How To Fix Silicones inside a laptop adaptor?

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Working on a laptop computer gives you flexibility and portability. Since it is prone to frequent transfer, manufacturers make sure that their systems can withstand almost every risk including spills, transport and jostling. However, laptops are still prone to wear and tear both inside and outside. Laptop errors may include hard drive failure, system crash, not enough memory and virus infestation.

Apart from the time delays on your computer work and the lost productivity, there is also the issue of expenses to fix the errors, not to mention the calls to tech support. For fatal laptop errors, some cases may require you ship your laptop back to the manufacturer for repairs.

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A user in the forum details it further:

Here is picture. I part my labtop adaptor out to fix bad connection problem. Also please let me know where I can get that?

The gray color stuff was between the wires. The wires were resoldered and it works as normal. I look like normal silicone. I guess the stuff works for proventing electric shocks among those components.

After fixed the wire I can not find the look-like silicone. Can you guys tell what the gray stuff is?

What causes Silicones inside a laptop adaptor?

While laptop computers may be prone to errors, there are also quick fixes to most of these ailments. If your laptop experience slow hard drive processes like a sluggish file transfer or program load times, your solution is disk defragmentation. Upgrade your RAM if your computer needs more memory and has a slow performance when using several applications. If there is excessive pop-ups, your computer may be infected with a virus.

Run a free virus scan or install an anti-spyware program. When your hard drive failed and create a loud clicking sounds during data access from the hard drive, replace your hard drive or use an online backup site.


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As I connecting my adaptor with laptop, adaptor light start flickering and laptop is not charging. When I plugged off adaptor

Can I use 130w adaptor instead of 90w adaptor for my laptop?

My laptop's adapter is 90w which has stopped working. I have a spare 130w adaptor. Is it okay to use the 130w adaptor?Will it affect the battery life or anything else or not? Yes, as long as it's an OEM Dell adapter and has the same size connector on it.

I just got a new battery recently.
I have a Dell Inspiron n5110 laptop. Here are the pictures showing the adapter specifications.

Laptop AC adaptor

My Dell AC adaptor just crapped out and I've noticed on the Dell website that a lot of people have problems with them. hd2k

At $65 they aren't cheap! For example, I found this on newegg:
My Dell one now is a 90W (on the thing it says 19.5V)

Since the one I found is UP to 90W and has a DC output of 15-24V...does that mean I'd be ok?

I've sold MANY of those exact models. The unit uses a standard power cord like you'd use on a PC tower or CRT monitor, so they're cheap and easy to replace.... Does anyone know if you can use any laptop AC adaptor with any brand?

They tend to get a bit hot though, and recently, some of the power cords have been faulty (the cord that plugs into the wall and plugs into the actual transformer).

laptop adaptor

im not sure where to post this thread

im trying to find out what these little things are called in this picture

i need to buy one of them since the pin broke

edit: i think the power jack is broken because when my laptop was on it was switching from ac power to battery back and forth
If the jack is broke inside the laptop,you would probablt
need to take it to a shop.

Wireless without adaptor on my Laptop

Best Regards


Guess what? When I came back after the weekend I switched my Dell Inspiron 510M on and received a prompt "Choose a wireless network". Is the signal so strong that the eletronics in the laptop can pick up the signal (full strength) or am I being radiated with radiowaves? Your laptop has a built in wireless card already and you were weakening it by installing a Belkin external PCMCIA adapter.

So I sneaked into the survelance room and wrote down the address code and entered it into the box provided during the prompt....IT WORKED!!! Happy computing!

Strange because I didn't have my Belkin Network Card slotted into the side of the laptop. Shoild I be worried?

Last Friday the security guys installed the final phase of a new system that included a wireless router. It think they could have just used a standard one but most nowadays are wireless. Access to the outdie World via the internet while bypassing the company server.

Laptop power adaptor

This adapter was faulty and a replacement was issued, however the power specifications are now 19V and 7.9A. But my adapter recently stopped working so I ordered a replacement for it, another was sent matching the correct power specs of 19.5V and 7.7A. I bought my laptop about a year ago, and apart from several grievances it works.

I tried it anyway and the laptop will receive charge from it but now the thing can't boot the SSD.

Question about a laptop AC Adaptor

If there are no cracks on it, it should be okay.

I stepped on my laptop AC Adaptor and was just wondering if I could have caused any damage to it. How sturdy are these things?

Laptop Adaptor Lead HELP!


I have taken it to pcworld and the sales team there says its gonna cost him 70!...any ideas where I can get it cheaper from people, your help would be much appreciated... The person who he had the computer from says it does work but he cant find the damn lead!

adaptor to plug laptop into car?


It is doubtful that you would get the correct connector for your laptop by purchasing a Wally World on sale voltage converter. Here are my questions:

1. All you really need is one that provides 220W AC power.

I was browsing Best Buy and Sprawl-Mart and they had some adaptors that look like they plug into a car lighter, but the prices vary wildly.

You can get a simple Inverter taht will plug into your cars cigar lighter or powerport and just plug your Laptops AC Battery charger into that.

We are getting ready to take a long trip in the car with our toddler (crazy, I know), and it would be great if we could have non-stop Elmo DVDs to keep her entertained. I really don't want to buy a portable DVD player since we already have a laptop that plays DVDs, but the problem is power--we're facing a 9-10 hour drive (OK, maybe "completely insane" is a better description of this trip).

Must I buy the $100 adaptor that says "laptop and other media," or will the $20 "all purpose" at Sprawl-Mart work just as well?

2. If I use an adaptor, do I also need to lug along a surge protector for the car, or is it pretty steady and safe on its own? These can be had as inexpensive as $30 if you shop right. As another option that would help out.

What do the different numbers mean and what should I be looking for? (some had different voltage numbers like 4, 9 etc)?

3. This is what I do and my daughter gets t...

Help rewiring laptop ac adaptor

Laptop AC Adaptor Use Abroad

Laptop adaptor question

I have a laptop which I use occasionally whic I connect to its adaptor only when I use it. I presume that your adapter is in an awkward position that prevents it being turned off.

I have a general question about laptop adaptors.

Not sure about adapters for laptops, all I can say is that the small transformer that operates my front door chime has been switched on permanently for the last 27 years. However my question is this: Does it harm the adaptor if it is continuously plugged into the mains?

I mixed AC adaptor for Satellite U400 with Docking Station AC adaptor

For example it’s the same as on petrol station. Theoretically I can use every kind of petrol but I should not use the wrong petrol.

I've a Sattelite U400 notebook and a dynadock USB-Docking-Station. Unfortunatly I mixed up the two connectors.

Do you know what I mean? Thank you Toshiba :(

LOL :^0

In my opinion this is not a mistake of Toshiba, it was your mistake. I hope in the next time you will watch out for this! ;)

It also kills the keybord and wireless mouse receiver.

However, I think now you need a new docking station, keyboard and mouse. The Docking Station has a 5V power supply and the notebook has a 19V power supply, but the connector are excatly the same. The result was a big bang and black smoke from the Docking-Station.

Sorry but that’s your fault and Toshiba has nothing to with this. Otherwise my car will not start again and the car repair shop has to repair the car.

Best laptop power adaptor setup ???

Pros and cons for universal adapter (eg iGo, 'Everywhere 130' with Dual Power Universal AC/DC Power Adapter NB) for power and charge cell phones, laptop (Dell D830), etc when on the go ? Ideas/suggestions ?

Also thinking of using auto plug-in with auto-to-wall adapter (eg for plug-in cell adapter/s) for more portable options (eg only carry auto-wall plug-in/s and iGo)

Trying to come up with a more universal/flexible power supply setup (including best manufacturers) for minimum 'wires' for travel.

Laptop display adaptor is having problems

I am sure someone will be able to give you far better information on how to fix your problem.
Or could this possibly be remedied, because this old thing is all I have until I can buy a PC in a month or so.... Luckily, I tried again just an hour ago, and visually was back to normal. if by any chance you screen stops working either use a spare monitor or a tv and plug it into one of those that should at least give you a screen that works.

Even though the computer ran normally, and log in, windows starting up, etc. Every time starting it was a complete scrambled mess. However its now going to be even longer before I can buy a PC, so I have to see if I can hopefully get away with using this for a bit longer.
Pretty much just figured this is an old laptop so its kind of "burning out" finally and there's nothing I can do about it.

It would lock up/freeze, and screen would distort, during more intense like playing a game. you could no longer see the screen at all. Can only think that it is your graphics driver that needs updating.

This most recent time it happened, I thought it bit the dust. So does it sound like there's really nothing I can do and its about to die?

AC adaptor overheating on Vaio laptop

Could it be the AC adaptor or is it the laptop battery? Thank you

What make and model is your laptop?Do you mean that the charger gets very hot when in use on your laptop as most do. When on, the screen freezes up. It does not overheat as I charge the laptop when its switched off.

My previous laptops charger got so hot I couldnt pick it up after it being on for any amount of time. However this was totally normal (apparantly).What do you mean freezes up on the screen?

My AC adapter overheats when I use my laptop.

Adaptor to charge a laptop from a powerbank?

Ive seen this come with certain powerbanks but can't seem to find a standalone option

I have a 20,000Mah powerbank, which has 2.1A output and i was wondering if there is any sort of adaptor that goes from USB to laptop charging ports.

What adaptor to run extended desktop with laptop.

Are you talking about using a laptop as a second monitor on the desktop?  If so then I'm not sure if it is possible.  There is probably a way but it would be very complex and need fancy software which I can't seem to find anywhere. I have used a monitor with my laptop before to used extended desktop.  Now, I want to use my laptop with my desktop computer.  It was easy with using the laptop because it has a vga out on the side of it.  ...and the screen is attached.  What adaptor do I buy to use the laptop (as a slave device?) to my computer?

Dell Laptop not recognizing AC adaptor

Every time I start my laptop, there's an error message that the AC adaptor isn't recognized, the battery won't charge... Now I don't care if it is recognized or not (it actually DOES charge, but Dell won't let you get away with using a non-Dell adaptor, so they punish you with this annoying message at each boot). blah blah blah.

How can I have the computer skip this check so the message won't show?

You can't- sorry!

Can I easily upgrade laptop's wi-fi adaptor?

I've found an Acer Aspire V5 laptop that I'm interested in buying. seems to cover everything I need, with one exception - the wi-fi spec is listed as 802.11b/g. I have fitted a new hard drive and memory to a laptop in the past, but I have no idea whether it is equally simple to fit an improved wi-fi adaptor. I want 802.11n.

You may find this article interesting - the cost will depend on the type of adaptor you need to buy but I don't think that this will be prohibitive.
Its spec. Any idea what the adaptor would cost me?

Is this straightfoward?

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