How To Fix water spilled on laptop key board

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Working on a laptop computer gives you flexibility and portability. Since it is prone to frequent transfer, manufacturers make sure that their systems can withstand almost every risk including spills, transport and jostling. However, laptops are still prone to wear and tear both inside and outside. Laptop errors may include hard drive failure, system crash, not enough memory and virus infestation.

Apart from the time delays on your computer work and the lost productivity, there is also the issue of expenses to fix the errors, not to mention the calls to tech support. For fatal laptop errors, some cases may require you ship your laptop back to the manufacturer for repairs.

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A user in the forum details it further:

I spilled some water on my hp laptop. The laptop is a HP Pavilion Entertainment and runs Vista. I turned it upside down immediately and shaked it a little so the water would come out and left it upside down all weekend.

Turned it on today and it works perfectly EXCEPT I have no sound. I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions. I did all the trouble shooting I knew and the computer says everything is working fine. Could water spilled on the laptop cause the sound to go out.

What causes water spilled on laptop key board

While laptop computers may be prone to errors, there are also quick fixes to most of these ailments. If your laptop experience slow hard drive processes like a sluggish file transfer or program load times, your solution is disk defragmentation. Upgrade your RAM if your computer needs more memory and has a slow performance when using several applications. If there is excessive pop-ups, your computer may be infected with a virus.

Run a free virus scan or install an anti-spyware program. When your hard drive failed and create a loud clicking sounds during data access from the hard drive, replace your hard drive or use an online backup site.


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I spilled water on my keyboard board and I cleaned it and dried it , but the thing is it keeps turning on and off on its own

spilled a little water on my

can I use those analyzer cards even if i can't turn the computer on? I doubt the CPU or RAM are fried, unless you really spilled masses water and you get a spark!

Well I spilled a little water on the keyboard.

What I want to know is how can i test the cpu/ram ect to see if they are fried as well. If they aren't, I have found some replacement motherboards, but the cpu will make it a lot more expensive. I'm assuming the motherboard is fried. Your MB of course was not so lucky.

There's nothing you can do to examine it, only way is to test it on another machine.
It was working for a little bit but now it doesn't even turn on. any help is appreciated. I think your CPU and RAM is fine if it didn't get wet.

Use black light to see water marks.

Help!! Spilled water on my laptop!!

If that fails, it sounds like you'll need some repairs. at the time of the spillage, my comp was in hibernate mode, and now it won't start up. Earlier today, I put my laptop into my bag along with a water bottle. My laptop got wet!!!

I am really worried. The water bottle's cap wasn't screwed on, so water spilled out and flooded the bottom of the bag. Btw, it is a Sony vaio laptop, about 11 months old.    Remove the battery and AC, then give the computer time to dry.Once the laptop is dry, try booting it again.

Now I took out the battery and I have a fan blowing at it. What are the chances that it'll be ok? Have I irrevocably damaged my comp? It was 1/2 cup of water and since my laptop was carried vertically, only 1 edge got wet.

Anything else I can do?

spilled water on laptop

I know this has been asked on here some place. Then about an hour later thinking it was ok to turn on. couldn't fine my situation OK I turned it off right away took out the battery.

I took out the key board put in another one same thing happens stays on for 20 seconds.Does this mean my motherboard has short circuit? tried to get water out turned it on it's side try to soak up water.

OK spilled water on laptop. I didn't see any mosture under the key board.

I turned it on about 20 seconds it turned off.

my cat spilled water on my laptop, help!

the mouse and keyboard weren't working properly so we bought a mouse and keyboard to plug in and all has been pretty well since...  about a month ago I noticed the mouse on the laptop started working again and some of thekeys on the key board were working, but then the wifi button would blink on and off and wouldn't stay on anymore. now, the problem is, when you turn the computer on, as soon as the wifi button starts up it immediately turns the computer back off, so it wont start up at all... most laptop has a removable network card look under your laptop and see anything that is small and open able umm it should be the same size of an mmc(sd) card just a bit bigger and two wire attached two screw..remove the screw not the wire then gently remove it from your mother board or if u have no idea what am i talking about just tell me what is your laptop

About 6 months ago my cat spilled a cup of water on my laptop, I sat it on its side and let all the water drain out for a day or so then turned it on... down a random key thif youd e wifi would stay on, like the buttons wrre cross wired... basically all the buttons are crosswired on the keyboard at this point, which is OK because I have the plug in one... the fan turns on, but the screen doesn't start up or anything because the wifi turns it back off...  my question is, is there any way to disconnect the wifi from the inside of my computer to see iif its causing all the problems??

Then I ...

water spilled on laptop

Can it be repaired? Do I just need to get an external keyboard or a new computer? I dried it very well, setting it in the sun...

I spilled water on my Dell Notebook and now most of the keys in the bottom row don't work at all, including the space bar.

Spilled water on laptop twice

Ok I know the one rule of having a laptop is not to have water around well I had no wear to put my water and twice I put water on my on my desk my brother goofed up and he thought there was no water when he spilled/thrown water at me on my bed the second time he smacked my hand into the cup and now the keyboard is not working it won't press any key's but one keeps pressing it self over and over and now I can't log into my laptop cause of it

I spilled water on my laptop!!!

After that I put out battery and try to dry it! After that I turned it on, it works but slower than usually and louder.Can I replace this inconveniences or no? I spilled water on my laptop. It was a week ago!

I guess nobody had such ah awful problem!((

Water spilled in laptop

The repair shop wants over $400 to fix everything (change to ssd, new screen, new battery, etc).

I have an HP DV6 I use for my graphic design has worked well for me... I spilled water in it and cracked the screen.

Speed and all. I don't really have more than $400 to spend.

Should I spend that much on repairs or just get a new laptop?

I spilled water over my laptop keyboard

I thougth just turning it upside down would be better and left it like that for the night. I had travel to another city that day so I packed it upside down without running it. I immeditely turned it upside down wiped the water as well as I could. I put it in a tent position for a while but because of the structure of the laptop it isn't very flexible.

Then I unplugged it and removed the battery. I closed it again and ran it again today at afternoon the same problem continues but it is a little bit closer to normal. I checked the buttons on notepad these are some of the issues:
When I press a button it writes 2 letters like when I press a it writes a1 or when I press enter it writes this - . Fast forward to the night I finally decided to run it.

Finally after some tries I maneged to log in. Some letters I pressed seem to be making to marks. Everything seems to be working fine except the keyboard.

I have an asus rog G750JX-DB71 and I spilled about a half a glass of water on the keyboard 2 days ago.

I runs fine but I had problems entering my password. What should I do if thats the case ?

(sorry for my English by the way)

I closed it afterwards I think it ran for about 5 minutes.

In th morning I checked the screen and a small spot was a little damp and there was a drop of water on it. Do you think this is a permanent problem or is it happening because its not completely dry yet ?

Spilled water into laptop screen

Is there any way to fix this without replacing the screen?
Don't ask me how I've done it, but I've actually managed to spill salted water into my screen. You

these pictures: *click here & click here can see that these marks are on the bottom middle part of the screen.

Oops, here the images, the link didn't work
Now there are some big marks/spots on my screen that are more bright and different than normal as you can see on these pictures: *click here & click here can see that these marks are on the bottom middle part of the screen.

Spilled water on went on bottom of laptop

You could try blowing some warm air through the vents but don't overdo it, electronics are sensitive to overheating! A hair dryer on the lowest setting (even if the air feels cool) but left on for a few minutes could help. Since it was on the bottom though, could any significant damage have been done and how should I dry it WITHOUT opening it? (I am always scared to open any electronic device because once I have tried it and broke something) I have already taken the battery out and did not flip it upside down because the water was on the bottom, not the top. Edit: The side of the laptop with the keyboard and screen is not wet and the stickers are not peeling off.

Was the battery wet when you removed it?

I accidently spilled water near where my closed and powered off laptop was and I am worried that it could have been damaged. Quote:
how should I dry it WITHOUT opening it?

If not you might not even have a problem.

Satellite M70-144 - Spilled water on laptop

The best way is you go to a notebook technician and ask for help. I don't know much about the hardware but my guess is that there are at least one fuse in my laptop? Could it be that a fuse is burned? Here you can search for the nearest ASP: => Support & Downloads => Find an authorized service provider

There are no lights in any LEDs. But where and how can I find the fuse? At the moment nobody is able to say what parts are damaged now and must be replaced.

And how can I check if it is burned? I assume you need a new mainboard and maybe a lot of other parts too.

My son spilled a glas of water in my laptop while it was turned on and now it wont start. The technicians can check your notebook and determine what parts are damaged.

water spilled onto laptop keyboard

I recently spilled water on my keyboard.  Two diagonal rows of letters/numbers do not work:  1,Q,A,Z and 3,E, D, C.  Tried taking apart as much of the case as I could, (no visible water inside) and blowing warm - not hot - air as far in as I could.  No help.  Any ideas on the problem or the cure?

Solved: Water Spilled on Laptop

I did not take the battery out but did unplug it & turned it upside down on a towel. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do to get it working again or is my laptop fried? since then I've read some online suggestions to take the battery out & unplug the laptop after the accident. I tried to boot it up yesterday & it went into the BIOS side of the system...

then it made a beeping sound continuously. It's about 4 years old.

Spilled Water on laptop, Picture faded

Will leaving it to dry longer help or is it something that is going to need to be replaced. I dried it with a hairdryer a bit and rebooted it and now the picture is there but extremely faded, mostly black, yet the operations of the computer are all wroking fine. What has been damaged?

I have spilled water on my laptop keyboard(Lenovo Thinkpad Z60m), and attempted to dry it out and then the picture clouded over black.

Some water spilled on my laptop and now some keys don't work

as for the rice method, sometimes it takes days to draw out all moisture. A couple of days ago when I was at work, my wife spilled some water on the laptop. more said here,

If I would have been home, I would have shut it off immediately, but that isn't what happened. Any suggestions?

from what you say, it looks like the best solution. also, be sure to look for a guide from youtube and have the laptop manual nearby. and as you have already removed the keyboard, your as good to go the distance and replace it with new or a refurbished keyboard.

see what ebay can offer. When I got home from work, I placed it in a bag of rice. I vacuumed out the remaining grains of rice and still nothing. It had been there for more than 24 hours and I just pulled it out and tried it and though the computer itself works fine with a remote keyboard, the actual keyboard on the laptop has a bunch of keys that won't work.

enter the laptop model/details online, to be sure of the right part and for a competitive prices. She and my daughter tried to dry it off.

my laptop wont turn off after i spilled water on it

is this fixable? now it boots up but nothing show on the screen.

I own a tablet X200 Lenova. are there any chacnes that i can fix it if i take it to a computer repair shop?

a few months ago, i spilled water on it.

Spilled water on my laptop and now the keyboard won't work

I just don't know what to do! I can't buy a new laptop since my mom won't allow that, I can't buy a USB keyboard either, Any ideas or do I have to leave it upside down for longer?

I tried flipping it upside down and letting the water evaporate for about a day and that didn't fix anything, everywhere I check that's all it says.

I really need help, I accidentally poured water on my laptop keyboard and now my keyboard is messed up, Many of the keys don't work, my backspace makes a hashtag, some keys write 3 keys. As an added bonus, my mouse when plugged into the laptop flickers on and off!

BSOD After baby spilled water on laptop

No change in the outcome.
I quickly pulled the battery and disassembled the computer to facilitate drying. The water appeared only to get into the mouse and not any of the circuit boards, but even so it did BSOD and now can't boot into regular mode.

i read online it could be the boot.ini file, so i did chkdsk /f upon reboot. i'm not sure why i'm having this "registry error" BSOD but if you can make any sense of the minidump, i'd be thankful. Attached are my last three minidump files. I am in safe mode, which boots fine.

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