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Need opinions on this motherboard is the name of the error that contains information about the error, including the reason why it occurred, which system component or application was malfunctioning that caused the error, and other information. The numerical code in the name of the error contains data that can be decoded by the manufacturer of the faulty component or application. An error using this code can occur in many different places in the system. Although the name contains some details, it is still difficult for the user to find and eliminate the cause of the error without specialized technical knowledge or the appropriate software.

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A user in the forum details it further:

but for the extra 30 bucks, get the Gigabyte.   ok first of all i will be building a new core i7 build very soon and i was wondering what you guys thought of this mb. ASRock X58 Extreme LGA 1366 it seems to be a very nice board and has some great reviews and toms hardware liked it.

so what do you guys think grab this or go with gigabyte or asus?   just my opinion...

What causes Need opinions on this motherboard

If you received this error on your PC, it means that there is a malfunction in your system. Common causes are incorrect or unsuccessful installation or removal of software that could leave invalid entries in the Windows registry, the effects of a virus or malware attack, an incorrect system shutdown due to a power failure, or another factor in which a person with little technical knowledge accidentally deletes the required A system file or registry entry, as well as several other reasons. The immediate cause of "Need opinions on this motherboard" is a failure when one of its normal operations is properly started by a system or application component.


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Looking for opinions on a motherboard

Yes I know that higher priced products perform better but I think I've found a MB that might be a good balance between the two. I don't want to spend a huge amount on a motherboard but I want it to atleast perform good.

All right so i've bought all the parts for my new computer expect for two.

Your opinions on this motherboard

I would appreciate any opinions on this board and any other recommendations fro another brand name would be welcome. Is there anything special you need for that computer, such as eSATA, etc?

It's a good board. - ASUS P8Z77-V PRO LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard

I am thinking about buying this Asus board, the P8Z77V Pro for my newer PC, which currently has an Asus P8p67 Deluxe installed in it right now, which I would then move to my older PC.

Opinions on this MSI motherboard

However, i hope you have an AGP graphics card as this board does not have onboard graphics that i can see

Motherboard Problem Opinions

the power supply should be fine. I noticed the error code 88 on the motherboard. I don't think it could be CPU or GPU (which could also be possible) too right?

I would like any opinion on what you think it could be.. So I thought it would be my Power Supply that was the problem so I decided to just unplug it from the surge protector and go to sleep.

--- TODAY ---

In the morning I decided to test again and plug it into the surge protector and try turning on the power. This time, everything was running even the video card (since the fan is running now) BUT there is no Post or anything. I tried turning it back on and when I pushed the power button, it looks like everything is starting but then it shutdown instantly in 3 seconds.

Motherboard is DFI Lanparty (not sure the model).

Last night everything was fine until it just shutdown unexpectedly. I would assume the mobo would attempt to POST but then give a different error code for CPU or GPU.

All may not be lost (i hope )
Code 88 does refer to CMOS and the first step should be to reset the CMOS by removing the battery from the motherboard for about 30 seconds and then replace it,also you say this is a 6 year old board so it could require a new battery but i would first try resetting the CMOS. but to me, if the hard-drive, cpu, video card and all the fans is running.. These jumpers are usually located near the BIOS chip itself or ne...

Motherboard opinions for Athlon XP

Reccomended MoBo

Hey any1 know of a good motherboard/processor combo? i need a fairly cheap mobo but with a AMD 1800+ processor

Support out sponsors like,

also: 3Ds Price Guide

Soyo Motherboard, Opinions

Anyone have any yeys or neys about this moboard. It was recomennded to me by a few people

Purchased a SOYO DRAGON 2 v1.0 i875P moboard p4 prescott ready for my p4 3.2 800 fsb a meg cache prescott chip.

New build -- motherboard opinions please

Planning a new build and have my MB selection down to two choices right now. You could build a Sandy Bridge system for the same money or less.

I am not a gamer but do like a system for video editing and one that will have enough power to serve as a hand-me-down for the kids in three or four years. Anyone have an opinion on these motherboards:

ASUS Sabertooth X58

Is there any particular reason you want to go with X58?

Looking for any opinions on a motherboard and CPU upgrade

I came to these forums in the hope of your guys help! My current issue is that when trying to play certain games i have to suffer through lag. The games in question are GTA IV, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and The Witcher. Now I know my cpu isn't the best but I was wondering if that is the only problem.

What is your budget looking like?

Opinions on ECS K7S5A SiS 735 Motherboard please

any opinions on Asus P4C800 motherboard

I know little about computers, but am finally about to purchase one. cannot find any reviews. Any advice .. I researched things extensively about 5 months (got lots of help from here too) but things have changed so much.

Will be buying P4 2.4 up to 2.6 g processor with a Gforce4 Ti4200 video card, 512 mb ddr. Noticed the Asus P4C800 advertised and thought I should make an enquiry... I definitely want to get a good motherboard.

would be appreciated.ThanksCheersPaula

It's a very new motherboard that supports 800Mhz FSB. (200Mhz "Quad-pumped")The previous boards you probably were looking at had an FSB of 400/533Mhz...Here's the board click here It has all the new technology as i can see for example "Dual DDR".It will support a 2.4/6 Processor.
motherboard recommendations ...

Thinking my motherboard is kaput, need second opinions.

Nothing has worked so far. Everything powers up on the motherboard. All my lights light up, my LEDs are going, my CPU fan runs, my two vid card fans run, temp sensors work fine and everything. If I can't figure something out in the next little bit, i'm just gonna RMA the mobo to Newegg.

Any second opinions any of you could offer me would be much appreciated.

Alright, so I recently built my first computer (back in february) and it's been doing great, massive upgrade from my old one. Anyway, i'm getting no video on the monitor. So as far as I can tell, everything's working fine power wise.

I've not been able to test the cards in another computer because there's nothing around here that uses PCIe that I could test with but i'm pretty sure it's not the cards. I hate for my first post to be a problem to solve but i'm kinda in a pickle here. I brought the unit into my Cisco class where i'd have plenty of things to work with.

I've tried multiple monitors, re-arranging my two cards, turning SLI off and just running one card, resetting the BIOS, and unhooking everything.

Want opinions on motherboard and dual core CPU, please

I don't play with Intel though. Oh, forgot .... Less stress is good. I've decided on an Intel Core i3-4130 Haswell processor.

NO gaming and NO overclocking. Long way to say, even though you're not in the market for a card yet, don't skimp on the power supply.


I'd like some opinions on my choices here. You could add a low wattage PCIe card for video support with a 500W PSU.

The power supply, though slightly oversized should actually run a bit cooler and last a little longer. I'd like to use only onboard graphics, at least to start off with. GIGABYTE GA-H87M-D3H
ASRock H87M
They both look good but I think the Gigabyte is better and they are very close in price, especially with free shipping
available for the Gigabyte.

I'll probably install Windows 7 but haven't decided on 32-bit or 64-bit.

Sounds like an average workstation.

I'm trying to pick out a CPU and motherboard for my first build. It's not the absolute best dual-core but it's pretty good and I don't need a quad-core for the stuff that I do. That would give you a nice round build, with RAM in all the right places.

Looking at Micro ATX boards with the H87 chipset, it's come down to two choices.

Opinions on Soltek SL-K8TPRO-939 Motherboard

I am looking for opinions on the Soltek motherboard. I currently have a MSO Neo2 Platinum and have had nothing but problems with it. I was thinking of replacing it with either the Soltek SL-K8PRO-939 or the ASUS A8V Deluxe. I have experience with ASUS A8V as I have used it in aother build.

motherboard stabilizer opinions sought

anyone care to voice their opinion as to the worth of this product at this website?

Opinions Wanted About Gigabyte's New Motherboard Software

I just mention it to establish chronology

We're welcoming strong opinions here, let 'em rip, tell us how you really feel. I have the EP45-UD3R (Intel chipset) board so the included versions should be close to the latest.

I was just wondering if anybody has used the newest versions of Gigabyte's new suite of motherboard software, such as "East Tune, Dynamic Energy Saver, @BIOS". The disc even has Adobe Reader 8.01.

No, that won't be installed, thank you very much. We can take it.

T61 Motherboard Compatibility help to install integrated motherboard instead of NVDIA motherboard

They hung up on me. Good luck. 

And i turned to buy a Dell XPS 8300, a desktop.

I guess if the latter is the intel integrated graphics motherboard, ideally would have any issue in driving this WSXGA+ resolution display.  Please advice. Called the customer care. I found an ebay seller and he has the FRU 42w7875. Well fine.  I have the 15.4' T61 with WSXGA+ NVIDA GPU and the FRU is 42W7652.

is the surface pro 4 motherboard is my motherboard an x58 based motherboard with onboard USB 3.0?

is the surface pro 4 motherboard is my motherboard an x58 based motherboard with onboard USB 3.0?

Mass Storage Controller Driver for Asus motherboard P4R800-VM motherboard for XP Re-installation

Please help to get correct mass storage device driver on a floppy disk as I can only insert the driver in the installation process at RAID drivers? insertion point. I was trying to reinstall the system first onto the old drive to correct the errors. obviously this particular file is not available on the xp sp2 CD I have.

But still I cannot reinstall on the new drive. I have found all the drivers (chip set, vga etc) from Asus site but do not know which driver is for mass storage Device there. I do not have manufacturers disk of drivers for my desk top as it came only with recovery disk and no drivers' disk. If so what the name would be?

I have gone through lots of forums and realise that mass storage device driver is not compatible with the new drive or is missing. My old disk was only 200 GB capacity. In the end the system cann not copy the files on the hard drive and fails. I don't know how to obtain it and from where.

I have even tried to reinstall the system on to the old hard disk to see what happens, but it still fails at the same place.

I am trying to reinstall xp sp2 Home edition on my older desk top computer as I wanted to upgrade the capacity of hard disk to 250 GB and to eliminate various PC problems. Would be grateful for any advice in this matter.

Almost a word for word copy & paste from THIS forum post made in 2014
@muckshifter the bus inspector should be along soon

Identify motherboard's front panel connections | PC Acer 3700GX | Motherboard F90M

is it such a hard/stupid question??

It came out of Acer 3700GX PC (i think its a bit old ). I cannot identify the front panel connections and could only manage to identify the power switch pins on the motherboard.

Ok, now i'm trying to put it in a standard larger ATX casing. I've fitted it in and everything works fine except the front panel connections. I've searched over internet and couldn't find a manual of the motherboard (found manual for the PC on but it doesn't tell how to connect front panel)

so can you guys please suggest me the connections for front panel LEDs, Audio and USB.

Dell Motherboard- P/N 0WN7Y6 Dual Xeon Motherboard Front Panel Pin Layout

So unless you map them yourself or somebody else has done it...
The pin layout isn't included in the manual and I'm trying to boot two of these motherboards without the 27-pin connector.
I've been looking for the front panel pin layout on the Dell Dual Xeon Motherboard with Dell P/N: 0WN7Y6 (it is a # zero, W, N, #7, Y, #6). 
The front panel connector is 27-pin...28 spots with one pin left blank.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Dell doesn't make the front panel connector pin-outs public. I just need to know which pins need to be jumpered in order to test for boot to BIOS.

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