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Recording longer vodeos is the name of the error that contains information about the error, including the reason why it occurred, which system component or application was malfunctioning that caused the error, and other information. The numerical code in the name of the error contains data that can be decoded by the manufacturer of the faulty component or application. An error using this code can occur in many different places in the system. Although the name contains some details, it is still difficult for the user to find and eliminate the cause of the error without specialized technical knowledge or the appropriate software.

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its instructions like everything from microsoft are dreadful actually 20 mins would be fine if that were sendable I have 22.3 gig of free space on my c drive and a gig of memory- using xp home if anyone would advise me I would be awful grateful best pete   windows movie maker doesn't seem to let me record for more than about a minute; is there any way to force it to record a video of half an hour?

What causes Recording longer vodeos

If you received this error on your PC, it means that there is a malfunction in your system. Common causes are incorrect or unsuccessful installation or removal of software that could leave invalid entries in the Windows registry, the effects of a virus or malware attack, an incorrect system shutdown due to a power failure, or another factor in which a person with little technical knowledge accidentally deletes the required A system file or registry entry, as well as several other reasons. The immediate cause of "Recording longer vodeos" is a failure when one of its normal operations is properly started by a system or application component.


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CCTV cameras no longer recording

I can see the
input from the 4 cameras on the screen
OK and it says it is recording (this is to a dedicated HDD)
It will create folders on the drive but they all show as
empty where before they would be full of 15min video files. I have Googled this but cannot find anything.
It is an
oldish system that
I made up about
7yrs ago and has worked fine until a few weeks back.

Does anyone have any suggestions or know where I can obtain
some newer software that Ideally will
work with W7. I have tried re-instaling the software (Peaqe) which
is a bit old and will only work on XP not w7 so I am using XP.

Webcam's video recording task no longer available

Recently, I found out that the Camera Tasks for this device has been reduced to taking and delete pictures only. If it is a specific software, was it come together with windows xp? I don't know what is wrong. Or could it be due to the autorun worm that infected my notebook two months earlier.

It used to have video recording task before. I never used this webcam for skype or yahoo messenger or live messenger. The property of this device says it was "Manufactured by Microsoft".

I only use this webcam on my windows xp platform to take pictures and record videos. Really need helps. this notebook came with built-in webcam that is recognized as "USB Video Device" in Windows XP Pro 2002 (SP2). Could it be due a missing software that was accidentally deleted/uninstalled?

Snapshot of my notebook display is attached. The diagnostics test even says "Your imaging device successfully completed the diagnostic test".

I am using compaq notebook presario V3756TU. whether uninstallation/reinstallation of windows xp solve the problem?

make longer voice recording using windows xp

Download an run Audacity, its free.You can then make a recording whose length is only restricted by the disk space available to store it. How do i lengthen the files so that i can make a longer voice recording? The available time for recording on the wav file is too short.

Windows Media 11 no longer burns to CD, 'recording' tab disappeared!

Didn't work, I uninstalled it. No help.I uninstalled the drives in device manager, logged off and logged on to reinstall, but they already had. CD & DVD drives don't have 'recording' tabs! Help!OK, here's what is going on.

No help.I uninstalled the drives and immediately went to 'new hardware wizard.' It found them and installed them. Then a bit later I downloaded a program to ID music by playing it over speaker into the microphone to id a song. No help.

No help.I went back to Microsoft's site and used the automatic 'Fix It' wizard, but it said both drives were not capable of recording (bogus, since I've burned I don't know how many CD's since I got this computer in mid 2007).I probably forgot some stuff, since I have been at this all afternoon and evening, but I'm really frustrated.Both drives were working great forever, so I guess when I installed those programs I mentioned earlier, it jacked up something. No help.I reinstalled Nero, my burning software. Thing is, I CAN'T remember which program had me change the 'record' or burn to feature. No help.I went back to the registry and deleted the high filters and low filters in the registry file related to the drives.

I think it changed it from the E: and D: drive to something else, but don't remember where or how.Yeah, I know it was stupid to not write it down, and yeah I regret screwing with either program.But...

Problem With Recording/Sound/Volume Control/Recording Properties

picture three
the black box where others is located is grayed out. Picture one
when i move the slider in the red box to the top the green box where the level is picks up one square

i press ok

and the green box is empty again

i go back to recording control screen and the red box is back down again. the microphone worked fine before it just stopped overnight

if there is any more information i can provide i will. i'm hoping to get this problem fixed i've attached some pictures.

My Microphone stopped picking up sound from my computer a few months ago, frustrated with different things i ignored it for the time being but lately i've a need to use my microphone again.

Recording TV - Change end time once recording has started?

I can extend the recording time (by X mins) for a programme I have scheduled to record at some time in the future (under "Record Settings"), but not for the TV show I am currently recording?!

(The TV show goes on for another hour or so and I want to go to bed...)

Does anyone have any ideas? I can not find this (basic) option anywhere?! I started recording a programme from the Guide - it had already started - I was in a bit of a hurry.

But the programme is running late (the time in the Guide is wrong!) - how can I extend the recording time? How can I change the end time (eg. Have you tried going to Recorded TV, selecting the show that you're currently recording and adjusting the recording options from there?

Windows Home Premium SP1 with Media Center...

increase it by 15 mins) of a TV programme I am already recording?!

[Recording] Stereo Mix Available, Sound Recording Not

I am unsure what to do. One thing though, is that I'm aware my sound card driver is a little out of date, but I am unable to update it because I get an error while running the setup file. I have double-checked, and the volume for Stereo Mix is maxed, and it is set to the default recording device. I'm sure my version of Fraps is capable of recording this audio, because I was able to do so before.

Suddenly though I was unable to record audio and I had a problem with sound channels in Game Maker 8 (problem I will be asking in the Game Maker forum). Download the free Audacity recording program and try recording with it.

I'm having a problem while recording audio with Fraps (a game video-recording software). Previously, I was unable to find the Stereo Mix at all, until I found the Drivers CD that came with my computer.

I am EpicallyAWSM. My sound card is "Realtek High Definition Audio Card" - that's all I know about it. I have spent countless hours trying to find a fix for this problem, so I decided to file it in myself. Please do not give me the answers I have been seeing for the past week (Check Show All Devices, make sure your volume is maxed, etc.)

Thank you

Are you able to record in any other program, other than fraps?

After I installed the driver, I tested it on a few different games, but the result was still the same: no audio in my recorded files. Alright before I explain, I must tell...

DVD Recording & Multi-Session Recording

With a CD-RW this problem does not occur.
Anyone had experience of using a DVD+or-RW for multisession recording. I want to buy a DVD+/-RW but this problem puts me off.

A previous experience I had left me in a position where my DVD Rom could not read sessions beyond the first produced by my DVD+RW, although the DVD+RW could read them all.

Recording Audio but only recording what I hear?

But after I did that I only a 1 single option to choose from when I look under recording devices. Any idea's on what im doing wrong and/or what I need? I am willing to help you, but I am sorry, I cannot understand your problem.

I updated my drivers which are Conexant High Def Smart Audio221 & also NVIDIA High Def Audio.

Problem is my mic is my only option.

Im trying to record audio but only record what I hear & not record from my mic. And it is showing disabled devices as well.

Could you please restate your problem in different (clearer) words?

W530 - Fingerprint no longer working - no longer recognised in BIOS (but is in Windows!)

welcome to the community.
just to rule it out, you may wish to pull the palmrest and check the fpr connector to assure it is securely attached. In Windows the fingerprint reader shows under device manager but in Biometric devices under control panel it now shows as unavailable and the Thinkpad fingerprint software doesn't recognise it either Did a BIOS update, but that didn't fix it either.

Bought a new W530 two months ago to replace an old T61p and its a great machine, but the fingerprint reader has stopped working today. The BIOS no longer recognises the fingerprint reader - when I go to clear the stored fingerprints it says none detected. if you don't have it already, te hardware maintenance manual should help with the process:
if that doesn't help, and since your machine is so new, i would recommend contacting Service to discuss your options.

The lights don't come on for the scanner at any point. Anyone any ideas? phone numbers:
Ireland, specifically:
Country or RegionProductLanguageTelephone numberHours of operation

THINK-branded products
01-815-920201-881-1444(Warranty service and support)
9AM - 6PMMonday - Friday

hope this helps a bit.

Solved: Realtek On Screen Graph No Longer No Longer Working.

Sound System is Realtek, the original programme that came with the laptop.


Normally when I adjust sound in Vista a graph appears on screen. A box for Wistron had been accidentally unchecked in startup menu.

This is no longer happening.

DVD/CD Drive no longer recognized, PC takes three times longer to boot

It seems the same as always physically, at least as far as I can tell, but windows does not seem to know it's there; it's gone from both My Computer and device manager, and nothing happens when I insert a disc (even though it's set to autoplay.) The drive light still lights up and it still pops out like normal, however. This last time I restarted it, the screen was totally blank for three minutes, after which the vista logo suddenly popped up followed by my desktop. The other odd thing is that windows can no longer recognize my DVD/CD drive.

I would assume these problems are connected somehow, since they both started at the same time; but I can't figure out how they're connected.

So my laptop is about a year old and aside from having to switch out a bad graphics card about a month ago, it's never had any real problems. This morning, though, I noticed my laptop didn't seem to be booting correctly. Overall boot time is now 3 minutes or more.

It can't detect the drive either now. Now, the cursor remains for 2 minutes or so, after which the computer continues booting. Normally, my laptop boots in a little under a minute, and that cursor is only onscreen for about 3 seconds. I played a DVD on it just last night with no problems.

It would display the HP logo as always, then show a blinking cursor which just sat there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm wondering if one caused the other or if they're both symptoms ...

DVD burns seem to take longer and longer, eventually resetting.

CPU usage is normal. It'll take 5 minutes before it even moves up to 1%, and then it goes on mostly normally from there. This is a problem that's persisted over two years, and over multiple installations of Windows XP and Windows 7.

Then the next one'll take 8 minutes before it actually starts, and the next, 10 minutes, etc... Has anyone heard of a problem like this before?
I tell it to burn at 8x, and it's done in around 10 minutes. I'll burn 5-10 discs this way (sometimes hours or days apart) and everything'll be good, but then it starts to take longer and longer.

It isn't a question of overheating, or of the hard drive being saturated/overstressed. One day, I'll decide to burn a DVD. All good. And before you know it, it takes me an hour or even two to burn what took 10 minutes a week ago.

I'd appreciate if someone could help me out here; I've looked for solutions to my problem, but found none. A regular data disc, 4GB of files onto a DVD-R. The drive is on a SATA2 port, not IDE.

Touchscreen no longer works and no longer in drivers

Touchscreen recently stopped working, went through troubleshooting, and HID-compliant touchsreen, is no longer in the drivers list for me to update, enable or disable.  anyone know where i can download the driver or where i need to go for an update or somesuch.

Veriface taking longer and longer each time

When I first got my machine, Veriface was faster than the blink of an eye, but now its taking up to a full minute. Has anyone experienced this? I need to adjust the screen, my posture, my position relative to the seems more finicky each time. I havent installed SP1 so I cant blame that. Any thoughts or suggestions? Glasses too...Well, that's all I think.Oh, and recycle your pets (copyright by Palanik)Message Edited by skripatch on 03-25-2008 10:28 AM

//help will save the world

Wig was already mentioned...

How much time passed for now since veriface worked well?If two or more weeks - it's time to get rid of beard And do not wear dark or non-dark glasses and wig with false nose.Try cleansing webcam's lens....Use well-lighted rooms to log on...What else...

Windows is taking longer and longer to Boot?

OFF TOPIC: is it possible to remove everything from my harddisk 'except' Windows? Then after a little while the 'welcome; text appears, this par takes a lot of time. I would like you to suggest some other software for 'cleaning' or 'optimizing' my harddisk, as i think that its filled way too much and that may be the cause. it still has it.

Sometimes even after the desktop appears it wakes about 5-6 seconds for the login sound to be played.

ok so my laptop's a few years old. My question is that it take A LOT of time to boot. Then the desktop finally appears, but wait theres more!!!

Because i don't want to format my harddisk and then reinstall Windows. For a test, disable ALL startup programs in msconfig.

It came with Windows 7 Home Basic. I have a Intel core i3-2330M processor 2.20ghzz
With 4gigs of ram and 500Gb of harddisk space, which is filled more than 50 percent (about 210 gbs are available).

I've tried to defragment my harddisk, Use CCleaner, used MsConfig to disable a lot of startup rpograms and services and remove a few programs. The starting windows doesn't take that long to disappear, im satisfied with it.
2. Any tips and tricks are also welcomed. The icons on the desktop appear as white pages (files) then one by one their respective images appear.

Heres what happens:

1. But the welcome screen, ugh, First it just displays the Welcome screen background without the 'welcome' text, only the loading circle.

My Lenovo G45-50 laptop started taking longer and longer to boot up. I now will not boot up at all. The power light keeps goin

Start up taking longer and longer

It initially started out taking 12 minutes, but it is up to 20 minutes now. However, whenever I do a boot-time scan with Avast, after the scan is done it starts up immediately. I've used Start Lite, and my start up menu is Avast and ctfmon.exe.

Good luck and be patient. Help is on the way!

I'm running XP Home. For months my start up has been taking longer and longer.

It appears that after my Avast loads, the lag time occurs and then my sound icon appears in the task bar, then the freeze is over. That long boot time can't be caused by excessive number of startups.Your computer is either infected, or you have some hardware issues.With the information you have provided I believe you will need help from the malware removal team. I would like you to start a new thread and post a DDS log HERE and include a link to this thread. Please make sure that you read the information about getting started before you start your thread.It would be helpful if you post a note here once you have completed the steps in the guide and have started your topic in malware removal.

Restarts After Updates Take Longer and Longer- Why??

What is it about Vista that makes these updates take so long and requires multifle restarts? For those of you testing Windows 7, is it any better at restarts?

It seems that restarts take longer and longer after software is updated. Also, it now takes up to three restarts to get some of the icons back in the notification bar, such as the networking and sound ones.

I have used Vista 64 Home Premium now for over a year.

PC taking longer and longer to boot-up...

Time to get a new PC? What info do you require in order for a diagnosis to take place? When the desktop is on, the icons on the desktop dissappear and refresh numerous times and the 'egg timer' next to the pointer goes through a process vanishing a re-appearing as if there are lots of things going on in the background. Lately I've noticed that it is taking my PC longer and longer to fully boot-up after switching it on.

It's af if there are loads of programs being loaded minutes after the desktop finally appears. My PC was never this slow at starting up, what could be the problem?

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