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Please help Hard Drive problems is the name of the error that contains information about the error, including the reason why it occurred, which system component or application was malfunctioning that caused the error, and other information. The numerical code in the name of the error contains data that can be decoded by the manufacturer of the faulty component or application. An error using this code can occur in many different places in the system. Although the name contains some details, it is still difficult for the user to find and eliminate the cause of the error without specialized technical knowledge or the appropriate software.

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A user in the forum details it further:

That should do it and allow whatever access you desire for that folder even in a limited account.   If it is, deselect it and click apply and ok. It say I can convert it to basic but all data on the drive will be lost NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! First, go to Windows Explorer, go to Tools, select Folder Options, go to the View tab and be sure "Use Simple File Sharing" is not selected.

you also may need to update ownership of same when in properties /security click advanced found this: credit to Michael Solomon MS-MVP XP-Pro If you have XP Pro, temporarily change the limited account to administrative. After reinstalling xp my F drive wasn`t there after trying to assign a letter to the drive it states the hard drive is dynamic and unreadable. HELLLLLLPPPPP!!!!

If not, click add and type the user name in the appropriate box, be sure the user has all the necessary permissions checked in the permission list below the user list, click apply and ok. Please   try right click on properties of the drive letter in question go to security page add all users may take a few secs to update how are you able to view the info on drive ,with drive manager? do you see drive in bios or on boot? If you wish everything in a specific folder to be accessible to a user, right click the folder, select properties, go to the Security tab, click Advanced, go to the Owner tab, select the user you wish to have access, at the bottom of the box, you should see a check box for "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects," place a check in the box and click apply and ok.

If not, make it an admin account again, right click the folder, select Properties, go to the Security tab and be sure the user is listed in the user list. I recently reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled win xp pro but before i done that I moved all my photos music and documents I needed to my second hard drive. The user should now be able to perform necessary functions on files in the folder even as a limited account. I have tried everything I can think of is there anyway to recover it or is all lost?

What causes Please help Hard Drive problems

If you received this error on your PC, it means that there is a malfunction in your system. Common causes are incorrect or unsuccessful installation or removal of software that could leave invalid entries in the Windows registry, the effects of a virus or malware attack, an incorrect system shutdown due to a power failure, or another factor in which a person with little technical knowledge accidentally deletes the required A system file or registry entry, as well as several other reasons. The immediate cause of "Please help Hard Drive problems" is a failure when one of its normal operations is properly started by a system or application component.


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Hard Drive Bootup Problems, Help required - Windows not seeing new hard drive Options

Windows will see all the different drives as it should do, I can access them all and they all work fine. When I come to boot the clean install on drive G windows changes the drive letters - G becomes C, D remains as D but the 200gb Maxtor SATA drive isn't seen at all and might as well not exist. This might get you past the bios/firmware/os/drive letter issue and make better use of the drives.

I have 3 hard drives:

c: 200gb Maxtor SATA drive - bootable with Windows XP (existing Windows install)
d: 20gb Maxtor IDE drive - non bootable data drive
g: 160gb Maxtor IDE drive - bootable with the clean install of Windows XP for home on it

Windows is not seeing all the sizes quite right yet but I will tackle that when I have solved this major problem that follows:

If I boot from the C drive - I have no problems at all. I have checked and rechecked the BIOS but have pretty much discounted any issues here as it clearly shows all 3 drives and all 3 drives are listed on boot up. Use the 200g for data. I guess it's a simple setting somewhere, but I am pulling out what little hair I have left trying to think what it is - so any ideas would be very gratefully received.

The 20 isn't really good for storage anymore, but would be great for an os/system ute drive. Use the 20g for the os and housekeeping utes such as av, spyware, etc only, nothing else goes on that drive.
2. Use the 160g for apps installs.
3. Disk Management within Windows is no help ...

Solved: Hard Drive/ Partition Problems! My 1T Hard Drive appears as 8Gigs?!

I ran Partition Magic 8.0 which showed the drive was only 8Gigs (it should have been 1T or 1000Gigs) Partition Magic also said there was a problem with the drive and offered to fix it. You might check it out. It's free. Good luck.

All the File Recovery Programs will only scan for 8 Gigs, and thus, i can not recover my clients precious photos and videos. However, all the partition repairers claim that the drive is only 8 Gigs, and they can go no further. Well it was, but not correctly. A computer was brought into me with two hard drives.

whenever i clicked on it it said 'would you liket to format the drive?' obviously, i didnt want to do that. Does anyone know how to fix my problem? Meaning it will only allow you to recover so many files at a time. I agreed, however there was no change.

I bought it, and like it. They have a forum that is monitored quite often, from the developer too. I have a failed hard drive/ stuffed partion, and i DESPERATELY need the data from it!

The owner asked me to set up a duel boot with vista and XP on the first hard drive, and to leave the second hard drive alone (its his backup drive with all his photos, movies etc) I was working away as per usual, when i noticed the second hard drive was no longer coming up in Windows Explorer. I've run a number of programs to try and fix the drive:
Acronis Disk Director Server 10.0
Partition Table Doctor 3.5 Demo
Dtidata Par...

Hard Drive Light / Hard Drive Problems

I am wondering what I need to do to get this hard drive active and then transfer all my data from my old hard drive over to the new one. That motherboard went bad so I decided to build my own computer from scratch and everything was going fine until now. I decided that the 12Gig hard drive from my old system is a little too slow, so I bought a 40Gig, 7200 rpm Western Digital Caviar Drive. I need 6 IDE Ports for a single cable or 3 for double cables.

You can get an Promise PCI controller card that will allow you to add some extra IDE ports. One for Master and one for Slave. You need to FDISK and format a new hard drive before windows can see it.

I took the 5-1/4" hard drive out and put it into my new case.

I want to keep my old hard drive as a secondary, back-up drive but I want my system to boot up, load the operating system and load all programs from my new hard drive. I want the following and I need to know the best way to accomplish it. I don't want to purchase any SCSI right now so I am trying to stick with the IDE. I know this is a lot of questions but I am in a bind and need some help.

DVD Rom Drive
b. Regular High-Speed CD-Rom Drive
d. Each IDE cable has 2 slots. Internal 3-1/2" Iomega 100mg.

It is a 3-1/2" drive which I put into one of those internal drive bays. Have you tried turning the led HD connector to the motherboard over? I had a Compaq Presario with a 5-1/4", 12gig Hard Drive. It is has an Inte...

External Hard Drive (writing/deleting problems)/ Microphone problems

I gave her my microphone to try out with no avail. My uncle gave me an USB Hard drive converter(unsure on it's brand, after it worked i threw out the box). I had a feeling that it is a driver problem(incompatibility) as her brothers Vista machine still uses the microphone perfectly, but her other XP also refuses to use it. Problem is that I used it several times between a mac and a pc(school and home computer) and now it give me an I/o error when I try to copy stuff and says it can't find the item when I try to delete something.

It is a fujitsu, 30 GB hard drive(though it when I was using it, it showed as a 20 GB) I would prefer not to have to buy a new adapter or hard drive. I would just like to use this, to store all my music on, because the hard-drive on this computer(it's only 40GB getting a new one soon) is getting cluttered with music. I had an old hard drive from a crapped out laptop.

Now for my second problem, which isn't really my problem at all, but I digress. I tried plugging it into a mac at school, but it wouldn't show up as connected. I tried getting her to save a restore point and then rolling back her sound card drivers, but that did nothing. I just realised that I had a driver cd for it, but I have lost it and cannot find it(too many CD's to keep track of, lol), I was wondering if there was anything I could do to fix this problem.

She has tried recording messages but nothing happens as if a microphone is ...

Need some diagnostic help with hard drive(s), CD problems, CD reader problems, etc..

It began giving startup error messages about an imminent hard drive failure months ago, requesting F1 to continue. By this time it was blue screening with an unmountable boot volume, so I put another hard drive in the laptop. Doing that repair, It says it can't identify the startup problem.

Subsequent boots however. But I never get a thing to pop up on the screen. It won't boot from it - although I am offered to 'repair the computer' on startup.. It ran for about 7 hours, and it also said that it had repaired clusters.

Eventually the messages began to appear while the PC was running. always gave the same imminent HDD failure msg, press F1, etc.... Same non-result with a Spotmau Bootsuite CD. I made no changes to the BIOS (I wouldn't know what TO change), although I do see that the BIOS screen recognizes that this HDD is a Hitachi, and I actually don't remember what machine the hard drive came from.

Then I ran the HDAT2 utility. The user disabled the msgs and the laptop continued to function for months, without any apparent problem beyond the boot msg. I also performed a chkdsk /r, which found no errors (remember this is not the original HDD). I still can't get it to do anything from a disk in the optical drive, and I still can't get it to do anything through my disk reader.

The only thing I got to work on a disk was the one with the HDAT2 utility. Although it's an Everex laptop, I have no Everex CD, so I tried to boot using a 32 bit Dell Vista ...

USB Hard Drive Problems/Primary Drive Failure

I then thought "ahhh USB" maybe the XP disk didn't have the right driver so i restarted the setup and hit "F6" to install a third party USB Mass Storage Device driver but as soon as i hit return to load the drivers from the floppy i get a message back saying "the file txtsetup.oem could not be found". Ok, here goes...i have come just been given the above kit. After a bit of thought i realised that i have a spare 20Gb external USB ARCdisk so i have been trying to install XP Pro SP1 on the machine (using the USB HDD as the primary drive-no internal disc).

Any idea's much appreciated, maybe i'm flogging a dead horse but i won't give up (<stubborn scowl>)

Back to square one. It did come with its standard 10Gb IBM HDD which is unserviceable (numerous clicking etc - slaved it to my desktop and no joy at all so its hitting the bin). I can't even seem to gain access to the BIOS as the older Compaq seemed to use a partition on the HDD to store part of it (according to HP website).

The install sets of ok, going through "inspecting hardware config", starts loading the drivers and then reaches the point of selecting the partition to install to (there is activity on the drive as it inspects it (red light) and shows the exact size of the disk but then falls over after i select the partition saying "Your computers startup program cannot gain access to the disk".

CD drive/ hard drive problems on installation

once again it didnt work. it looks like my computer thinks that both my old hard drive and cd drive seem to be trying to use the same connection. Perhaps you can manuallyset the number of the cd to 2.

I installed the hard drive as a slave and turned my old hard drive from cable select to master and my cd drive is currently on cable select although i also tried it as a master.

Assuming that drive 0 is primary master , is the burner secondary master? I would try a different cable if the problem persists. I have found that this seldom is practical since the cables don't usually reach, so the two HDDs would be on the primary, and the 2 optical drives would be on the secondary. I believe the ideal scenario would be Primary channel , drive 0 (boot drive), primary slave (cd-rom), secondary channel, secondary master,CD-RW, secondary slave HDD.

When i go into the bios i get this about my IDE connections:

primary 0: hard drive
primary 1: hard drive
secondary 0: cd reading device
secondary 1: off

primary 0 & 1 and secondary 0 i set to auto in the bios and so everything seems normal in there too. if anyone could please give me a little help as to what the problem may be i would hugely appreciate it.ive been tearing my hair out for the last 2 days trying to work out whats going on.

What configuration do you have in terms of the placemnt of the drives on the respective cables? at first my cd dri...

Old Hard drive new external drive problems

I was told that I could take the hard drive out put it in an external hard drive case. You already have a thread going here:

I did so, however, it recognizes it as Mass storage device/ then it says the new hardware is installed and ready to use/ then it says there was a problem during install and the hardware my not work. I have been through MS Support /Seagate/ support/ Gateway support.

Please I have so much data on the drive it is extremely important. Any help would be incredible!!!!!!!

I took the hard drive (a barracuda 7200.7 30 gig by seagate) out of my dell Pc when I got this laptop for Christamas(wife).

More hard drive problems!!!!!!

Then take out the 8 gig,m set the 40 back up as master, and then format and reinstall the OS and then see if it works

Hope that helps, Post back if it works or if it doesnt so i or anyone else can help. XP Pro is on this 40 GB drive.

Hey all,

I think i may have another bad hard drive. Any ideas?

Have a Great DAy
ive used chkdsk and fixboot in the recovery console, nothing. i need to save my data.

When i install my 8 gig drive and take out the 40, all is fine. When I boot up using that hard drive, it takes me to the Windows XP screen, then the next thing i see is an entirely black screen with the curser that i can move around, but everything else is black.

Problems with USB Hard Drive

I shut down the PC safely and I restarted. Now Windows XP won't give the USB hard drive a letter. I'm having a problem with my USB hard drive. It was working fine up until an hour ago, then it started giving error messages.

I can't run a chkdsk on it because I can't get windows to assign a letter to the drive. Is there any way to fix this problem without sticking the drive into a tower?
(I'm using a laptop here)

Can you assign it a letter in Disk Management, located in Control Panel?

Its supposed to be a 200gb western digital. When it tries to detect it, its giving a weird letters as the kind of drive it is.

could It be hard drive problems

When the hard drive is busy get occasional hight pitch scratching noise [like fingernails running down the blackboard] is this normal I presume its the hard drive spindles.on previous hard drives that failed it has always been a heavy grumbling noise very different. It's a,most certinaly either the hard drive or one of your cooling fans - they're about the only moving parts in a PC!

Help on hard drive problems ?

The disk utility reveals there is a bad sector on the Vista partition. I'm unable to mount the Vista partition as the disk utility (under Ubuntu) shows this message :
Error mounting: mount exited with exit code 13: ntfs_attr_pread_i: ntfs_pread failed: Input/output error
Failed to read NTFS $Bitmap: Input/output error
NTFS is either inconsistent, or there is a hardware fault, or it's a
SoftRAID/FakeRAID hardware.

Hey all,

My laptop was running Vista fine until one day it refused to boot. Click to expand...

The usage of the /f parameter is very
important! I've tried running a windows XP boot CD to install XP and it says there is no partition where XP can be installed. If the device is a SoftRAID/FakeRAID then first activate
it and mount a different device under the /dev/mapper/ directory, (e.g.
/dev/mapper/nvidia_eahaabcc1). In the first case run chkdsk /f on Windows
then reboot into Windows twice.

Please see the 'dmraid' documentation
for more details. I should add, I have used the badblock command (under Linux) on the Vista partition and it has revealed 89 bad blocks. So I installed Ubuntu on the other partition after formatting it.

I'm just clueless to what to actually do to isolate them in some way because I want to recuperate the rest of the data. I had two partitions on it.

old hard drive problems

I downloaded maxblast 4 (it is a maxtor) and had it format it and set it up as a storage drive. When it gets to the blue screen it sits there for several seconds and then when it gets to the desktop it sits there. If I disable the drive it boots normally.

At first it had windows on it but it worked ok anyway. Once I did that my boot time went way up. I don't know what to do but this must be avoidable somehow. Have you updtaed your bios?

I wanted to use my old ata hard drive for extra storage, my new one is sata. Total for cold boot well over a minute and warm boot is faster but still not right.

Re: Hard drive problems?

This morning I had the disk boot failure message and keep trying to reboot and just keep getting the same messsage. It does sound like a problem with your hdd. Usually I then reboot and it works. It was working perfectly until about a month ago.

I brought it into my computer store and they tested the hard drive and couldn't find any problems. Since then I've occasionally booted up and gotten a disk boot failure insert system disk and press enter. Would anyone know what the problem might be, as my computer store doesn't seem to have a clue!

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

It began to make clicking noises which is then usually followed by the computer freezing.

I am having computer problems with my most recent computer that I bought about six months ago. Go HERE you will find a list of hdd diagnostic tools.

Since getting it back, I've had one experience where the screen went blue and I had a Kernel Stack Inpage Error Message.

Second hard drive problems

I am trying to reinstall it now, by removing it from the programs. Unless the video card was integrated into the motherboard you could have simply replaced it.

The computer starts up fine. All was going well, but last month, his computer would not start up without freezing with graphical glitches.

I turned off the computer and inserted the old harddrive in, and it started up fine. In the Windows.old folder, Steam.exe opens perfectly. He and his dad tried several things and called microsoft, and finally got it up and running. It's not in the start menu either.

None of the Windows.old programs are "installed", but they still work. So here is the story. It might not technically matter, but I just don't want to have conflicting programs, or take up space that I don't need to.

Is there a way I can "uninstall" these programs? I entered it in, and got Win 7 up and running. My cousin took the computer back to his home, and was able to use it great for about 3 days. NOW, here is the new problem.

Without thinking, I booted up the computer, and it asked me for the Win 7 key posted on the side of the computer. Luckily, I had the key to the old OS with me still, and gave it to him...but he still couldn't activate it. I am having much difficulty opening the C:\documents and settings though, as it tells me "C:\Documents and Settings is not accessible. Access is denied". <...

A few hard drive problems.

Me and my dad both bought new hard drives and we're having a few problems setting them up. Though his PC only has enough power connections for the 1 hard drive and he wants both at once (there's 2 power connections that fit, but the other goes to the CD drive) Also in the 'cage' bit there is only room for 1 hard drive. I do have with me the original installation disk that came with the PC also. Now not understanding, you bought a new hdd, what was on the old one, are you going to run two hdd's, why is your dad wanting to dual boot Vista and Windows 7, Windows 7 is a refinned Vista and is so much smoother and better all around.

It would be nice to upgrade from vista if possible. Finally, is there any way I could use my dads windows 7 key for my computer? hard drive 2: (windows 7)
Same sorta situation with the PC not finding it really.

I'm positive I have wired it up properly as there's only 2 wires which are completely different from one another. Just some questions to help us fix your problems

OEM version is tied to the original comp it came on. also I can't seem to make a installation disk, when I have the old hard drive in, it created a repair disk, not installation disk.

hard drive 1: (vista)
Plugged the hard drive in, the start up screens and the bios both recognise it, yet under 'My Computer' and when trying to install vista on it, it wasn't showing up when asked where I wanted to install vista to. Also if you need any extra details ju...

Help with Hard Drive Problems

My current OS (Vista) is not updating and I cannot repair Vista, because my retail disk is different to the OS installed on the hd. If I buy a hard drive enclosure and put my old hard drive in it (with the OS still on it, because if I uninstall it I will lose all of the data) can I still access my files on my old hard drive but now external hard drive, from my new hard drive running a clean vista? However my current hard drive is full of important data.

My plan was to buy a new hard drive to replace my old one in the system and start from scratch again.

hard drive problems with XP

I just got win xp on my comp and i have 2 hard drives. My second hard drive is not showing up

Make sure the jumper on the back of the drive is set to slave...

Hard drive problems 2

I will aprecciate if someone can help me.Thx

click hereOr install SP1?
I know it is some way to correect it.
After installing my new hard drive which is 200GB, Xp see only 130GB.

I have done it 2 years ago, but can not remmember how and what I have done. I was just following step by step instruction.

GPT hard drive problems

What the hell do I do to get this drive back to a format that xp can use? Given the problems that have been had with vista, I decided to change back to XP and found that the drive that used to show as NTFS on vista now shows as GPT on XP. I cannot assign drive letters or anything....... Start>Run>"cmd">"diskpart">"list disk">"select disk x">"clean"

Go back to disk management and you will then be able to format the hard drive and re-select NTFS partition

I have tried changing the disk through disk management and re-installed vista to format the drive but it still shows as GPT!!!

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