How To Fix Vista/XP on ECS 671T-M not detecting internet

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A lot of people find it annoying and time-consuming to troubleshoot Vista errors especially after using a large number of resources without any immediate solution on the problem. There is also the lack of basic driver support for the operating system. Microsoft Vista may be better off upgraded to a more stable OS such as Windows 7.

Some of the most common Vista errors include:

  • Hardware difficult to install
  • Missing application support
  • Virus and Malware Issues
  • Huge system resources needed
  • Buggy Operating System
  • Unnecessary Windows Services
  • Automatic Windows Update Reboots
  • Buggy and Annoying User Account Control UAC
  • Slow Boot Up
  • Difficult to Find the Settings

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A user in the forum details it further:

When I try connect to internet via Ethernet cable from LAN connection on mb to modem vista says it's an unidentified network. Dunno where to go from here...   nvm, simply had to reboot modem for vista to recognize internet.   I also tried installing an off board LAN card, same results. I didn't want a refund so he had to replace the both cpu & mb.

I tried updating the driver with the same results. Sometimes it does automatically detects ip and subnet mask. XP Media center ed.; it seems that all the needed drivers were installed for each.

I tried it in XP on the other HDD and it doesn't connect either, 'limited or no connectivity'. Both times it is not receiving any data. I have network discovery & file sharing on. The replacement mb that he ordered was doa, so he ended up modifying the case & putting in a new ECS 671T-M & new Intel C2D e2180.

Hey guys, I need some help with this dell that I just bought. I'm fairly computer savy, so you can keep that in mind. It connects to my dell 8250 via ethernet w/o a problem. Well I bought a Dell 530 inspiron off ebay as temporary solution to my aging dell 8250 and before the seller sent it out he ran some tests and both cpu+mb had problems.

Vista HP SP2 & another w. It seems that everything was installed correctly; there are two HDDs, one w. I checked the device manager & in the SiS191 Ethernet Adapter it says it's installed & working.

What causes Vista/XP on ECS 671T-M not detecting internet

Fixing Windows Vista errors depends on what actually caused the error. If you have identified the actual hardware that caused the error, update your drivers using Microsoft Go to and look for the hardware. Download the drivers and restart your computer to check the changes.

Another solution is to run your Windows Update manually. The fix to your Vista error may not be included in your latest update hence a fresh manual update may be needed. Other solutions may include updating your PC Device Drivers, Uninstalling and Reinstalling of the program with the error, running a windows system file checker and cleaning out your system junk.


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ECS PT890T-A vs 671T-M?

even tho that uses up one of only 2 slots. As of right now I'm leaning toward the 671T-M, simply for the faster memory ... I was tired of sitting & staring at them in the store, so I brought them both home & now have to decide. (It was cheaper to upgrade my mobo than buy a NIC that works on Vista!!!)



Main differences (that I can see)

671T-M only has 2 expansion slots, but has onboard video (in addition to PCI-Ex16) & the DDR2 is 667Mhz

PT890T-A has 4 expansion slots & can take 2 more IDE drives, but has no onboard video & the memory is only at 533Mhz. The other main difference (& the one where I could use your help) is in the chipset, audio driver, etc.

The 671T-M has SiS for all of that (audio is realtek & lan is broadcom) ... & the PT890T-M has VIA for everything. I'll use up the IDE & SATA connetions right away, but if I really need them I can add a controller card ...

OK ...


Any thoughts or preferences between the 2?

Vista not detecting CPU or RAM

However, I played the game many times before the error on Vista.Other games just won't run anymore and I'm thinking this is the problem.I should have 2 GB RAM and two 1.46 GHz Processors, but Vista says I have no RAM or CPU (and I'm posting this on my computer with the problems)To me it'd seem that if my CPU or RAM wasn't working at all I wouldn't even be able to keep using this laptop, right? Vista stopped detecting my CPU and RAM when I go under the System settings.I try running a game and it says system requirements not met, game requires .9GHz, detected 0.0GHz. Recently I upgraded to Vista x32 and have been having no problems (about a month of running) until about a week ago.

My computer is a Lenovo T60, which I got from a friend of mine who had been running XP on it.

vista not detecting tv

I'm trying to connect my acer laptop to the TV but vista isn't recognising the TV I've tried it using both VGA and hdmi connection but still nothing I've tried rebooting but nothing

Go into your display properties in Control Panel and choose the external TV as the "primary display device". The TV needs to be connected and turned on when you do this, otherwise Windows won't be able to detect it.

vista 64 wmp detecting dvd's

I can't get wmp to run dvd's. It worked briefly the other day when I did a system restore. I have a asus sata dvd rom.

vista 64 bit is a headache.

I don't have enough hair to pull out.
Today it won't work. It's not the dvd rom, It's new.

I've downloaded codec pak and K-lite codec pak.

Vista 32bit with SP1 detecting all 4gb ram!?

But they still don't support it, they just display it

Is my computer possesed or what?

yes, in their wisdom microsoft decided to change that.

Just installed sp1 for my 32bit vista home prem and it is now detecting all 4gb of ram.

Vista not detecting WebCam. Need help

If I Uninstall the "unknown device" it just comes right back. Previously I had Logitech Image Studio listed under the Imaging category, but I removed it myself with the hopes of re-installing everything from scratch. I updated Flash. But I get an error:

"Windows found a driver software for your device but encountered an error when attempting to install it."

and then underneath that:

"There is no driver selected for the device information set or element".

After I found the drivers (burried/hidden on the Logitech website) and installed them, I select "update driver software" on the device manager, and I manually direct the "unknown device". Thats about where I am with this. I know the webcam works because I can use programs such as Skype it just won't work as part of a website.

I tried to reinstall the drivers. It can not detect the camera no matter what website I use. Could use some help please

**Since I removed the "unknown devices" and tried to add them back, my other programs (such as Skype) can now no longer find the webcam either"

So I moved the webcam back into the original USB port, and now it still can not locate it.

However, when I went to install them from my PC it could not locate them. I use Google Chrome. I am using a Logitech ClickSmart 510 webcam. In Device Manager, I have 3 "unkown devices" under the "Other devices" category. <...

Vista Not Detecting CD Drive's

Well, I install Vista like a week ago and this morning I installed my printer and all of suddenly Vista doesn't show my 2 CD drives in "my computer", but my bios detects it fine. The rest of the time you follow the instructions on this Microsoft Knowledge Base page:

Here's a Visual Basic script that does the same stuff, tracked it down when doing a search for resolving this issue:

(some people are leery of executing such .vbs files; that's fine. So can anyone tell me how to get Vista to detect the Cd drives? thx

The usual method is:

Remove the device in Device Manager and reboot, which helps fix this problem a little over half the time in my experience resolving it.

I'm not going to vouch for the validity of it, I just read about 150 posts of people that have/had that "disappearing CD/DVD drive" issue and they all used that Visual Basic script to "fix" it, soooo... make sure your AV software is updated and go at it, or use Microsoft's directions - in the end you get the same result)

Hope this helps...

Vista not detecting webcam

Problem is i have all drivers working perfectly but it seems any program(Yahoo messenger / Windows Live Messneger etc) on my system does not dectect any webcams i install on it , tryed a Logitech QuickCam Fusion it installs without no errors but no program detects any of the webcams ... bouth webcams work perfect under win XP thow. If not, it may have something to do with your security software blocking access to USB devices....

Sorry to hear that you are having troubles - have you researched to see if others are having the same problem as you?

Vista Wireless Not Detecting

I just moved to another house and my computer no longer will detect any wireless (My laptop will) If I go to "Connect To" It will say "Windows cannot detect any networks"

Vista x64 SP2

This is getting really annoying :P
Please help?

New build, internet not detecting?

My linksys all in one gets picky sometime when I plug in a new computer.

For some reason, my computer cannot detect an ip address, but when i unplug that same cat5 cable and stick it into this laptop im on right now, it works instantly... And i installed all the chipset drivers etc.

Ok, so i just built the system in my sig... Whats wrong? I am using the onboard LAN port. Turn the power on and off on the router yet?

Have my chipset drivers and accompanying assorted motherboard drivers installed)

Start > Run > ifconfig -a

Whats that say? Why wont my Local area connection detect the ip?

(WinXP pro off of a fresh install...

Software not detecting internet.

Iím lost, help.

Trillian, steam, and a couple others just donít detect it. I checked my firewall and the have access.

The problem is my internet browser is the only program that detects the internet.

My computer connects to the internet via a wireless router, and the internet connection is through LAN.

Wifi is not detecting. Internet can be used only through LAN...

Internet can be accesed only through LAN port. In Device manager-> Network adapters there is no wifi driver.

When i'm trying to use wifi its showing no connection available.

Vista not detecting hard drive.

Very concerned, as I have a lot of un-backed-up data & a large portion of my income comes from eBay business, which I am currently unable to maintain. I have Vista Home Premium installed on my Dell Inspiron Laptop. I do not have a boot CD, as Vista was pre-installed on my laptop. Vista began running slowly, BSOD'd, rebooted automatically & since then does not seem to be able to detect my Intel hard drive upon start-up.

You can choose livecd here one of them and burn on cd.

Unfortunately, I am at work at the moment & do not have the offending computer with me, so I can't be 100% sure of exact model numbers & versions. The drive does not show as present in the set-up menu & diagnostics freeze when searching for it.

Trouble detecting 2 GPU's in Vista 64 (MOBO P5n-d)

Just switched from a p5n-t deluxe motherboard to a p5n-d motherboard. I have made sure the card is connected etc, but no luck at all. Might want to look for a new driver from

Is there a setting to enable this or any strange bug with this motherboard that requires some patch to allow two Graphic-cards in SLI-mode, any setting in the BIOS etc?

If still no luck, uninstall nvidia driver, restart pc, install it again. How can one solve this problem? After these, nvidia driver should detect the SLI setup and the option will be available in windows.

Since the switch I haven't been able to find the 2nd GPU (graphic card). There is no SLI-option in the nvidia menu. You can try clearing cmos as well.

computer is not detecting wireless on vista

unlocked it and then log your wireless again.. hope this helps..

hope i could help you..  try to chek the Wireless LAN on your biosmaybe it is locke.. there i'm new here..

Vista - Not detecting any wireless networks

I dont know why vista wouldnt be getting any.. Are you running Windows Vista SP2?


Just installed Vista on a HD and for some reason its not detecting any wireless networks, I had a HD with 7 on it just before and it was working fine and got all wireless networks. Did you make sure to download and install the Vista driver for your network?

XP not detecting Hard Drive on Vista

It has been annoying me for some time and yet again I just lost all my documents and I am quite angry. Thankyou

Also can someone please link me to a good tutorial that is pretty easy to follow that shows me how to get rid of Vista completly and just run XP? It is for an Acer Aspire 5720 Notebook.

I have looked for drivers and they are really hard to find. However, I have been trying to install XP and been following some tutorials. (If you know me, I have tried before and I think I got further.)

For some odd reason, the XP Setup is not detecting my Hard Drive.

Vista not fully detecting 2nd drive

In device manager it sees the maxtor drive but when I go to my computer only the seagate drive shows. had to go to disk management to do the conversion to basic

How to:
Go to the control pantel > system and maintenance > administrative tools > open computer management

On the left hand side under the Storage list is Disk Management

The rest is pretty straightforward. I cant install apps on the 2nd drive or use it for storage since I can't see it.

What vista are you using and what kind of disk is the HDD formatted as. It seems Home Premium doesn't support a dynamic disk format and wants you to convert to basic disk which i ended up doing and lost all my games (which i had to reinstall).

You should see your drives listed and the one that isn't working listed as "(Offline)"

Right click it and do the conversion to basic.
- From what i've experienced you lose all your data on that drive for the conversion.

note: i did see the hdd in the device manager too but not in explorer so basically couldn't access it.

I have 2 hard drives installed. I had a similar problem when i went from Windows XP Professional to Vista Home Premium.

From what i've heard, Vista Business and Ultimate have support for dynamic disks so those should work. I have the seagate as the primary which has vista installed on. Ones a seagate and the other is a maxtor 6B200P0.


Vista problem detecting external HDD

I tried USB and it wouldnt come up either. I realized i didnt have the usbstor.inf so i downloaded it from my laptop, the drive installed. I added the rest of the files i needed and everything seemed to be fine. By the way, both my laptop and desktop are running vista 32 bit

So what is the external drive's Make and model?

Well i restarted the computer, went to play some music off the drive and it wasnt showing up anymore, i restarted, populated the hard drives, it didnt come up. Still not showing up. transferred about 100gb to it, still no problems. I plug it into my home computer (eSATA) and it didnt work right away, went into the bios and updated the hard drives so it would come up, booted up fine.

I plugged it into my laptop and it worked perfect right away (via USB).. It shows up in device manager, but when i try to format it or change drive letter or anything at all it tells me that i need to refresh the disk manager/restart the computer (which doesnt help)

Can anyone give me some tips or any ideas on what i havent tried?

Vista not detecting/installing my new camera

The CD that came with the camera said the driver was only needed for Windows98. My new camera is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3 and when I plug it into the USB, vista will detect it, but cannot find a driver for it. I used to have a Kodak V610 which vista detected fine.

I just got a new camera. Has anyone had this issue or know how to fix it?

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