeK Computer INC. Non-WHQL certified drivers running on Windows can be a bear sometimes and cause graphical "glitches" or the BSOD.  

Input Tab: No problems found. I am having problems running MOHAA with my new Radeon 9600 series graphics card. Display Tab 1: The file ATI2DRAG.DRV is not digitally signed, which means that it has not been tested by Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL). Music Tab: No problems found.

You can still play but the surface textures are all black with flickering yellow and pink grids on them. Any ideas ???   Try to find a version of drivers for the card that are WHQL certified. You may be able to get a WHQL logo'd driver from the hardware manufacturer.

What causes MOHAA ATI Radeon 9600 graphics promlems

If you received this error on your PC, it means that there is a malfunction in your system. Common causes are incorrect or unsuccessful installation or removal of software that could leave invalid entries in the Windows registry, the effects of a virus or malware attack, an incorrect system shutdown due to a power failure, or another factor in which a person with little technical knowledge accidentally deletes the required A system file or registry entry, as well as several other reasons. The immediate cause of "MOHAA ATI Radeon 9600 graphics promlems" is a failure when one of its normal operations is properly started by a system or application component.


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ATI Radeon 9600 graphics card

HiIs this card any good?Er, that's it!ThanksTAS

the 9600 cards come in various flavors so it depends on what you want it for.for gaming go for the pro or xt badged versions as they are the fastest.stay away from se or plain 9600 cards if you want to play games.the 9600pro is a good mid price card

need help with Radeon 9600 256mb graphics card

I tried to uninstally the old graphics card and i took the watch sized battery out of the motherboard for 10 minutes and none of those ideas worked.

i just cant think of anything else i can do

I have an amd athlon 2500 a7v8x motherboard and when i plug the new card in the fan on it works great but the monitor does not seem like it is gettnig a connection with it.

I had a geforce 64mb but i needed to upgrade due to Battlefield 2.

Any help would be great.

ATI Radeon Graphics Card 9600 256Mb

The machine is out of the box AMD Athlon 64 3200 HT 1Gb ram,200gb sata. Nothing extra loaded - it bombs out during word / outlook etc. Take it back and ask for full refund.

I have a brand new Evesham machine with an ati card which they have replaced because I kept getting the 'VPU recover' message and then a 'Vpu Recover was unable to fully recover from a hardware deadlock, and has switched to software rendering.

The new card does exactly the same. It won't run Colin Mcrae 2005, Far Cry - any ideas before I speak to Evesham again.

ArcticSilencer Ruins up Radeon 9600 Graphics Card?

Repair to these cards is a specialist job, it may be a better idea to write it off and buy a new one.
Well, got it, fitted it, with some difficulty - pressed against some of the circuitry. This doesn't sound like a software or driver issue although you could try downloading the latest driver from their website just in case.Also try re-seating the card in case it is not quite fitted correctly.Did you ensure that you were earthed before you worked on the card? Vertical lines on booting, a constant five bar line by the mouse cursor and some things just not showing with various tasks.I removed the fan and all these things are still there.It seems that fitting the card has crushed something somewhere and screwed the card completely or can this be resolved as a software issue?

I checked the manufacturer's site itself and the supplier and both stated it would fit. Static electricity will destroy components on any electronic card.
My fan on my aged Radeon 9600 went and sent off for an Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer 1.

You could inspect the card for damage, but as the legs on the chips are 0.2mm wide and the processor is probably a BGA with the connections underneath, I don't think there will be much you can do. Rebooted and now have artifacts on screen.

No boot screen or beep with ATI RADEON 9600 Pro Graphics Card

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd sure appreciate it! I know the card is good, I tried it on WinXP on roommates 2.4 Ghz.

I've just purchased an ATI RADEON 9600 Pro 256 mb graphics card, I'm running XP Pro but I can't even get into the bios.

There is no beep and nothing ever appears on the monitor. Steve

I've got an ASUS P4S333 Motherboard, w/ 512 Mb memory. I can only set the AGP VGA to 4x max, but the card will go up to 8x.

Hercules 3D Prophet 9600 XT (Radeon) Graphics displaying causing memory dumps

BUT, now i cannot view DVD Movies, re-enabling the settings allows me to view the DVD for about 5 Minutes and then it reboots or performs memory dumps. I then took a chance and disabled the AGP Fast Write, AGP Write and Read, as well as PCI Read and Write via the Control Center. I had contacted Hercules, MSI, especially ATI and even Microsoft and none have come back with any solutions or suggestions.

I have being struggling for sometime now trying to figure out why my machine performed a memory dump or rebooted when even the smallest amount of graphics was used, this ranged from Windows Media Player Visualisations to the graphics is FarCry or UTK4. My Machine:

Pentium 4 2.8GHz Processor
MSI Neo-2 PFS (Platinum) Mobo
Hercules 3D Prophet 9600 XT
512MB Ram
CD-RW drive ( Cant remember the speeds, not that it matters)
17" 16ms BenQ LCD Monitor
Windows XP Professional

The Problem:

I run the graphics on AGP 8x as per the recommended setting. I have tried different combinations but it does not seem to help. Thus my problem was resolved.

Does anyone have any sort of suggestion or solution for me?


Poor 3D Graphics Performance with Inspiron 8600 with 128mb ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 Pro Turbo-Please Post Gaming Experiences

There have been a couple of posts on this board about people with the new i8600/128 ATI mobility Radeon experiencing video problems (horizontal streaking and video corruption developing after a few minutes of play)running 3D intensive games such as Call of Duty, Star Wars Galaxies, etc.

128Mb Radeon 9800 versus 256Mb Radeon 9600

If you have a choice between a 128 Mb ATI Radeon 9800 and a 256Mb ATI Radeon 9600 would you go for the higher memory or the later chip? The better chip - 256Mb RAM on a graphics card is of marginal use.

Problem with ATI Radeon X850XT and Gigabyte motherboard, same with AIW Radeon 9600

It says that Explorer or Firefox must close and sometimes the system even crashes. What happens is that when I use either of the video cards, I cannot watch flash video on my computer such as on YouTube or others. I have no idea of what is happening and I am suspecting a compatibility error between my motherboard and video cards.

I know I have an old rig, but still it should work. I have a Gigabyte motherboard (GA-7VM400AAM(F)) with an ATI videocard X850XT AGP and 1 GB of Kingston memory (2x512Mb). I also have an ATI All-in-wonder video card.

ATI AIW RADEON 9000 PRO vs. ATI AIW RADEON 9600 Video Card

Since you had a slow system you may not be that much of a gamer, but if you're like me, when you see what a newer system can put out, your interest in gaming will increase. I also like to watch tv-shows, play around with digital pics... Or will 64 mb be enough.

Here are my specs:

Intel "D865PERLL" i865PE Chipset Motherboard for Intel Socket 478 CPU -RETAIL
Intel Pentium 4/ 2.8C GHz 800MHz FSB, 512K Cache, Hyper Threading Technology - Retail
Kingston 184 Pin 512MB DDR PC-3200 - Retail
Samsung Black 52X32X52X16 DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive, Model SM-352NENB, OEM
Western Digital Special Edition 120GB 7200RPM IDE Hard Drive, Model WD1200JB, OEM Drive Only
ANTEC Black Performance Series II SOHO File Server Tower ATX Case with 400W Power Supply, Model "SX1040BII"

If I were you, I would go with the 9600. The question is, do I need to spend the 171 on the 128 mb video card? That is why you want a halfway decent graphics card.
without a problem of slowness.

There are obvious differences between the two cards, but I'm trying to decide what I really need. My biggest concern with the video card is that I can watch high quality movies, DVD's, DVD-rips, DivX...etc. I'm not THAT much of a gamer but I've spent years with a mediocre system that always ran games slow, so I would like to play basic cool games without a problem.

Is Radeon 8500 better then Radeon 9600?

Mind you a 8500 was bought second hand.. Use the Control Panel/Add-Remove programs and uninstall ALL ATI drivers here first.. but don't run it. then reboot in safe mode and run Driver Cleaner Pro (safe mode/administrator)..

As far as Gamma goes- this would suggest something may be misconfigured with your installation of the ATI drivers on the 9600, or that system may have left-over components from previous drivers. The 8500 is a DirectX 8.0(8.1) videocard and therefore is limited in support when games query features. For this reason, even a beefier system may perform lesser than a slower system with an 8500.

After this, in normal mode again, try the latest drivers from ATI.

It gets realy dark.. How could this make sence, that a old used up 8500 works better then a newer 9600? Running a game on the 8500 may be a totally different game on a 9600, as the 9600 can enable much more detail, higher pixel/vertex shader support and a plethora of other advanced features.

When I play my games I find that I get less lag and less problems with the 8500 then my 9600.. I'd recommend obtaining Driver Cleaner Pro at Even on my desktop. Every other game that I do play my gamma keeps reseting on me..

Sence I started to play Wow my 9600 is acting up with the Gamma. It's because many of the newer DirectX 9.0 features also take a toll on the CPU/memory and mainboard performance. This is pre...

Radeon 9800 SE or Radeon 9600 Pro

unless you can flash the 9800se into a 9800 non-Pro or Pro.

Which would be better for gaming, the 9800 SE or 9600 Pro?

9600 Pro is better for gaming...

mohaa (graphics) run slow

I have installed medal of honor allied asalt on to my pc and when I go through the training part all is ok but when I start the missoins the graphics run slow I have tryed using all the low settings in video option but still the same.I have a geforce 2 64mb card which is supported by the game I have the latest drivers version 411.09_win 9x for windows ME,The prossessor requiment is a450mhz on the box and I have a 600mhz prosessor in my pc any ideas please.

Slight graphics problem with MOHAA

Ok here is the deal. Anyone know what this is and how I could fix it?

It's kind of like the screen is refreshing or redrawing and it is quite noticeable. I don't really know what it is.

My computer specs are

Intel P4 2.0 Ghz
512 MB DDR Ram
GeForce 4 Ti 4200

When I play MOHAA, i get these like scan lines or something whenever I move my view quickly. The previous was a Geforce 4 MX 420 and it did the same thing. It's not a huge deal but it does bother my game playing experience.

I have the latest drivers and this is the 2nd video card I've had in this computer.

radeon 9600 pro 256 mb

if anyone has this card and uses it for gaming i would be grateful on your views of it .

Ati Radeon 9600 pro

Help , Help

I currently am using the extended desk top , dual monitor. If anyone has this type of video card it would be appreciated. Want both monitors to display the same thing!!.

I am having a problem enabling clone mode?.

Help With Ati Radeon 9600 Se

and the one im switchin to is agp? it would download like half way and just stop. i tried downloadin the drivers from their website but it doesn't seem to be working or somthin. but the original card is agp?

i installed the drivers from the cd, uninstalled the drivers and stuff from the old one(nvidia mx420) that came with our pc. i was thinkin when i got home from teh store that i could hurry and install it and finally see what the games are really made of and now i just got a headache. when i put in new card, and turn the computer on, its like there's nothin plugged into the monitor, it just stays off, but the computer boots up, wtf?? and please hurry, i really wanna test out my new 128mb card, lol

anybody got any solutions?

i know theres suppose to be problems switchin from nvidia to ati, but i thought i did everything i was suppose to do and still nothin. i did everthing the manual told me to do? i tried switchin it over to agp and it works with old card just like it did before but the new card still wont work?

thnx in advance. and for some reason, when i go into bios, the video memory thingy is set to pci? it really startin to tick me off that i cant use my new video card. if anybody has any suggestions please let me know, i realy want to play my games again today.

I just barely got it like 2 hours ago and i been sittin here tryin to install tha darn thing and i just cannot g...

Best Radeon 9600

what is the absolute best 9600 you can get??? my bujet alows me to get any brand or type 9600 from pro to xp. I thought the Powercolor 9600xt Bravo look to be the best am I right???

Weak almost 24 hours wid no responce

ok I've decided to get a 9600.

Help with New Radeon 9600 Pro

It's just a blank screen and windows doesn't seem to boot. Burned up or just stopped producing video?

Hey guys, I'm having some trouble with my new video card. Any help would be appreciated.

I uninstalled the old drivers, took the old card out, and put it the new one. I bought it to replace an ATI 9600 Pro that crapped out. My specs:
Windows XP SP2
Compaq 6027US
P4 2.0GHz
1.5 GB of RAM
PSU: 220w (Its very weak but I used to use older 9600Pro)

How did the old 9600 crap out?

I bought an AGP Sapphire 9600 Pro (256). It powers up but I get no signal whatsoever. The motherboard may be damaged now

Radeon 9600 help

I have tried just about everything I know and I still cant come up with anything which works. The card is not overheating, I have the latest drivers, and every driver back to like 4.16(?). My card will minimize what im playing, and give me a dialog box telling me that it has reset itself, asking me to send an error report, I can then resume playing with no problems.

Im using windows xp, with a decently fast asus/amd combo (nforce2 w/ 3200+). I haven't used a radeon in awhile but the first thing I always did was disable that crap. Let me know if you have any ideas. If that doesn't work try running it in AGP 4X or running it with AGP fast writes off.

I have tried them all and I still get the problem about once a day or so. I have a Radeon 9600pro and it has been giving me some trouble.

Hey folks, could use a bit of help here. It only happens with one game (WoW) and it doesnt happen very often, but when it does it takes me a good minute to let it crash out then get back into the game.

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