How To Fix Realtek HD audio drivers microphone problem:

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Driver update errors are one of the most frustrating issues to face when upgrading to Windows 10. For one, an incompatible driver can cause malfunction to your printer or render your display screen invisible. For these reasons, Microsoft is upfront in warning users about it before doing the upgrade mostly through the error code 0x800F0923.

Microsoft also released the Get Windows 10 app to help users troubleshoot when the issue arises. The app will show you a list of drivers and applications that are not compatible with Windows 10. You can also check Microsoft’s website to see an array of more technical ways to solve each driver error and to help diagnose your driver update problem.

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A user in the forum details it further:

i have bought a new computer and here are the details: Windows XP SP2 Intel pentium Dual core 2.GHz 2.00GB ram I have turned all my audio hardware connections in my back rears (My columns, my headphones and my microphone) When i plugged my microphone, it detected as Mic IN and it goes for INPUT connections: (Image 1 is attached...) Sorry, but im portuguese^^ And i just put some english stuff to understand =) (Image 2 is attached...) The problem is: When i talk to someone in any program (MSN,Ventrilo,etc....) that person/people listens to everything instead of my voice. I'm going to be more clear...the person that im talking to in any voice chat program, listens to: -Every music/sounds that i do in my computer (ex: deleting file to trash sounds, even music is going in windows media player, the sounds when i click in my foulders,etc...) -Listens to himself, i mean, when he talks, he is listenning to his own voice. Thanx in advance^^   Woah, not a bad translation! And when i talk, he listen really quiet.

It sounds like your .wav out is being redirected to your recording line, instead of the microphone. Try this: Open Volume Control (Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Entertainment -> Volume Control) Switch to "Record" mode (Options -> Properties -> Adjust Volume For; select Recording, make sure Microphone is checked, then click "ok") Select "Microphone" Test your apps Hopefully this'll help...   Hope you can understand my response. . .

well, first of all, i have read all of the threads related to microphone problems and i havent found mine.

What causes Realtek HD audio drivers microphone problem:

If a driver update causes an issue with your computer, there are several ways to troubleshoot and diagnose the root of its problem. Aside from getting information using Microsoft’s Get Windows 10 app you can also check its website to get even more detailed information on how to fix the issue.

As with the other Windows errors, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to driver update errors. But, here are some common ways to get it fixed quickly.

  1. Roll back to the previous version of the driver and try to update it again.
  2. Be sure to check if your device has enough storage space to accommodate the update.
  3. Check other drivers if they also need updating.
  4. Try to remove extra devices, dock, drivers and other hardware attached to your computer.
  5. Disable any third party security softwares.
  6. Repair any hard drive errors before updating your drivers.
  7. Restart your computer and try updating your driver again.


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Realtek HD Audio Microphone echo problem. Help

If it's on the MOBO then you need to update the system chipset drivers and sound drivers.

However I tried the same test with a headset with microphone (and the regular speakers turned off) and it does the same then. Any help is greatly appreciated


If it's card you can replace that with Creative Sound Card. I know that one of the reasons might be that my microphone is too close to the speakers.

It then automatically drops down the mic volume all the way to zero (as the echoing keeps on going). From the start I'm having problems with the audio/microphone. When doing the hardware test in Windows Voice recorder (set up) the testing of the microphone works ok (although I have to keep it fairly close to my mouth) but then the second test which is the playback test goes terribly wrong.

I say "test" one time, and suddenly I hear myself saying test trough the speaker again and again, and the sound becoming louder and louder. I downloaded the latest realtek drivers and I tried to play around with the Volume equalizer of both Windows and the realtek audio manager, but no success.

Realtek high defination audio microphone problem


I've been tweaking windows and searching google for 24 hrs now, and i'm left under the impression that soundmax HDA (realtek HDA in your case) just doesn't support hardware mic monitoring. I am trying to solve that problem .Please help me.

i have the same problem on hp compaq 6715b.

I am a musician and ? always record something with my computer.When ? try to record something with my new notebook ? saw that ? can not hear the voice of microphone. I'd venture 3rd party software is the solution but haven't been able to find anything useful.

New Realtek HD Audio Manager Driver Problem with Microphone

I installed these new audio drivers and i found that it changed the look (and most likely the software itself) of the Realtek HD Audio manager, before i got the new Manager, my microphone and audio both worked fine, now my audio still works fine, but my mic is messed up, when i talk, it doesn't pick it up, but if i blew air into the microphone, it picks it up but it is crackling, if i blew into the mic for 3/5 seconds then it would completely stop picking up the sound. Wow with a name like that I better get this correct ..Ha Ha Have you tried removing the Audio Mangler and using Windows drivers? Are you running the latest version from Realtek's site?

This may also be of some help Realtek HD Audio Manager Download

Nothing happened to my mic during this process.

Problem with Realtek HD Audio drivers

Win XP SP2.I downloaded and installed tons of diferent driver but with no luck - no sound. I can see the Realtek HD Audio Manager but no sound at all.

Realtek High Definition Audio drivers problem

Get your thinking caps on, this ones a cracker! Only Device manager seems to know the audio drivers are there. However, the Sounds and Audio Devices properties are telling me different, claiming that no audio device is installed! The drivers installed without a problem, and Device manager reports that the device is working properly, and that the drivers are up-to-date.

I have tried everything i can think of, but have hit the any help at all will be greatly appreciated. I recently purchased a second-hand Intel D915GAG Motherboard to replace a dead board, and everything has gone perfectly until it came to installing audio drivers for the Realtek High Definition Audio, which is on-board.

Another drivers problem with realtek alc883 integrated audio

Restart your PC, finalize configuration of your PC, sysprep and capture.

Install KB888111xpsp2.exe
4. Change the CSDVersion key back to XP SP3 again:
HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Windows\CSDVersion value=300

Start out with a reinstall of your chipset drivers:
Nvidia Chipset 1413 package driver for 2k Professional/XP

Is this the fix you tried? Is it there? On your PC change the CSDVersion registry key to XP SP2:
HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Windows\CSDVersion value=200
2. In the device manager i have all ok, but if i go in the sound
and peripherals in the control panel..i have no audio peripheral!!!

Restart your PC
3. And Realtek HD does show up in Sound, Video, and Game controllers? This patch is required before any of the HD device drivers are installed
1. Look for the MS UAA bus driver or HD Audio Controller.

problem installing Realtek AC97 audio card/drivers

Recently I downloaded the newest realtek drivers from the end of the installation my computer just rebooted...When my computer booted up.. could it be a serius hardware issue?My computer is a Compaq Presario S4214BD Desktop PCIf you have any idea what is wrong, please help me..  [smiley=sad.gif] Here's the driver update you should be using:'s everything you need on that machine:'t use the drivers fromthe Realtek site. no audio!I tried to download the drivers off the compaq site, and it reboot in the middle of install..I did a fresh XP install, installed the driver off the compaq site... rebooted in the middle of install, still no audio...I have tried everything..

Always use Compaq drivers. I have NO idea what is wrong.. I would delete ALL audio drivers and reboot and see what happens...

Realtek HD Audio microphone not working

If you have a DVI or VGA connection to the Monitor (or another monitor you can use) try that and disconnect the HDMI cable. Does anyone have any suggestions? When you use HDMI, the HDMI audio is generated on board the video card and becomes the default playback device and your RealTek (listed as "Speakers" in the Sound Playback panel) is not used. I also have a Geforce GTX660 graphics card connected via HDMI to a monitor, and the sound comes out of the monitor.

I've just reinstalled the realtek driver, but to no avail. By the way my specs are ASUS P8H77-M motherboard, coolermaster elite case, intel i5 core, realtek HD audio. I've also changed to AC97 and changed the BIOS settings to AC97 and that hasn't worked.

I have checked the connection between the front panel sockets and the motherboard and all seems to be correct. The only problem is that I can't seem to use a microphone, and it's really frustrating. If you don't have regular PC speakers, you can use a headset to listen for testing. John.

Two other things, (1) Make sure you are using the RealTek sound driver supplied by ASUS and not the generic Windows installed HD Audio Codec. (2) in the Sound Panel, Recording section, make the "System Mixer" the default recording device (if its not set).

Thank you so much for any responses. Similarly, when I take the plug out, it thinks I've put it in. Could this be anything to do with the problem?

The HDMI may be the culprit. ...

Microphone volume is low with Realtek HD audio

What OS are you using? I just can't seem to increase the volume.No mic boost thing works,no calibration in MicCal works.Nothing works. Don't tell me to go to control panel - sound and audio etc - Volume options enable mic etc etc - Did that thousands of times. Here is my dx diag
can someone please tell what is wrong.

did you try going to the control panel>>>sound and audio>>>Volume options enable mic etc etc?

I also re-installed all AC'97 codecs and ALL of auido drivers. If I install Realtek AC97 Audio Driver 4.06 the mic works fine,but then sound comes from the speakers AND the headphones as well.If I install the HD driver - then the same old low volume. If Win 7, Try right-clicking the speaker in the bottom-right notification area and open volume mixer to adjust your output levels.

Which is mainly this - my mic is too low on volume (I use headphones).

Realtek HD Audio microphone working -- tried everything

I need to use my microphone, I am a musician. you can try also update your drivers (after a cleaning the old one)

I went to use gmail to make a phone call today and the people on the other end could not hear me. you are going to wonder what all I tried, well I tried everything, is my mic broken, what is going on?

After making other calls and trying to do a sound recording I realized that there is noise but NOT my voice and its not really noise, just a sound, not high pitched or anything just like you know sound waves. you are going to wonder what all I tried, well I tried everything, is my mic broken, what is going on? I need to use my microphone, I am a musician.

Well nothing is working. Anyway I googled this for the past 8 hours tried to do EVERYTHING that every site says do, even what it says to do on here. Anyway I googled this for the past 8 hours tried to do EVERYTHING that every site says do, even what it says to do on here. look in your realtek sound program from there you can check your problem

its in the control panel , plus check your windows audio options..

After making other calls and trying to do a sound recording I realized that there is noise but NOT my voice and its not really noise, just a sound, not high pitched or anything just like you know sound waves. I went to use gmail to make a phone call today and the people on the other end could not hear me. Well nothing is working. Its an INTERNAL MIC it came with...

Microphone not working with realtek drivers

I updated my realtek drivers and my microphone hasnt worked for the last 2-3 updates. anyone have any solutions. I tried reverting to the original drivers and it still dont work.

Right now I'm trying to use the version that emachie has for my model computer.The problem is when I speak into the mic I hear no sound and it doesn transmit either.

My mic is detected, but the noise cancellation and suppression features are crossed out when theyre clicked to on.

Can't detect webcam microphone with realtek audio

I have checked my sound system and the Logitech Microphone is not even listed. Can someone please help me out this is driving me nuts?

posted to the wrong forum, a thousand pardons.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled latest software for logitech to no avail.

I have tested it on Skype and it cannot find the soundcard??

Realtek AC97 audio low microphone volume

Any ideas?

Could just be a lousy microphone. Would also check to see if there are updated drivers for the Realtek AC97 at your computer manufacturer's site.

I have a problem with my volume on my microphone, it's very low. No matter what settings I change the volume does not get any louder.

I can only hear anything if I blow directly into the mic, or shout very loud. Have you tried the microphone on a different computer or tried a different microphone? Would try this first since it would at least give you an idea if the problem is the microphone or a computer sound issue.

Altered all the settings including mic boost but still it doesn't work properly.

Realtek HD Audio - Microphone Output MISSING



Nobody has a clue on how to fix this?

Here are some screen shots of what I'm talking about. I need this in order to broadcast both my voice and music when DJ'ing on Shoutcast radio...

Please! I'm counting on you tech dudes! Does anyone know how to get Microphone output/playback to show in the mixer?

Ok I just installed the newest Realtek HD Audio drivers for windows xp and when I go into the mixer Microphone Output is MISSING!

Realtek HD Audio won't record sound from microphone

My problem is that even though the audio card seems to recognize the microphone (When I plug it in it asks me what I plugged in etc.) but it does not record any sound from it. and go to Control Panel > sound and Audio and make sure ALL THE MICROPHONE configs in there are correct

ALSO if none of the above work check how it's plugged into your computer, make sure the plugs are in the right spots and re-arrange them and try them. I've tried latest drivers from Asus website and drivers on the motherboard's driver CD. (The ones from Asus website was version Another thing worth mentioning is that when I got it, the microphone was working fine, and the day after it suddenly was not anymore. I also have AC97 Realtek audio so maybe it's a glitch with them............

I have an Asus P5N-E motherboard, with an onboard Realtek HD Audio soundcard. I got the boost on and everything that people have said in threads with similar problems. Haven't used my mic in a while but i think you don't want that muted.... and if that doesn't work check all microphone and audio configs from your control panel

If your sound works but doesn't read your microphone means your sound card is working fine, your just doing something wrong

I know the mic works (Sennheiser PC350 mic) 'cause I tried it on another PC, and it worked perfectly. It took me months to realize this.. I have CD Volume, Line In and Stere...

RealTek HD Audio - Random loss of microphone functionality

Any ideas what can be going on? I am currently running drivers RtkHDAud driver # 5.10.0000.6482 . I have yet to take a physical look at the card, but my suspicion is that this is software or settings based somehow as this problem only occurred after my computer reformat, and everything was just peachy before that.

Once i have closed the audio wizard, my microphone will work again for a short time. I have to open up the audio wizard and click through all the menus (all the settings are saved from previous, so the microphone was working). Even if my microphone stops functioning during the "test". Same thing with dxdiag.

Now, my microphone will randomly stop working when using programs like skype, ventrilo, mumble etc. To start, I am sorry if this topic has been covered somewhere else, but I have spent literally hours searching for a solution to this. Example: I will be talking with friends in Mumble (similar to ventrilo) and my microphone will cut out. I'm 99% sure all my settings with my microphone both in windows and through RealTek HD audio manager are correct.

Haven't been able to pinpoint the problem, but to me it is safe to assume that this is a bug in XP as he has no issues in W7. As for the microphone, I have also tested this with a stand a lone microphone and have had the same results, so this is not a hardware related issue with the microphone. After the reformat, I have installed all of the windows updates, and latest Rea...

Microphone doesn't work with Realtek audio manager


When I plug my mic in to the correct pink audio jack, the realtek manager shows up and asks me what type of device im using so i click mic in and then go to recording devices to make sure that it is working when i see that it isnt, i messed with all of the settings and found nothing that works... please help.

Realtek HD Audio Manager Low Microphone Level Solution

And as I didn't find anything useful on the internet, I decided to share this and make it useful with users who have the same problem. So, the answer to all these problems is pretty simple :
Go to Add or Remove Programs, then remove all Realtek Programs and Drivers you can find, then use your Windows Default ones. Yea didn't have time to see this and respond.

That was going to be my exact recommendation, as I find the Realtek software to be properly crap.

Okay, so I've bought a new Lenovo Notebook a month ago, then I bought a Razer Carcharias Headset. I used all the boosts that are available and all the workarounds around that Manager Program, but none of them worked. In the end, I ended up by boosting my mic input, but also getting an awful ammount of noise, which made the boosting irrerlevant.

For your reference , my PC Specs are :

Intel Core i7-4700MQ 2.4GHz/3.4MHz
Windows 8 64-Bit OS
8GB DDR3 1600 MHz
1TB (1000GB) 5400rpm SATA
NVIDIA 2x GeForce GT 750 SLI with 4GB GDDR5
plus an Realtek HD Audio card which used an Realtek HD Audio Manager Program to manage its resources. I immediately tried a different headset - same thing. I looked up in Google - there have been many differents topics on the matter, but none of them solved my case. A couple a days ago some friends started complaining that they don't hear me in Skype Calls, so I started investigating the issue.

This is the thing which solved it for me. As I looked up furthe...

W530/Realtek HD Audio - Disabled Microphone, Can't Get it Back

What should I do? Related question -- Is there a similar place to disable (and re-enable!) the built-in camera? -- JCW2

Solved! Now it's gone entirely, and I can't figure out how to get it back. Does it show up then?You should be able to disable/enable the webcam in I/O Port Access in the BIOS.

I accidentally disabled the built-in microphone in Control Panel/Sound/Recording/Microphone Properties. In the Recording tab, right-click the blank space and check "Show disabled devices". An easier but more easily overridable place is in Device Manager.

Go to Solution. I checked the BIOS/security/I/O Port Access/Microphone setting, but it's still enabled there.

Realtek HD Audio Microphone Problems (ASUS MOBO)

To access these, go to Options -> Properties and change the mixer device to "Realtek HD Audio Input", enable all the controls, and start playing around

and aaallso... Really. I have had the soft microphone issue since the MB was first used.

i can only hear the MIC from the LEFT Speaker. im desperate. Today I tried downloading the drivers from Realtek and installing.

i have an ASUS P5LD2-X mobo... Im having a problem that looks like this one :

Trying to resume it:
My mic records and plays at a VERY low volume + im sending EVERY SOUND like an output, if im using winamp, and im in a call on MSN, the person thats hearing me hears the music, and its like that with every other sound my pc plays. i tried everything in the topic i refered... Regarding the sounds being recorded, you can mute certain sounds using the recording controls in windows mixer.

But then I restarted the pc, and everything works now! Still nothing. Unfortunately I don't know which action fixed it. But keep trying, you will get it!

but i dont have the Front or Rear Pink in volume settings... I also enabled the "output" microphone control and switched on mic boost. I also ran the "MicCal.exe" program, as mentioned in the other thread. There seemed to be no effect.

Thnx from Buenos Aires

I have an asus P5GC-MX, with the same d...

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