How To Fix Windows 7 professional no multiple display option

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Seeing an error when you work on your computer is not an instant cause of panic. It is not unusual for a computer to encounter problems but it is also not a reason to let it be and not to investigate on the errors. Windows errors are issues that can be fixed through solutions depending on what may have caused them in the first place. Some may only need a quick fix of re-installation of the system while others may require in-depth technical assistance. It is crucial to react to the signals on your screen and investigate the problem before trying to fix it.

Windows 7 is the operating system released by Microsoft, following the Windows Vista. However, despite its later technology, there are still errors encountered in Windows 7. Sometimes, problems occur even during an installation or an upgrade. A common example is when you upgrade your Windows Vista to Windows 7 and after more than 50%, it will fail or hang. Other Windows 7 errors are caused when you incorrectly install or uninstall a program. When there are errors in your Window 7, a pop up error message will appear once you start your computer. Windows 7 error that are not fixed will make it annoying to perform other task including hardware functions.

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A user in the forum details it further:

The only thing that shows up is Generic PnP monitor on standard VGA Graphics adapter under display The screen resolution shows up, but no multiple display option. I had Windows 7 Home edition and had no problems with the dual monitor option. Did you install the drivers for your video card?

The multiple display options are missing from the screen resolution screen. My system crashed and I did a fresh new install of windows 7 professional.

What causes Windows 7 professional no multiple display option

Whenever you see windows error on your screen, the easiest and safest way to fix it is to reboot your computer. Just like our bodies needing a shut eye for several minutes, our computers also need to shut down once in awhile. A quick reboot can refresh your programs and gives your computer a clean slate to start a new venture. More often than not, it also eliminates the errors you have encountered after rebooting. It is also ideal to shut down your computer once a week to completely put all unused programs to rest. However, when a reboot does not work anymore, use more advanced Windows solutions to fix your errors.

One of the first step to fix Windows 7 errors is to check all your drivers in the Device Manager and make sure that these drivers are updated. You can also run the Program Compatibility Wizard. It is a built-in troubleshooter that will help users fix errors in Windows 7. Check the Wizard under the Start menu. For legacy software, you can check the Compatibility tab of the program to edit the settings.

Other fixes in Windows 7 error include:

  1. Running a Clean Boot Using Microsoft Guided Help
  2. Manually Running a Windows Update
  3. Conduct a Microsoft Hotfix
  4. Download and Install Microsoft’s automated patch


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Multiple Display Option on Windows 7

I have just bought a compaq 2g3-350uk and it runs on windows 7. lebo, welcome to the Seven Forums. The main reason I bought this was so it can run with our sanyo projector.

Not sure how you are connecting two displays to that computer (VGA splitter?) as looking at the specs for the motherboard in it,

Motherboard Specifications, H-Aira-RS780L-uATX (Aira-GL8) Compaq SG3-350UK Desktop PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

Compaq SG3-350UK Product Specifications Compaq SG3-350UK Desktop PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

it only has one VGA port, and no slot at all for a video card. I have a problem because it does not give me multiple display option for me to choose the projector for display. The last option is not available. If you are using a VGA splitter for both displays to be able to connect to the computer, that would be why Windows isn't seeing the second and showing the options for it because as far as Windows is concerned there is only one display attached.

In the system resolution option tab it only has 3 option and instead of four.

Lenovo E73z Downgrade option from Windows 8 Professional 64 Bit to Windows 7 Professional 32 Bit

Officially, only 64-bit versions are listed or sold. If you cannot run your software on 64-bit machines, best to call and talk to a representative to see if 32-bit versions are available.

How do i get the drop down box for multiple display option t...

I plugged it up to my TV and nothing happens. Even when i click on the detect button it says, Didn't detect another display. I'm using a HDMI cable.

in the display example box it only shows one blue window with a 1 in it.

I even pushed the button on the bottom left hand side of my computer, it goes black for a secong the says Game Mode No Video Signal. I did the steps to shut down my computer, then turn the tv on first, and then my computer, still nothing.

I cannot get the drop down box for multiple dispaly to appear.

bitlocker option not showing in windows 7 professional 64/32 bit

Is there any way to install Or do the Encryption in win 7 professional. Looking for support please help. Dear Team,
I am not able to do the bitlocker Encryption in windows 7  64/32 bit professional .

Open Command Window Here option not working in Windows 7 Professional

I want to open folders in command prompt from windows explorer without having me to navigate in the cmd window to my folder. Open Command Window Here - Add or Remove Shift + Right Click

Hope this helps,

Any help is greatly appreciated. However, when I right-click I do not see that option.

I tried to google this error in internet but couldn?t get any clues as to why this happens. See attached. When I hold shift key and right click on this option I get an error message.

After researching in google, I came to know that there is an option (Open Command Window Here) in the right-click menu to open command prompt windows quickly. Instead I see an option called ?cmd?. If you like, see if using step 2 in the tutorial below may be able to restore "Open Command Window Here", and no longer having to press Shift. Some sites suggested me to delete the "Extended" registry keys in the following nodes:


I tried to delete the ?Extended? key from the above registry nodes and restarted my laptop but didn?t help.

The "Extended" key is for having to press Shift + right click instead of just right click.

Windows 7 x64 Professional - Multiple BSOD

they fall into two cats tcpip, and OS


113009-20170-01.dmp 12/16/2009 10:22:27 AM APC_INDEX_MISMATCH 0x00000001 00000000`757306ca 00000000`00000000 00000000`0000fffe fffff880`092b0ca0 ntoskrnl.exe ntoskrnl.exe+71f00
112409-19125-01.dmp 12/16/2009 10:22:27 AM DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL 0x000000d1 00000000`0543f898 00000000`00000002 00000000`00000001 fffff880`01661f6b tcpip.sys tcpip.sys+61f6b
113009-18751-01.dmp 12/16/2009 10:22:27 AM DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL 0x000000d1 fffff880`0307bf58 00000000`00000002 00000000`00000000 fffff880`01873a41 tcpip.sys tcpip.sys+72a41
112109-14492-01.dmp 12/16/2009 10:22:27 AM KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED 0x0000001e 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 ntoskrnl.exe ntoskrnl.exe+71ed0
112209-27159-01.dmp 12/16/2009 10:22:27 AM KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED 0x0000001e ffffffff`c0000005 fffff880`08b35fb0 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 ntoskrnl.exe ntoskrnl.exe+71f00
120709-16426-01.dmp 12/16/2009 10:22:27 AM KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED 0x0000001e 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 ntoskrnl.exe ntoskrnl.exe+71ed0
120609-30061-01.dmp 12/16/2009 10:22:27 AM NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM ...

MBSA 2.3 - Scan Multiple PCs - Windows 7 Professional

Is there a step by step guide or script for making the required changes on remote PCs (firewall ports changes - enable remote registry) available?

Multiple Virus/Malware issues Windows XP Professional sp3

I know how to remove the application, using a program like MalwareBytes Anti-Malware, however I was unable to install mbam. If installation fails in normal mode, try installing in safe mode. Don't forgot to reboot afterwards. I have the following services running using CMD /C SC QUERY >C:\MYSERVICES.TXT | NOTEPAD C:\MYSERVICES.TXT:
DISPLAY_NAME: Windows Audio
WIN32_EXIT_CODE : 0 (0x0)

WIN32_EXIT_CODE : 0 (0x0)

DISPLAY_NAME: Computer Browser
WIN32_EXIT_CODE : 0 (0x0)

DISPLAY_NAME: Cryptographic Ser...

Solved: windows 2000 professional multiple proplems

Any help in resolving these issues would be greatly appreciated

Third problem is that the computer will not shutdown or restart unless i hold the power button in or press the reset button. Secondly my computer keeps showing a error message that my virtual memory is too low, this keeps appearing until eventually the computer stops working and needs to be restarted. I have no tool bar at the bottom of my screen and the background has disappeared and been replaced by a completely blank blue screen.

Windows xp professional multiple trojan problem.[MOVED FROM WINDOWS]

i have no idea how it has got to this state. i have attached a hijackthis log. in hope that it may help. please tell me if you need anything else to help with my problems.

hey there. Services - {5BAB4B5B-68BC-4B02-94D6-2FC0DE4A7897} - C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Common\yiesrvc.dll
O9 - Extra button: Messenger - {FB5F1910-F110-11d2-BB9E-00C04F795683} - C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
O9 - Extra 'Tools' menuitem: Windows Messenger - {FB5F1910-F110-11d2-BB9E-00C04F795683} - C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
O9 - Extra button: Billeo - {97ED3A9F-CD6F-473A-8FE1-7505C1B844C3} - c:\program files\billeo\billeo.dll (HKCU)
O10 - Unknown file in Winsock LSP: c:\windows\system32\nwprovau.dll
O15 - Trusted Zone: *
O15 - Trusted Zone: *
O15 - Trusted Zone: *
O15 - Trusted Zone: *
O15 - Trusted Zone: *
O15 - Trusted Zone: *
O15 - Trusted Zone: *
O15 - Trusted Zone: *
O15 - Trusted Zone: *
O15 - Trusted Zone: *
O15 - Trusted Zone: *
O15 - Trusted Zone: *
O15 - Trusted Zone: *
O15 - Trusted Zone: *
O15 - Trusted Zone: * (HKLM)
O15 - Trusted Zone: * (HKLM)
O15 - Trusted Zone: * (HKLM)
O15 - Trusted Zone: * (HKLM)
O15 - Trusted Zone: *

Any option to have multiple windows on a screen [Pc or mac?]

Normally two or three is sufficent, it is of course also subject to the size of your screen. Once you have got the window to the size you want, click in the (normally) blue strip at the top of the window and hold the button down. I would like a computer system where I can have mulitple windows open on the monitor at the same time so I can switch between windows without having to minimize and maximize from the system tray, is there such an option on either a pc or mac? Then drag until you have got the width and height you want.

Sorry guys, I didn't know in which forum this topic belongs. I am involved in project which involves taking a lot of photos then cataloguing them, so I routinely work with an image editor and a spreadsheet, with a browser going in the background for research.
Chris Cosgrove

I guess it would be something like on a TV with "picture in picture"? The middle one, which has two squares one superimposed on the other, is the one to change the size of the window.
Click on the middle square and the screen will shrink by some amount.

Move the mouse cursor to any edge of the window and it will turn into a double headed arrow. The right hand one has an X in it, that one closes the application. You can do this for as many applications as (a) your computer memory will support, and ( your eyes can handle. The left hand one has a line it, that's the one that minimises it to the desktop.

You c...

How to change display language in Windows 7 Professional SP1?

And I don't want it.

I have a computer that has French language. Also, I downloaded a software that can change the display language in Win7 Pro called "Vistalizator" (Downloaded from here) But after I downloaded and installled the MUI then changed the display language to English this message appeared:
And when I restarted my computer to finish the process, I got the black screen of death with only the cursor on it and I got forced to load the safe boot file. However looking at your systrem specs and Vistalizator, did you run the 32 bit version??

There are conflicting reports about the validity of other programmes adding additional languages. And I've heard that the display language can only be changed in Windows 7 Ultimate. I want English on my computer. Is that true?

Repair Install


As you have a desktop you should have a set of W7 discs, i would suggest you try a repair install. Any help?

Can't get old display setting back in Windows XP Professional

It?s like browsing in safe mode or something. I know I clicked an Advanced button. I got to it from Control Panel, Display, and that?s all I remember. I switched off high-contrast through the Color Scheme and that made the color scheme different but there are still things I can?t see when browsing the internet.

I did not get to it from Control Panel, Display, Appearance, Color Scheme and then choose a high-contrast color scheme.

I changed a display setting to high-contrast. It?s very annoying. But now the option doesn?t seem to be there to switch back.

I?m not sure but I think it was in Settings and then Advanced.

windows vista professional display language

If this is French Windows version, the answer is no.

W500 Volume Display (Windows 7 Professional)

I have managed to redownload most of them again but cannot seem to get the volume (or brightness) display to work again. If anybody would happen to know the correct drivers or a way to fix this issue, I'd very much appreciate it.

I just recently upgraded from Vista Business to 7 Professional and in the process lost most of the Lenovo drivers.

I've searched around and found a general consensus that says to download the hotkeys drivers, but I have done so twice and it has not helped. As a matter of fact, the volume buttons do work (albeit without the display onscreen) but the brightness does not seem to even work at all.

Multiple/alternate calendar option in Windows 7 OS

Appreciate your help!

How to prevent Windows 7 Professional re-activation after the installed display card was suddenly unrecognized by Windows OS?


Lenovo G41 AMD A6 Windows 7 Professional can't connect hdmi display

Please help. There is no display shown when i connect my HDMI to HDMI cable from my Laptop to TV. I also attached the print screen of the screen resolution menu. Regards,Ghani

SCREEN.jpg ?90 KB

SL500 Dual Display Intel Windows 7 64 Bit Professional

I changed the refresh rate to 75hz and it seems to off worked. doesnt really make sense but "close enough" all i need to do now is figure out what the two unknown devices are.... any suggestions?

Tecra S1 external display problem under Windows 2000 Professional

It is installed from a Windows 2000 RIS server. Hofman,

First of all I must tell you that it is a typical problem. Quad also stated that Fn+F5 is activated after installation of the Hotkey Utility for Display Devices. As far as I know Tecra S1 is delivered with WXP Professional and optional with W2000 Professional.

We downloaded the hotkey utility, but when we tried to install it we got te error message "Driver not found" and the installation halted. Are we doing something wrong, or does this utility need something else to be installed as well? We installed under a user account with administrative privileges.

This two OS was tested and Toshiba offers all drivers and Tools at Toshiba download website. Are you installed at first Tecra completely and after that was image created? What was the base for this image? It will be interesting to know how you created this image.

Did you have any problems before the image was created?

As I cannot answer in the original thread (1831) because it is locked, I will put my answer to the reply of Quad here. We created an image that consists of an unattended setup. regards,
Harro Hofman
Hardware Specialist

The Netherlands.

Quad first wanted to know if we installed the Tecra S1 from a recovery CD. No, we did not.

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