How To Fix PC turn off when playing online games

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PC turn off when playing online games is the name of the error that contains information about the error, including the reason why it occurred, which system component or application was malfunctioning that caused the error, and other information. The numerical code in the name of the error contains data that can be decoded by the manufacturer of the faulty component or application. An error using this code can occur in many different places in the system. Although the name contains some details, it is still difficult for the user to find and eliminate the cause of the error without specialized technical knowledge or the appropriate software.

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A user in the forum details it further:

could any1 help me plz?   What are your new PC's specs? In other words, what is its make and model?   i recently got a new pc.

played many new non online games and it works fine. but if i try playing online games my pc turns off.

What causes PC turn off when playing online games

If you received this error on your PC, it means that there is a malfunction in your system. Common causes are incorrect or unsuccessful installation or removal of software that could leave invalid entries in the Windows registry, the effects of a virus or malware attack, an incorrect system shutdown due to a power failure, or another factor in which a person with little technical knowledge accidentally deletes the required A system file or registry entry, as well as several other reasons. The immediate cause of "PC turn off when playing online games" is a failure when one of its normal operations is properly started by a system or application component.


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low fps while playing online games

Ok the prob ive got is that im getn low fps (frames per sec) wen im playin an online game of counterstrike. Sum help would be appreciated!!!

check the halflife tweak guide, same for counterstrike, may help you out

I previously had XP running and it worked fine then switched back to win 2000 and now this problem occurs. ive got a ****** HP Pavilion 510a computer with integrated blah blah.

I dont know much else to do... Im not sure if it is a drivers problem but i have installed latest graphics drivers from intel website.

BSoD Playing Online Games.

So here are my computer specs:
(Copying from the side sticker)

Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

AMD Phenom II 840T Quad-Core Processor

6GB DDR3 -System memory

Wireless LAN 802.11b/g/n (Not sure what this is)

ATI Radeon HD 4200 -Graphics card

Can't seem to add the Dmp. "Invalid file"

Alright so whenever I play an online game, or just use the internet, I end us with a BSoD. Some days it will take hours for it to happen, others it will take minutes.

playing online games with 2 pc's behind one router

If we play the same game (both playing BF2142) or I'm playing BF and he's on CS, we ping way too high. Network Specs:
Roadrunner Broadband Cable ISP (one IP)
Linksys WRT54GX4
Linksys 8 port gigabit switch

Try forwarding the game ports for the games you are trying to play. We want to play online FPS games together from my house, but we are pinging to high. When only one computer is connected to an online game and the other isn't, the ping is fine.

CS uses 27015, forward that and see if it helps at all, or you can run a DMZ which I don't think is a good idea. Also if your using a software firewall, make sure you turn it off, and make sure your router firmware is up to date. this site will help you if you don't know how to forward ports.

Is there a way for us to configure the router so that we don't have a lag issue? edit: if you have another router/switch you could give a try, hook that up.

Trouble Playing Games Online!

All the games I have listed are not blocked and are on the program's allow list. My connection comes through as a Local Area Connection and I am using Windows Live OneCare as my only internet security program. Worms World Party: can login to Wormnet but cannot join games and no-one can join any I create.

I have contacted MCW, the company that provides my internet access, but they have told me that no-one else has reported any problems with online games and I have heard from my room mates that they don't have this problem, so I am guessing it is something to do with my PC's settings, but I am at a loss as to what to do. Call of Juarez: can login to online system and can join games created by other players but other users cannot join games that I create (they don't even show up in the list)
Civilisation IV (and expansions): can login to online system but I cannot join games nor can anyone join any I create. I'm at university in non-uni controlled student accomodation and my PC is connected to the net via an Ethernet cable. My OS is Windows XP Service Pack 3.

I am unable to play any games at all over the internet. Here's a breakdown:

Age of Empires III (and expansions): cannot even login to Ensemble Online
Dawn of War (and expansions): can login to dawn of war online but I cannot join games and my friends cannot join any I create. Other applications that I use, such as Gamespy and Messenger, work perfectly fine but non eof my game...

error while playing online games

while trying to play games (cascade) at playsite--I get a warning that some items on this page might not be displayed properly--I click details and it has error on line 32--etc--it also says because of my privacy settings yet I have done everything I know to enable this---some of the ads on the side of the page are grey and not animated--also while playing euchre in pogo all the people icons at the tables are a dark grey and the cards are grey-- I am running windows xp--anyone have any suggestions?

Ping only playing online games.

I'm guessing its packet lose, As my ping is fine when i first get into any online game then goes upto 100+ and I check my internet speeds and they are fine only when playing online games. (I feel like my internet cant hand it for some reason) I have 14 Ping 100 Download 6 upload.

Playing Total War Games online

Both games use GameSpy. I can connect to the mulitplayer lounge, but, without fail, I am disconnected within about 5 minutes. I have no trouble with other online games.

I have attempted this, but it would appear that I haven't done it correctly, as the problem continues. I then contacted Sega, and came to the sketchy conclusion (they weren't terribly helpful) that I needed to open a port on my router. When connected directly to my internet connection (i.e. not through router) the problem goes away, but this is not a practical solution.

My system and router:
Linksys WRT54GS Router, WUSB54GS Network Adaptor
Windows XP Home SP3

I have contacted GameSpy support, and they will not help - claim it is a Sega problem.

Kernel 41 when playing online games

Would love some help from the Community here for a very hopeless person

Sincere regards, Enuqt


Not sure if i have done everything right with the forum post here but iam very desperate.What i have done so far was New Os changed Psu and some how it killed my SSD so i had to reinstall my OS its not an overheating problem iam running hwinfo no overheating that i could see.

Hey I tryed fixing it myself for 2-3 month now but i give up now. I get Random Kernal 41 shutdowns when playing games i have a Laptop.

Problem with playing online games

I got this error message whenever I try to play an online game. Try changin video adapters. If this is the first time you've seen this stop error screen, restart your computer. Disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing.

It's a blue screen that appears and I really need help on what to do with this problem. Endless

If you need to use safe mode to remove or disable components, restart your computer, press F8 to Select advanced startup options, and then select safe mode.

If a driver is identified in the stoip message, disable the driver or check with the manufacturer for driver updates. A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage you your computer. Tecchnical information:

*** STOP: 0X0000008E (0XC0000005, 0X00000000, 0XB8A05B88, 0X00000000)

Beginning dump of physical memory
Physical mory dump complete. Check with your hardware vendor for any BIOS updates.

All other things work except the online games I try to play. Contact your system administrator or technical support group for further assistance.Click to expand... If this screen appears again, follow these steps:

Check to be sure you have adequate disk space.

Issues playing games online

If there is any other information needed just reply. I have tried clearing my computer and re-installing windows to no avail. about two months ago I tried to play one of my games online and all of the sudden my computer got a blue screen and restarted. I was wondering if anyone could help.

I completely stopped playing all of my games as all of them were online based and would cause my computer to crash. Once restarting it would say something about a 104 error. I was shocked and didn't know what to do so I tried to play it again and the same thing happened.

Issue Playing Online Games

Sorry, not sure if this is the right topic to post under, but anyways here I go. I think it may have to do with my computer being wirelessly connected to the one downstairs, as in the network I connect to is on the router on my downstairs computer. Whenever I play a PC game online the game will freeze up for approximately 2 seconds. Thank you

It does this for every game I own. This always happens about every 2 minutes or so and makes it extremely frustrating to play online. It is not normal lag. If you need any additional info about my computer let me know.

Sorry if that is not the correct terminology, I know very little about computers, especially networking stuff.

pc shut down when playing ONLINE games

also got a 500W startronic PSU and its new so i dont think its the problem either. also what games are affected? With my last build I thought 700W would be ok, but had second thoughts and went while a tad overkill with 1000W to rule out power issues and allow for upgradability.

well i just got a new pc.

heat is not a problem since GPU stays at around 70C (got to 86C with a grafic card test) and CPU stays at 38C. While 500W is a good size PSU, I would check with this PSU calculator and enter as much as your hardware as possible and see what they advise

These days power and a high Wattage good quality PSU is crucial, if your just hitting around 500W with all the HW, dependent on the stability of the current on all the rails, it may not be enough. Just check this and enter your BIOS and check for the PC temperature setup and warnings, maybe dependent on Motherboard under PCHealth and while your temps from within Windows maybe ok, I just wonder is a BIOS setting for temp is set too low (sometimes the BIOS just defaulty is not set right), so up the temps thresholds and save and exit BIOS and try game again.

If the PC is shutting down then in the Event logs are there any clues as to what may have crashed, application or system lists are the general ones for these types of problems and at the time playing a game and shutdown, look in the logs at time of the crash for a error. could any ...

Playing Behind In Online Games - Urgent, Help Please

However, I can shoot a moving person directly head on and miss. Can watch/stream movies online with several devices connected to the modem/router all at once with no visible lag. And yet in games everyone lags to me while I do not lag to them. And then they will tell me that I never fired on their screen.

When I play video games, whether it be on Playstation Network, a Computer, a Laptop, or anything connecting to my internet modem/router....... They will kill me while taking no effect to my shot. I can nail people dead on in a video game, and even if lag exists through latency, that hit would eventually register. The biggest question I do not understand is that this lag is not natural.

NO one online seems to be able to help me. But I've yet to test a wireless connection to the modem/router and Ethernet is all I can use.

Really hoping someone here can help me solve this problem. If there is a latency issue between me and the internet, why does no one see this from me on their screen? I would dodge a person attacking me and still get hit.

I don't know where to start. Everyone observing, including the attacker, will say they saw me get hit and that I did not even move, let alone dodge. Even when a person stands still, if I fire at them and then they turn and fire at me. However, every single person lags to me by a small fraction of a second. (How?!)

Example #2:
In a Third Person Shooter, while in a melee only match, I can dodge an...

mouse lag when playing online games

im a admin for a counterstrike comunity called Ooorgle and my mouse started laggin out when google updated my comp like 3 weeks ago. I though my old mouse was bad so i went and bout a 1600 dpi mouse to replace the old 400 dpi mouse i had i got a gamers mouse. i was woundering if the update that google installed could in sumway be what caused my laser mouse to lag.

but it only lags when im in steam games like natural selection and counterstrike if u could please help me figure out what is going on with it ill be greatly appreachated.......

Could this problem be a result of my vidcard going bad its about 2 or 3 years old now and ive even replaced my mouse pad 2 times now. And yet again it fixed it for like 5 days but now its laggin again when i play it wont allow me to fire and turn at the same time.

PC switches off when playing games online

Has anyone else had this problem. ive had problems playing poker online. (well not sure if its the poker website actually doing it or not yet)
This invariably leads to not being able to start Windows at all. When I am playing games online, my PC will suddenly switch off, restart itself, but then go onto the screen which asks which mode I want to start Windows in..

out of interest what website are you using?

Getting disconnected when playing online games.

the connection to net is still there..) For example, i login to maple, play for like 10 - 15mins it will disconnect and return me to the login page.. so i am suspecting i might have some hardware parts that might turn faulty, but i nt sure if this is true, so if anyone have any idea, pls give me a helping hand... I reformatted my computer so there sld not be anything wrong..

Ps: i can surf net, download stuff as per usual.. Whenever i play online game like maple or dota, i have this problem of it disconnecting half way.. (this disconnecting is nt disconnected from internet, juz the game itself.. I called my ISP to check if is their problem and found out to be it is nt.. Did a memory test run, there is no error too..

Edit: Please use proper threads titles from now on. other games will like just show me a msg saying tat i am disconnected..

Alright this is wat happen to me.. i tried to removed my rounter and using direct connection, it does not work either..

BSOD while playing Online games

Then test the rest of the RAM one at a time (no need to swap the sockets; still 5 passes per test). Instead, check your temps in speedfan. Regards,
So, you are looking at a graphics problem.

Then update the following drivers:


ASMMAP64 ASMMAP64.sys Mon Feb 05 08:52:56 2007 - I am guessing this is part of some ASUS software?

I have problems when playing online games it crashes. As you have a laptop I can't just recommend that you swap the graphics card out and see what happens.

Laptop: ASUS G51JX-A1 Windows 7 Home Premium x64, Core i7 720M, Nvidia GT 360M,. It is a time consuming process but it is the only way to be sure it isn't a RAM fault. lmimirr lmimirr.sys Wed Apr 11 10:32:45 2007 - LogMeIn RemotelyAnywhere
LMIRfsDriver LMIRfsDriver.sys Tue Jul 15 04:26:56 2008 - LogMeIn RemotelyAnywhere
radpms radpms.sys Wed Apr 11 13:21:23 2007 - LogMeIn RemotelyAnywhere
RaInfo RaInfo.sys Sat Jan 05 07:57:14 2008 - LogMeIn RemotelyAnywhere

sncduvc sncduvc.SYS Mon Dec 29 22:14:26 2008 - Webcam Driver

speedfan speedfan.sys Mon Sep 25 02:26:48 2006 - Speedfan

WinRing0x64 WinRing0x64.sys Sun Jul 27 01:29:37 2008 - There are a lot of programs that use this one, so we will leave it to later

LogMeIn RemotelyAnywhere:

ASUS and Webcam drivers from:

Lag spikes when playing games online

I think that's the problem.

I get lag spikes every 2-3 mins that last about a minute. I was wandering how I can turn off the thing that does the scan for the wireless connection. It's as if the computer is constantly trying to scan for a wireless connection, but I do not use a wireless connection.


Just a wild guess but is your isp VirginMedia by any chance?

If anyone could help?

ERROR` when im playing online games

this are the errors,, when im playing this game call ran online ph 3mins. or 4 it automaticaly restar. plss help me tech guys w/ this problem

and im wondering why ..

i hope guys you can help me about my problem, thats why i join in this.

Having bad DPC issues when playing games online

but what is not acceptable is frames dropping from 60-1 fps with audio stuttering.

 dpc laatency checker.png   16.08KB
this is what itlooks like when Im just watching a video

 latencymon.png   399.94KB
this is the screenshot from latencymon after a big dpc issue
my specs are 
Core i7 4702mq
8gb ram
GTX750m 4gb
1tb HDD

overwatch get random massive framdrops and audio stuttering. But when I play games Ie.
I used to have bad DPC issues when playing videos  but I solved that.

frame drops are to be expected when playing and we get into a massive fight .

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