How To Fix Wireless Network Adapter or Ethernet PCI Network Card

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Trying to connect to a network source may sound easy but it can’t help to encounter a problem once in awhile. Your network connection may not be properly configured or there is technical failure. Other times, there is no connectivity on your end. These errors are common examples of network error. It appears when there is something wrong during connection hence it cannot reach its end source. Still, these errors indicate the nature of the issue to help you resolve it.

List of the common network errors:

  • A Network Cable Is Unplugged
  • IP Address Conflict Address Already in Use
  • The Network Path Cannot Be Found
  • Duplicate Name Exists on the Network
  • Limited or No Connectivity
  • Connected with Limited Access
  • "Unable to Join Network Failure" error -3
  • "Unable to Establish the VPN Connection" error 800

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A user in the forum details it further:

Now were are told we need to install an ethernet PCI network card or a network adapter. We were told we needed to upgrade to a r6300 netgear router which is capable of 1000mbps. I am told we have to have a 2.0 port for the network adapter to work. We had a Netgear n150 wireless router but it wouldn't support the 1000mbps speed.

I know we need one that is rated 1000mbps, are these universal or will we have to buy one that fits each brand of computer?   It would be cheaper for us to install the internal Ethernet PCI Card, my problem is I don't know which one to buy. Our internet service provider updated our internet speed from 100mbps to 1000mbps for no extra cost.

What causes Wireless Network Adapter or Ethernet PCI Network Card

Seeing a network error while you are in time constraints can be annoying but there are still solutions to these errors. Once an error message appears, you can click on the Diagnose option using the Windows wizard to run a diagnosis of the problem. After several minutes, Windows will show you the cause of the problem while also providing the right solutions. However, there are times when Windows may not give you all the answers so you need to fix it manually. First, you need to change your adapter settings. Look for the settings in the Network and Sharing center. Second, reset the TCP/IP. If changing the adapter setting, you can change the TCP/IP. Third is to uninstall network adapters so you can scan and apply any changes in the hardware.


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Wireless Adapter/Ethernet Network Card required ?

Are these easy to set up?And any suggestions for good products (performance and price) Any advice greatly apprciated

I find it hard that a c2002 PC has no ethernet connector.
Have 'old' PC c.2002Just switching to Broadband (PlusNet) from dial up modemHave received Wireless Router as part of package(BT Voyager 2110)Have been told I also need a Wireless Adapter (they suggestBT Voyager 1055)They have also supplied an Ethernet cable to also enable wired connection also (which would be useful). It is also known as LAN and is the same shape as a dialup modem socket, but bigger:)Is this a branded PC.

However I have been told that I need an Ethernet Network Card as my PC doesn't have an 'RJ-45' socketDoes this sound right ? Have you got the make and model of it, so we can check.

Network and Sharing is using Wireless adapter instead of ethernet

The first is running Windows 7 ultimate and the other, Ubuntu 12.04. Both computers have static Ethernet addresses. Am no expert with this anyway but something I would try

The wireless router (BEC 7800TN R2) is not physically connected to the eth router.

I will try and make this a simple as possible. I'm racking my brain on this one. Here's my issue:

Streaming video or transferring files from the Win7 to my linux machine is very slow or fails unless i disable the wireless adapter on the Win7 laptop. I have 2 laptops.

They are connected via Ethernet through a Linksys BEFSR81 router. EDIT: Even when file sharing/streaming is not working, Synergy still works fine and I can share the mouse/keyboard no problem. Is this a router config issue? I have a wireless router and both computers use their own wireless adapters for an internet connection.

The wireless adapters are set to use DHCP. How do I configure Windows so that the wireless is used for internet access only? I have tried using lmhosts on both computers but to no avail. I can ping the Linux computer from my windows machine by IP, but if i try to ping from the NetBios name, it shows that its going through the router and will fail depending on whether the wireless profile is set to public or home.

IPv6 is disabled on the Ethernet adapters. However, if I change my wireless profile to public, which has sharing disabled, then no shares will show up in samba on the Linux 'puter, although ...

Ethernet Card or Network Adapter Problems

Now, each time I restart I get the error code of 10 and that my device (network adapter) can't start. The only thing that will get it to work is: Uninstall hardware, unplug ethernet cable, restart computer. Any help or tips appreciated!

It has a Intel Pro 10/100/1000 Gigabit network adapter onboard. Once restarted the computer will automatically install the device drivers and when that's successfully installed, and it works fine. It has worked fine in XP for many years.

I have a Dell 400sc which has a 875p chipset mobo with p4 3.2HT.

I just clean installed Vista Business a couple of days, all the drivers for the computer install successfully. If I don't uninstall the device before I restart, it will still have the error after the restart.

Solved: Ethernet 10/100 Network Adapter converter USB to LAN RJ45 Card

[SOLVED] Ethernet adapter Wireless Network connection Media Disconnected

My other two laptops are working fine. It is only with the Eee PC Netbook. Soooooooo I am posting this thread with my info.

I have viewed system events and I have a network error: A blocking operation was interrupted by a call to WSACancelBlockingCall.
I have an Eee Pc 1000H XP SP3 and when I did an ipconfig/all this is what it returned:

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

I have searched in this forum for a solution a few different ones came up and all with similar yet different problems.

Multiple Ethernet Network Adapter at Network Adapter Settings

Plz guys what to do, fyi last one is working right now-

Please see below screen shot.

Can any one just solve my below problem. and i see at my wifi-router no beeping in light where my Pc's Ethernet connection is.

It shows multiple adapter in network adapter settings. and Sometimes it doesn't shows any adapter at all. I am having trouble with my Windows 10 network adapter problem.

Set up a wireless network with a ethernet nic card

I have bought a wireless adsl kit for notepads. I have connected the pc to the 'gateway' using my ethernet nic pci card. non-crossover cable)
When I run the software provided to install, I get an error message 'Unable to connect to the router'.All the lights are on at the gateway.I used to use the ethernet nic card to do a cross over connection to my laptop, and my adsl connection wsa via my usb port.HelpThis is one of those ..

This could be the source of teh problem as the new router may not support use of this cable - you may need a standard (i.e. The computer says NO moments.Richard

Are you using the same crossover cable as you used to use before?

Wireless Network Adapter/Card

I thought I was getting rid of ones I did not use, but since restarting I have been having problems with my wireless internet.(The files are not in the recycle bin so I cant just restore them. If so, you should be able to use that to reinstall the file(s) you deleted.
I don't know what file I need either. )The wireless just isnt picking anything up, and isnt even on.

My laptop kept reminding me I was running out of disk space so I decided to free up some space using add/remove programs. Did the Laptop come with a separate CD containing Software/Drivers for the built-in hardware - network adapters, sound, graphics, modem etc? The buttons on the front of the laptop wont light up like it normally does and pressing them does nothing, it should turn the wireless adapter on/off.Have tried downloading internet stuff from acer website, and have tried uninstalling the network cards which show up in device manager and then rebooting, but neither solves the problem.any ideas?I am using an acer aspire 5040, on windows xp, and am trying to connect to virgin media's wireless internet.

Wireless network - adapter or card?

Future upgrades.

I'm just wondering which would be better, an adapter like this, or an internal PCI wireless network card. I'm guessing pros of the adapter are you can put it somewhere away from computer interference? and move it around if you want to try to get a better signal.

Get a USB 2.0 adapter. But will USB limit the speeds of the adapter at all?

That's a USB 1.1 adapter. Might have to get a 802.11g adapter but you want that anyway, even if you have a 802.11b AP.

Wireless network card adapter problems (replacement)

I am a first time Lenovo owner.I tried to replace the Intel wireless-n 2230 card in my Lenovo Y510p Ideapad notebook with an Intel 7260HMW ac adapter and got an error message at boot stating "Unauthorized wireless network card detected.  Power off computer and remove adapter".I have 4 questions.  All answers would be appreciated, or at least entertaining.1)  is there a way to get this to work?  or will their be a bios update adding more hardware to the "whitelist"?2) Does Lenovo have email support? ('cuz I can't find it)3) Does Lenovo realize that proprietary hardware requirements in PC's almost killed several major PC brands about 10 years ago?!  Not to mention the major lawsuits won against these companies.  Do they also realize that because of this (not to mention the horribly slow performance of the PC and the worst mousepad ever) that people like me will send memos to all of their employees, and post to all of their friends on social media, stating that the (my) company will never buy another Lenovo product and explain why?  And that a conservative estimate would be that Lenovo will loose about 200+ PC sales over the course of 2 years (this is taking into account the % of people in the pool tha will actually buy a PC in that time and the % of Lenovo's market share) because of this single poor impression of their product?4) Do they realize tha...

Need a good wireless network card/adapter for laptop

It needs to be compatible with 7 64-bit and I don't wanna be paying too much. I followed the link below and it worked for me. I was in exactly the same boat as you, looking for a Windows 7 dongle on google, and wasn't getting anywhere.

Any recommendations? eBuyer is pretty good for that in the UK.

Puzbie LTD: Getting USB Wireless Adapters Working with Windows 7. Alternatively, go on any online store that allows comments and see what people have been saying.

My network card seems to have crapped out on me, and so I need a new one. If you have any other old dongle lieing about, it might work on Windows 7 already. Turned out I already had the solution in my desk.

Can someone recomend a good wireless USB adapter + network card?

As for USB let me tell you a story, up until a while back NTL my cable provider were issueing USB dongles for users new to broadband, however there use as a network adaptor was next to useless with constant dropouts and driver issues, to the point where they pulled the USB idea and insist on a wired NIC, the same goes for AOL, one of the biggest ADSL providers, they to used a ADSL modem with a USB connection until a while back, now there modem connects to the ethernet socket on the PC and doesnt have a USB socket anymore. I dont see why the phone company are telling you to get a wired and a wireless NIC you only need a wireless NIC to go wireless. Anyway, does anyone know of any good manufacturers of network cards and usb adapters?

At least with a USB i dont have that problem so i'll stick with them. Short and long Linksys Belkin and avoid any USB dongles, thats my opinion anyway. I called the phone company and asked them what do i need to put in my machine to be able to go wireless and i was told i need aq network 100 based T card and a USB 802.11g wireless adapter, I think they also said a PCMCIA one would work also, but i dont even know what that is and where it goes. If its a desktop PC then the same makes apply, but you would need a PCI type card.


I'm getting wireless internet service for my new machine but i know very little about this stuff, i dont know which brands are good and so on.

Constant problems with Wireless LAN Network Adapter card

Hope someone can help. My girl has a mac and I have both an iPad and an iPhone that works fine..Usually my internet starts acting up after 10-15 min of surfing and I have to reset the network card or restart my CPU to get it back up. Any suggestions anyone??? Today though, no joy, despite uninstalling and reinstalling again. The wireless adapter software is listed in the programs list. I'm about to throw this infernal thing out of the window!!

Did you get any answers from Lenovo about this? May be it has something do to with compatibility with my wireless router... The Device manager does not list the LAN adapter card therefore the wireless switch on the computer shows only bluetooth connections. Eternally grateful for any help.  

I have a 540-E..I am experiencing the same problems.

The past month has been a nightmare! Until recently that is. I've had problems on and off with losing  wireless access but always sorted it by using the troubleshooter to reset the adapter. Most of the time I cannot access the wireless router in my office, everyone else has no problem at all.

This Thinkpad is only a week old...

I have downloaded and installed the driver and software for the card several times and it has wor...

Conflict between PCI Video card and PCI Wireless Network Adapter

Firstly try the network adapter in a new PCI slot, keeping it right next to the video card can hamper airflow around your GPU. Hopefully one of you guys may know of some conflict I overlooked. I originally had the Wireless Adapter installed in the upper PCI slot (PCI slot 1). Processor: Pentium IV 3.3GHZ
RAM: 1GB (1024MB) DDR Ram.

Original Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family (Intergrated Intel Graphics card, ew.)
Graphics Card trying to get to work in harmony with adapter: e-GeForce FX 5200 (Nvidia)
Network Adapter: WMP54GS Linksys PCI Wireless Adapter With Speedbooster

Anyhow, here's the story. OS: The memory eater, Windows XP. But it killed my Network Adapter.

When I got the new graphics card I moved it from slot 1 to slot 2 (lower slot) where it remains to this day. I'd like to say I'm a mildly advanced tech user. Anyhoo, to my joy the graphics card was working fine and dandy. Hence why I moved the Network Adapter down a slot so the graphics card could be close to the power supply.

After doing some tests I found out some interesting statistics.
1. Even with the graphics card disabled, it won't work if it's in the slot.
2. For a good two weeks, for no reason, it worked without a hitch.
3.When it does work and I use a USB webcam when the two are working--it kills my network adapter when I plug it into the back. Media Center Edition
Motherboard: Augsburg 915GV (Similar to Intel D915GVWB, it's a lovely E-mach...

Wireless USB network adapter vs. Wireless PCI card

id actually prefer a pci card because its more hidden and no extra wires.

Is one noticeably better than the other. Obviously I'd like to get the USB card for it's mobility/ easy installation/ plug and play etc. But will the USB network adapter take a hit in speed?

newegg) as well.

i use 2 usb adapters with no issues with speed.

Also open to other suggestions (i.e. For reference I'm looking into the following.


150Mbps 150M Mini USB WiFi Wireless Adapter Network LAN Card 802.11n/g/b

can you help me with this problem. Look on the CD for the driver and please reply with the name of the folder containing the driver. It will be something like "RTL8188SU"
It will be on the CD that came with the product.

Do you happen to know the name of the driver?

device manager under my Network adapter. I have my Intel Ethernet adapter listed and

go into your bios and under boot options, remove network/internet as a boot option if it is listed.
When I attempt to uninstall the device it tells me that the device cannot be removed because it is required to boot the system. When I check the properties of the device It says it is not working properly.

device manager under my Network adapter. I have my Intel Ethernet adapter listed and then underneath the bang with WAN Miniport (IP) #2.

Problems with wireless network adapter and network connection driver

I don't know if my processor/Intel(R) Core details are needed. I installed MalwareBytes and Zone Alarm in addition to my Microsoft Security Essentials and restarted my computer once - everything seemed fine. Make sure to re-install your AV and Malwarebytes afterwards to keep you protected.

I don't know how to use system restore or what it all does, so if you do recommend that can you please offer and explanation of the options it'll give me? Also, I do not work for Malwarebytes, but $29 for a lifetime license and an active protection module is absolutely worth it.

You can scroll through all the date to make note of any changes that will be made. I ran ipconfig /all and was *about* to transfer a copy of it from my messed up computer to this one via a flash drive, but suddenly I've found that my computer doesn't recognize a flash drive at all anymore.

However, every thread I've already taken a look at don't exactly fit with my problems/computer model, so I wanted to stay on the safe side and get help fitted exactly to me. My Windows Firewall, Defender and Updates would not work (still won't), my browser kept redirecting to unrelated websites, and I was just overall having a TON of irritating issues. My computer told me I needed to restart so I did, and when it turned back on, I suddenly had no more Internet access. So it's very very messed up indeed.

I tried troubleshooting and it says that there are problems with the wireless network adapter and t...

Computer Losing Wireless Network Adapter and Network Recognition

When I try disconnecting and then reconnecting to the network, it will tell me that there were no networks to connect to.

I saw another post that had the exact same problem I'm having, just that my problem is on a desktop. Everything else still works fine. Sometimes the computer won't lose the network if I try disconnecting and reconnecting from the network.

Or it'll last for only a few minutes. Sometimes all day then I'll leave the computer on over night and find the internet is out again on it in the morning. I have no clue what the problem could be. I never had any network/internet problems when we had wired internet.

I really need help, this is causing me heart attacks x.x. I thought maybe the adapter was faulty so I've tried switching it with the adapter from another computer. I really don't understand much about computers so if any help could be explained really simply and in a lot of detail so I can understand, I'd really appreciate it. We got wireless internet a few months ago and my desktop was working fine with it.

Then a few weeks ago the internet started randomly disconnecting from only my computer. Now it's on the fritz again starting yesterday. When the usb ports stop working for the adapter, it's only the adapter having problems. It'll reconnect to the local network but when it's trying to find the network to connect to the internet, it can't find it.

Tech Support Guy S...

Solved: Help network adapter 'wireless Network Connection' does not have a valid IP a

I also have a Toshiba satellite L350-170 laptop (running Vista) with wireless internet connection. I have just bought a new computer, a compaq, running windows 7, AMD athlon (tm)IIx2 245 processor, I had no problems connecting it to the internet, it has a wired ethernet cable which plugged to my Thompson router and worked straight away. In Network and Internet, Network connections I double clicked on Wireless Network Connection and then on diagnose, I got a box with the heading - 'The network adapter "Wireless Network Connection" does not have a valid IP Configeration. At this stage I was getting internet on my new PC and wireless internet on the laptop.

I am a bit bewildered what to do, and thought it better to seek help rather than fumble around in the dark!! The problem came when I tried to set up a home network, I have done it previously (on the old pc running Windows XP) with no problems, however I am not sure what I have done, but I can get internet on the PC but on the laptop it is connecting to the wireless network but not the internet. In the network and sharing centre it shows the laptop connected to an Unidentified network but then there is a cross through the line connecting it to the internet.

I have done something and I don't know what!

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